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China's 2023 economic work priorities to facilitate high-quality development

High-quality development once again came into the spotlight as its significance to China, the world's second-largest economy, was reiterated in a government work report at the ongoing "two sessions," a crucial political event of the country.

09:53, 03-10, 2023
How innovation props up China's high-quality development

Sci-tech innovation has played a decisive role in promoting China's high-quality development and modernization drive, just as President Xi Jinping emphasized at the ongoing "two sessions," an important political event concerning the country's further development.

09:57, 03-09, 2023
New Development Goes Full Steam Ahead

A new development pattern grounded in the domestic market, as advocated by President Xi Jinping, is in the making, fueled by China's dynamic economic comeback and buttressed with supporting national and local policies.

10:16, 02-28, 2023
China's Economy Bounces Back

The first two months of the year saw a robust comeback of China's economy after the country's easing of its COVID-19 response policy.

11:28, 02-28, 2023
China's Tourism Market Makes a Positive Turn

China's Spring Festival holiday has always been an important window to observe the trend of the domestic consumer market. The boom of people returning home and traveling has led to the explosive growth of the consumer market.

11:24, 02-28, 2023
Cultural Tourism Boosts Economic Rebound

Cultural tourism bounces back in China during the weeklong Spring Festival holiday, showing China's strong economic resilience.

11:17, 02-28, 2023
Returning to Yiwu

The risk of a global recession in 2023 continues to increase, and products from Yiwu will resume supplying the world, injecting new vitality into the world economy.

11:03, 02-28, 2023
Trips for Trade

Chinese companies, accompanied by local trade promotion authorities, visit countries overseas to increase economic and trade cooperation.

10:57, 02-28, 2023
Back on Track

The founder of a financial consultancy weighs in on the impact of China's re-opening and other hot issues.

10:50, 02-28, 2023
Doing Business with China, the Entrepreneurial Way

The momentum of current economic engagement between China and Europe highlights the need for more cooperation, rather than the risk underscored by geopolitical rhetorics.

10:43, 02-28, 2023
China and the World in the New Era

In a volatile and complex world, beset by geopolitical conflicts, bloc confrontation, surging inflation, and a harrowing energy crunch, China is blazing a trail in international engagement by following its major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics.

11:47, 02-02, 2023
China-EU Relations: Reflections and Outlooks

Looking ahead at 2023, all-around engagement, dialogue and cooperation are a sure path for China-Europe relations.

11:42, 02-02, 2023
A Testing Time for U.S.-China Relations

While the unipolar world is still orbiting in the sphere of influence of Anglo-American elite and some of their allies, the rest of the world is marching in a different direction.

11:40, 02-02, 2023
Gathering Strength for the Future

As China creates huge incremental market demand, it will become an important partner for the U.K.

11:27, 02-02, 2023
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