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A Tale of Sparrows in the Liu Family Yard

When did the sparrows settle in the Liu family yard? Nobody can tell for sure. Maybe the day the family moved in, when Mrs. Liu moved a nest from inside the house to a tree in the yard. Maybe it was the day when she spanked her son and denied him dinner for shooting the birds with a sling. Or maybe it was the day when the Liu family planted the first seedling – the family planted hundreds of them every year. As the trees grew into a forest, the number of sparrows in it also increased exponentially.

14:00, 01-17, 2020
The Colorful Robes of the Grasslands – Mongolian Traditional Costumes

The Mongols are a traditional nomadic people spread across East Asia. In China, it is one of the ethnic minorities inhabiting the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in north China. Under the blue skies and white clouds, the galloping horses and white sheep on the lush grasslands are a typical image of Inner Mongolia.

13:52, 01-17, 2020
A Stroll through Harbin

In late Qing Dynasty, trains, an advanced means of transportation at that time, connected northeastern China with far-distant Europe. The rumbling train brought an array of Western gifts to a city in the region, such as literature, religions, technicians, doctors, and emigrants. Along with good things were also tears, bloodshed and sacrifices. The name of the city is Harbin.

13:42, 01-17, 2020
Peking Opera Facial Makeup: The Art of Face Painting

Peking Opera is an extraordinary cultural symbol of China, full of energy, skill, and musical traditions. But the key to appreciating and understanding Peking Opera as it depicts scene after scene of ancient stories from noble and brave characters like Zhang Fei and Guan Yu from the Three Kingdoms, fictitious figures like Monkey King from Journey to the West, shady figures like Cao Cao from the Three Kingdoms and so on, lies in understanding the patterns of the opera’s facial makeup.

13:35, 01-17, 2020
"Hanfu" Reshapes Chinese Fashion Style

Not long ago, a group of photos of college graduates caught the attention of many Chinese netizens. Dozens of female students from Hunan University of Chinese Medicine, holding silver needles in front of the statue of Bian Que, a legendary ancestor of traditional Chinese medicine, or wandering around in the garden and smelling herbs, posed for graduation photos. What sparked all the buzz was that instead of wearing the standard Western-style bachelor’s graduation gown, they wore colorful traditional Chinese Hanfu clothing. Hanfu means clothing of the Han people, who are the predominant ethnic group in China.

13:27, 01-17, 2020
Winter Dream – Emblem of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Inspired by the Chinese character for winter, the emblem integrates the artistic form of Chinese calligraphy with an international modern style. It presents a new image and new dream of China in the new era, and conveys China’s efforts and pursuit of staging the Beijing Winter Olympics well, realizing the goal of “300 million people participating in winter sports,” becoming a powerful nation in sports and making new contributions to the international Olympics.

11:25, 01-17, 2020
The 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympic Games

The 2022 Beijing Winter Paralympic Games will be held from March 4 to 13. Flying High – the emblem of Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games, artfully transforms 飞, the Chinese character for fly, by vividly evoking the image of an athlete in a wheelchair rushing towards the finish line. It symbolizes and inspires athletes to activate their will power as their spiritual wings to fulfill their youthful dreams during the games. The robust strokes in the upper part and the soft curves below symbolize Para athletes striving for excellence despite physical impairments.

11:17, 01-17, 2020
Mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

The mascot of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is Bing Dwen Dwen, a chubby panda cub coated with ice. As ice symbolizes purity and strength, embodying the main feature of the Winter Olympics, the mascot, with its honest, healthy, strong, and lovely image, conveys the inspiring Olympic spirit.

11:15, 01-17, 2020
2022 Winter Olympics Venue Distribution

A total of 25 venues are expected to be used for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, located in three competition zones, namely Beijing, Yanqing, and Zhangjiakou.

11:07, 01-17, 2020
Experiencing and Learning

Fifty graduate students of Beijing Normal University’s 2019 exchange master program from developing countries in Asia, Africa, North America, and South America, recently went to the Fulong Ski Resort in east Chongli, a district of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, to study and carry out research. Together with Beijing, Zhangjiakou will host the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

10:54, 01-17, 2020
Decoding Peking Opera Headwear

The word “Kuitou” in Peking Opera is the technical term for various kinds of hats and headpieces worn by various characters in traditional Chinese opera. Usually the head-piece worn by an individual represents their designated identity, and in Peking Opera, performers wear different kinds of headdresses depending on the occasion and character they are performing. More than just meeting the requirements of acting, it also reveals an aspect of traditional Chinese culture. During the peak period of Peking Opera’s popularity, there were over 500 different kinds of headdresses worn by actors. They were not merely just a costume but also exquisite pieces of handiwork.

13:41, 01-16, 2020
Tracing the Changes of Chongli

“If it wasn’t for the upcoming Winter Olympics, Chongli would not have been developing as fast as it is,” said Wang Sizhou, deputy secretary of the CPC Chongli District Committee in Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. In fact, the district’s rapid development not only benefits from the investment and infrastructure construction triggered by the Winter Olympics, it also benefits from the government’s poverty alleviation policies and measures, as well as the active participation of enterprises.

11:13, 01-14, 2020
Building a Stage for Ice and Snow Sports

China’s national team of snowboarding parallel giant slalom have set up their training camp at Genting Resort Secret Garden, located in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics.

11:03, 01-14, 2020
Winter Is Big Business

As the 2022 Olympic Winter Games approach, changes are noticeable along the road from Chongli’s old county seat to the Forlong Snow Park in its newly developed area. Grocery stores and street eateries shrouded in steam are slowly fading into oblivion, replaced by hotels and ski gear shops that flank the street, welcoming visitors.

16:34, 01-13, 2020
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