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Journey of the Chameleon Filmmaker

A versatile filmmaker who has been dedicated to directing a wide range of short films.

10:40, 03-27, 2023
Huaxian Shadow Play: A Treasure of Puppetry

Shadow play is a form of opera that is performed by musicians that manipulate puppets to tell a story whose shadows are cast on an illuminated screen.

15:58, 03-13, 2023
Valuing the Core Values

The book Wisdom and Belief of the East has given a glimpse into the core values that the Chinese people cherish, which can be reflected in the way of the governance of the Communist Party of China (CPC), as well as the policies and development path it adopts.

15:54, 03-13, 2023
Sound of Music Rocks in Mountain School

Young teacher Gu Ya broadens the horizons of children in the mountainous areas of Guizhou Province by teaching them to read music, play instruments, and form rock bands.

15:03, 03-13, 2023
Winter, woods and reindeer herders

Challenging himself to spend a freezing night in a traditional Evenki tent was an idea that had lingered in his mind since 2020, several months after he returned to live in his hometown in the forests of the Greater Hinggan Mountains in northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

11:25, 02-24, 2023
A Chinese painter dedicated to cross-cultural communication through art

Three decades later, Yu, now an internationally renowned and multi-award-winning artist, is still helping visitors and expats understand Chinese culture, teaching traditional wash painting, calligraphy and history.

10:10, 02-16, 2023
The 70-year-old CMP, a Classic HBS Case Which Holds the Record of "Publishing 10 Titles and Selling 100,000 Copies Per Day"

CMP has lately been celebrating its 70 anniversary. One of the largest science and technology publishers in China, CMP has published a diversity of sci-tech journals and books since its inception.

11:05, 02-15, 2023
Belt and Road Bearing Fruit Across the Globe

A Bright Shared Future, a book series jointly published by Foreign Languages Press and China Commerce and Trade Press, is a collection of stories on implementing BRI projects.

13:57, 02-13, 2023
Talk Shows on the Rise in China

Whether it is a talk show or other forms of comedy art, the ultimate goal is to express a point of view. Laughter is just the exterior packaging of a talk show, and performers must have a critical spirit.

11:54, 02-13, 2023
A Window to Beijing's Spirit

A Beijinger and artist draws inspiration from a classic painting to showcase Beijing's daily life along its famed Central Axis.

10:25, 02-06, 2023
Yuyuan Garden Lantern Show: A Distinctive Shanghai Tradition

The Yuyuan Garden Lantern Show is a traditional event that takes place every year in Songjiang District of Shanghai.

10:12, 02-06, 2023
Reinvigorating time-honored brands

The saying "behind every signboard, there is a legend" encapsulates the unique cultural and brand value of China's time-honored brands.

11:01, 02-03, 2023
A Window to Beijing's Spirit

A Beijinger and artist draws inspiration from a classic painting to showcase Beijing's daily life along its famed Central Axis.

10:34, 01-10, 2023
Jingxi Taiping Drum: A Lively Local Folk Dance

Jingxi Taiping Drum is a traditional form of dancing that is prevalent in Mentougou District of Beijing. With its great popularity and display of profound cultural elements, it was included in the first batch of China's national intangible cultural heritage items in 2006.

16:24, 01-04, 2023
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