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Key Chinese Concepts

The term is the transliteration of the Sanskrit word prajñā, meaning wisdom. It refers to the supreme wisdom with insight into the nature and reality of all things.

13:52, 05-15, 2018
Revive an Ancient Opera

WRITER and cultural researcher Yu Qiuyu wrote in his Where Does the Flute Melody Go: “If a culture has fascinated a nation for a long time, it must be one that reaches deep into the national psyche.

11:19, 05-15, 2018
Mai Jia: The Dan Brown of China?

THE New York Times introduced Mai Jia as a bestselling author of espionage novels and a former military man who has been writing about secrets for years. The coded world he has created in his works is unknown to most Chinese, let alone foreign readers.

11:13, 05-15, 2018
The Niceties of Fried Rice

YANGZHOU fried rice and Fujian fried rice (also known as Hokkien fried rice) are always found on the menus of most fancy Cantonese restaurants, especially Chinese restaurants in hotels.

14:08, 04-12, 2018
Badminton: A China Dominated Sport

BADMINTON, the sport you weren’t quite sure how to spell, was first developed in the mid-19th century in British India, then called “poona,”

14:03, 04-12, 2018
Longquan Celadon

THERE is a saying about the history of Chinese porcelain. It goes that half of the history of Chinese porcelain is about the porcelain wares produced in Zhejiang Province, and half of the history of the Zhejiang porcelain is about the celadon wares produced in Longquan City.

13:46, 04-12, 2018
The Earliest “Aircraft”

KITE flying originated in China and became popular around the country.

13:40, 04-12, 2018
Key Chinese Concepts

There are three meanings to the term. 1) The five fundamental things or elements that make up all things.

13:37, 04-12, 2018
Jinan – City of Springs

JINAN, capital city of Shandong Province, boasts a history of more than 2,600 years. The main site of Longshan Culture, one of the major cradles of Chinese civilization, was discovered to the east of Jinan.

14:29, 03-08, 2018
Cultural Heritage on People’s Feet

WITH a history of more than 3,000 years, cloth shoes had been the major footwear in China till the mid-20th century.

10:37, 03-08, 2018
The Mysterious Origin of Ge Ware

IN the early days of the last century, a once tranquil small village in Longquan City, Zhejiang Province was suddenly filled with hundreds of people desperately excavating for porcelain wares every day, as the place is said to be the location of a Ge kiln

10:29, 03-08, 2018
Key Chinese Concepts

The term, literally meaning the state and the body, has three meanings. First, it refers to the important ministers who help the sovereign ruler govern

10:24, 03-08, 2018
Doctor of Ancient Books

DU Weisheng, who is in charge of the National Library of China’s Ancient Books Restoration Group, is 65 years old, but still vigorous. With 40 years of experience, Du feels a bit like a doctor of ancient works, and his job is to treat their illnesses.

10:17, 03-08, 2018
Greeting a New Year with Banging Firecrackers

THE Spring Festival (China’s lunar New Year) is the country’s most important traditional festival.

15:53, 02-24, 2018
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