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14:31, 01-03, 2019
Art in a Bottle

BACK in 18th-19th century China the fashionable people of the time all carried snuff bottles.

14:25, 12-19, 2018
Yue Ware, Mother of Chinese Porcelains

YUE ware is one of the most acclaimed celadons in ancient China.

09:27, 12-17, 2018
Key Chinese Concepts

This expression refers to pursuing conciliatory and benevolent policies and offering benefits

11:28, 12-17, 2018
President's Discourses on Belt, Road Published

A book of discourses on the Belt and Road Initiative by President Xi Jinping has been published by Central Party Literature Press, with national distribution launched on Tuesday.

15:23, 12-12, 2018
Guidance Towards Balance and Peace

THE traditional Chinese compass is a geomagnetic instrument invented in ancient China.

11:31, 12-11, 2018
Mandarin Learning at Prime Time TV – The 17th Chinese Bridge Competition

THE limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” These words originate from the famous Austrian-British linguistic philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951).

10:47, 12-11, 2018
Yaozhou Ware, King of Celadon in North China

THERE is a saying among Chinese virtuosos that Longquan is the best porcelain in the south

10:38, 11-02, 2018
Learning the Easy Way

WITH the increasing spread of the electronic age into all spheres of our lives, it comes as no surprise that print media

10:33, 11-02, 2018
Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Madiba

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Madiba

15:18, 10-17, 2018
Delicacies for the Double Ninth Festival

THE ninth day of the ninth month on the Chinese lunar calendar is the Double Ninth Festival

10:46, 10-12, 2018
The Most Ancient White Porcelain in China

PLAIN white porcelain ware is widely loved in China for its minimalistic elegance.

15:17, 10-11, 2018
Key Chinese Concepts

The term means to understand how we should conduct ourselves

15:13, 10-11, 2018
A Tribute to Claude Debussy

ON May 11, Gao Ping, a famous Chinese pianist and composer, held a concert titled Harmonie du Soir

15:01, 10-11, 2018
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