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The Pigeon Whistle: A Defining Sound of Old Beijing

IF you have ever watched a movie that featured old Beijing, there is a good possibility that it contained a scene with a flock of pigeons flying

10:01, 11-19, 2019
Delicious Food in Xinjiang

XINJIANG Uygur Autonomous Region is a vast area of China with a long history and splendid cultures of ethnic minorities.

09:49, 11-15, 2019
Seaweed Bungalows

IN the coastal areas of Weihai, Yantai, and Qingdao in the Jiaodong Peninsula of east China’s Shandong Province

09:44, 11-15, 2019
The Double Ninth Festival

THE Double Ninth Festival is an important traditional festival in China, which falls on the ninth day of the ninth month of the lunar calendar.

09:04, 11-15, 2019
Content Is King

LAST July, the period costume drama The Longest Day in Chang’an was aired in many Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore

10:41, 11-14, 2019
Hairy Monkeys: Unique Tour Guides of Old Beijing Life

The craft of making hairy monkey figurines was added to the list of Beijing’s intangible cultural heritage in 2009.

14:37, 10-17, 2019
The Rabbit God: An Image Ambassador for Beijing

DURING the Mid-Autumn Festival the whole family gathers together for a reunion meal according to ancient Chinese customs.

07:09, 09-12, 2019
The Charm of Suzhou’s Traditional Folk Houses

JIANGNAN or regions south of the Yangtze River’s lower reaches, is an area with green hills and limpid waters.

14:57, 08-15, 2019
Danxia Landforms: Rosy Clouds on Earth

A Danxia landform is a red-bed landform characterized by steep cliffs. It was initially discovered and named by Chinese scholars.

14:47, 08-15, 2019
Hungry Ghost Festival, An Ancestor Worship Day

THE fifteenth day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar (August 15 this year) is the Hungry Ghost Festival or Zhong Yuan Festival.

10:43, 08-15, 2019
Anhui Cuisine: Natural and Fresh

ANHUI cuisine can be traced back to the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) in ancient Huizhou.

10:38, 08-15, 2019
Bridging Cultural Differences

SINCE setting foot in the African market in 2002, the StarTimes Group has been providing digital TV services to more than 22 million users

10:29, 08-15, 2019
The Rebirth of an Ancient Craft

The art of printing has always helped steer the direction of the development of civilizations through creating conditions for the vast dissemination

09:33, 07-16, 2019
Defensive Village Houses in South China

DIAOLOU is a fortified residential dwelling. It functions both as a house and a fortress.

14:58, 06-19, 2019
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