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Keys to Friendship

Piano maestro Lang Lang builds a bridge between China and France with his music.

10:22, 05-20, 2024
Confucius and American Democracy

Upon the establishment of European universities in the Middle Ages, the educational system in Western countries became characterized by an essentially Eurocentric worldview.

13:48, 05-13, 2024
Finite Words, Infinite Wisdom

As picture books gain popularity, they create a bridge between China and the rest of the world.

14:57, 05-06, 2024
Our Country, Our World

Throughout history, the idea “everyone has responsibilities toward their nation” has effectively promoted the development of the Chinese civilization and played a major role in forming China’s national characteristics.

15:08, 05-06, 2024
A Windy and Rainy Shanghai

14:43, 05-06, 2024
Vintage in vogue

In the bustling neighborhood of Manhattan, nestled inside a building dating back to the 1920s, Heather Guo's store bears a different tone, allowing visitors to revel in a world of vintage gems.

10:35, 04-26, 2024
My Family Crest

A country has its national emblem, a school has its school badge, and a factory has its factory logo.

11:39, 04-08, 2024
Unity in Diversity

Throughout history, the idea effectively promoted the development of the Chinese civilization and served a major role in forming China's national characteristics.

11:36, 04-08, 2024
Ancient IP Promotes Consumption Recovery

The Millennium City Park has boosted the recovery of consumption by injecting new life into historical resources and promoting cultural tourism.

11:31, 04-08, 2024
China Today's Report on Spring Festival Resonates with Maltese Readers

On February 18, 2024, The Sunday Times of Malta published China Today's report about the Spring Festival, which has triggered a wave of discussion among Maltese readers on Chinese culture and the most important Chinese festival.

13:48, 03-04, 2024
People — Foundation of a State

Only when the foundation is strong will the state be safe and stable.

10:59, 03-04, 2024
Dan Sandoval: Capturing a Lively China

An American photographer who has spent one-third of his life in China hopes his work will inspire others to embrace adventure in the fascinating country.

10:54, 03-04, 2024
Pursuing Common Good for All under Heaven

Fairness, justice, and equality are long existing pursuits of Chinese philosophers from ancient times to today.

11:10, 02-05, 2024
Dancing on the Digital Stage

A viral dance sensation and the debate it sparks.

10:50, 02-05, 2024
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