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The Rabbit God: An Image Ambassador for Beijing

DURING the Mid-Autumn Festival the whole family gathers together for a reunion meal according to ancient Chinese customs.

07:09, 09-12, 2019
The Charm of Suzhou’s Traditional Folk Houses

JIANGNAN or regions south of the Yangtze River’s lower reaches, is an area with green hills and limpid waters.

14:57, 08-15, 2019
Danxia Landforms: Rosy Clouds on Earth

A Danxia landform is a red-bed landform characterized by steep cliffs. It was initially discovered and named by Chinese scholars.

14:47, 08-15, 2019
Hungry Ghost Festival, An Ancestor Worship Day

THE fifteenth day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar (August 15 this year) is the Hungry Ghost Festival or Zhong Yuan Festival.

10:43, 08-15, 2019
Anhui Cuisine: Natural and Fresh

ANHUI cuisine can be traced back to the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279) in ancient Huizhou.

10:38, 08-15, 2019
Bridging Cultural Differences

SINCE setting foot in the African market in 2002, the StarTimes Group has been providing digital TV services to more than 22 million users

10:29, 08-15, 2019
The Rebirth of an Ancient Craft

The art of printing has always helped steer the direction of the development of civilizations through creating conditions for the vast dissemination

09:33, 07-16, 2019
Defensive Village Houses in South China

DIAOLOU is a fortified residential dwelling. It functions both as a house and a fortress.

14:58, 06-19, 2019
The Dragon Boat Festival: Combining Boat Racing with Tradition

THE Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese festival which originated from the worship of celestial phenomena

11:15, 06-19, 2019
Hearing the Sound of the Lost Cities

EVERY music band has their own story of how they came together. What brought Route to Diomira (RTD) together was the book Invisible Cities.

10:54, 06-19, 2019
Sculpting with Time

Carved lacquerware is a unique Chinese handicraft made by applying many layers of natural lacquer on bases of various shapes and then carving designs on the layers

16:16, 06-18, 2019
Silk Flower,Beijing Style

THE Beijing silk flower evolved from a time-honored craft to make floral hair pins with fine textiles.

10:40, 05-20, 2019
Hanshi Festival, Born of a Heartbreaking Tale of Loyalty

WE mentioned the Hanshi Festival last month in the article about the Qingming Festival.

08:41, 05-06, 2019
Mo Yan: Will Literature Make Humans Less Greedy?

MO Yan, winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature, is hailed as a writer who merges hallucinatory realism with folk tales

08:20, 05-06, 2019
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