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A Day of Family Reunion: The Mid-Autumn Festival

THE 15th day of the eighth month on the Chinese lunar calendar is the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

16:40, 08-30, 2018
Cizhou Ware: The Art of Black and White

THE Song Dynasty (960-1279) indisputably represented a golden age for Chinese ceramics, remembered for a number

16:20, 08-30, 2018
Custodians of Tibetan Culture

FOR centuries, Tibetans have been devoted to protecting their unique traditional culture.

16:10, 08-30, 2018
Textile Art in White and Blue

BLUE calico, a kind of home-made fabric colored by plant dyes, is commonly seen in Chinese people’s daily life, in particular in South China. Clothes, bedspreads, quilt covers, scarves, handkerchiefs, door curtains, or even wrappers, made of the plain and elegant blue-and-white fabric, can be seen almost everywhere.

10:10, 08-11, 2018
Key Chinese Concepts

This literary term is used in poetry to comment on a ruler’s moral character, policies, decrees, and performance, either in praise or criticism.

10:05, 08-11, 2018
Chengdu, a Land of Milk and Honey

CHENGDU is the capital of Sichuan Province in southwestern China, boasting a history of over 2,300 years. With rich natural resources and developed agriculture, it was the main source of grain and revenues of the central regime in ancient times.

09:57, 08-11, 2018
Jian Bowl:A Black Classic

THE Jian kiln has an important role in the history of Chinese porcelain, and although not among the top five porcelain producers in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), one of its products – the Jian tea bowl – was given as a tribute to the Song royal family and therefore highly coveted.

09:54, 08-11, 2018
Fleshing out in Autumn

09:48, 08-11, 2018
Millennia Old Art Meets Millennials

THIS May, the Beijing Tianqiao Performing Arts Center and the China Puppet Thea-ter were full of spectators, who enjoyed The Flaming Mountain of the Quanzhou Puppetry Troupe.

09:43, 08-11, 2018
Chinese Classical Furniture: Antique and Ingenious

CHINA has nearly 5,000 years of recorded history. However, the history of Chinese furniture is even longer than that of its writing

11:14, 07-10, 2018
Tai Chi:A Much-Loved Symbol of China

TAI chi is a unique Chinese cultural symbol, often portrayed on-screen as a supreme form of self-defense.

10:59, 07-10, 2018
Summer Delicacies

Lesser Heat is one of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar, usually falling on July 7 or 8, which signals the start of the hottest days

10:20, 07-10, 2018
Key Chinese Concepts

This term refers to the mutual dependence and integration of an author’s description of scenery and objects

11:13, 06-29, 2018
No Chinese Football but a Chinese Feel to This Year’s World Cup in Russia

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off yesterday in Moscow, starting a month-long football competition rivalled by no other

09:52, 06-19, 2018
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