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Chinese Classical Furniture: Antique and Ingenious

CHINA has nearly 5,000 years of recorded history. However, the history of Chinese furniture is even longer than that of its writing

11:14, 07-10, 2018
Tai Chi:A Much-Loved Symbol of China

TAI chi is a unique Chinese cultural symbol, often portrayed on-screen as a supreme form of self-defense.

10:59, 07-10, 2018
Summer Delicacies

Lesser Heat is one of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar, usually falling on July 7 or 8, which signals the start of the hottest days

10:20, 07-10, 2018
Key Chinese Concepts

This term refers to the mutual dependence and integration of an author’s description of scenery and objects

11:13, 06-29, 2018
No Chinese Football but a Chinese Feel to This Year’s World Cup in Russia

The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicked off yesterday in Moscow, starting a month-long football competition rivalled by no other

09:52, 06-19, 2018
Key Chinese Concepts

A poem expresses aspirations in one’s heart. Zhi (志) here means the author’s aspirations,

10:54, 06-06, 2018
Official Kilns of the Song Dynasty

THE Song Dynasty (960-1279) was a golden age of Chinese ceramics when art peaked and techniques matured

10:39, 06-06, 2018
Temple Revival

RESTORING the damaged Mahadev Temple at the Durbar Square in Kathmandu has become China’s first large-scale foreign aid project in cultural preservatio

10:30, 06-06, 2018
Learning through Play

WE are living in a fast changing world. All the knowledge and techniques we learn today are already outdated when it comes to the upcoming needs of tomorrow.

10:20, 06-06, 2018
China’s Football Dream

WHEN most people think of China, football isn’t the first sport that they might associate with the country traditionally dominant in ping pong and badminton

09:52, 06-06, 2018
Key Chinese Concepts

The term is the transliteration of the Sanskrit word prajñā, meaning wisdom. It refers to the supreme wisdom with insight into the nature and reality of all things.

13:52, 05-15, 2018
Revive an Ancient Opera

WRITER and cultural researcher Yu Qiuyu wrote in his Where Does the Flute Melody Go: “If a culture has fascinated a nation for a long time, it must be one that reaches deep into the national psyche.

11:19, 05-15, 2018
Mai Jia: The Dan Brown of China?

THE New York Times introduced Mai Jia as a bestselling author of espionage novels and a former military man who has been writing about secrets for years. The coded world he has created in his works is unknown to most Chinese, let alone foreign readers.

11:13, 05-15, 2018
The Niceties of Fried Rice

YANGZHOU fried rice and Fujian fried rice (also known as Hokkien fried rice) are always found on the menus of most fancy Cantonese restaurants, especially Chinese restaurants in hotels.

14:08, 04-12, 2018
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