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Tianmu Mountain: A Treasure Chest of Flora and Fauna

Over the last 60 years, China’s efforts to protect the local ecological environment of the Tianmu Mountain National Nature Reserve has paid off in making it into a rare "gene bank of species" and "treasure house of cultural heritage."

15:13, 01-17, 2022
From the Silver Screen to the Ski Trail

A search for the name of Su Yiming on Baidu produces over 7 million results. The teenage snowboarder has made waves in ski circles in recent years, first for becoming the first Chinese snowboarder successfully performing the Cab (Caballerial) 1800 trick, and later for being the first in the world to complete the incredibly challenging Bs 1980 Indy Crail trick.

15:06, 01-17, 2022
CICG holds cultural salon to welcome Beijing 2022

With less than one month to go before the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, a cultural salon was held at China International Communications Group (CICG) to welcome the sports extravaganza.

17:24, 01-14, 2022
Continue the Spiritual Bonds Between Ancient Civilizations

Before celebrations started in 2022 to mark the golden anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Greece in June 1972, a series of events had already been held to highlight the values shared between the ancient Chinese and Greek civilizations, their common cultural traits, and the solidarity between the two countries in modern times.

10:00, 01-11, 2022
Exploring the Charm of Naxi Ethnic Culture in Lijiang

The ancient city of Lijiang, in southwestern China’s Yunnan Province, is home to ancient architecture, rich ethnic culture, and a unique traditional water supply system, which have made it a world cultural heritage site. It is also home to the Chinese ethnic minority Naxi people. An aerial view of Dayan Old Town in the city of Lijiang, Yunnan Province, with the Jade Snow Mountains in the background.

11:19, 12-17, 2021
Sheng: The Ancestor of Free Reed Instruments

Perhaps you may have been impressed by the grand tunes played on a pipe organ, enjoyed joyful music produced by accordions, or maybe you have tried to play some tune on a harmonica by yourself. Did you know that all these instruments would not be what they are without the genius invention of reeds used on the sheng, a traditional Chinese free reed instrument, which inspired most of the other free reed instruments around the world?

11:08, 12-17, 2021
National Treasure Promotes Cultural Exchanges

The opening of the Museum of Art Pudong in Shanghai last July came as part of the country’s efforts to boost development of its museums, thus promoting cultural exchanges and facilitating the spread of traditional Chinese culture. A guideline jointly issued by nine departments including the National Cultural Heritage Administration in May indicated China’s resolve and plan to reform its museums, in order to build it into a world museum powerhouse by 2035.

11:04, 12-17, 2021
Chinese Animation Going Global

Animation aficionados flocked to Shanghai in July to participate in the 17th China International Cartoon & Game Expo (CCG Expo). Logging 155,000 visits, related expo topics received more than 180 million hits on China’s twitter-like Sina Weibo portal. The CCG Expo that ran from July 15 to 18 offered China’s rapidly expanding animation sector a boost toward empowering Chinese culture as it gains popularity, particularly among young people, through innovation and inheriting traditions.

11:01, 12-17, 2021
The Mesmerizing Culture of the Miao People

The Miao ethnicity of China has a long history, rich culture, and an ancient folk religion. Adorned in beautiful traditional clothes, possessing natural talent for singing and dancing, they live in uniquely designed indigenous architecture. Throughout history, the Miao people were constantly migrating, always on the move.

13:57, 11-19, 2021
The Art of Traditional Chinese Flower Arranging

In Chinese culture, different plants represent different kinds of human characteristics. Lotus is seen as lofty and virtuous; bamboo is upright; chrysanthemum is unyielding, in full bloom amid frost; and plum blossoms brave the cold of winter.

13:50, 11-19, 2021
Classical Art Seeking New Forms of Expression

Peking Opera has been continuously reinventing itself over the centuries. While retaining old traditions and classical repertoire, it is looking for new forms of expression through productions of contemporary themes and exchanges with the rest of the world.

13:44, 11-19, 2021
2021 China Today Arts Week opens in Beijing

The 2021 China Today Arts Week (CTAW), an event seeking to present Chinese contemporary art and culture globally, opened in Beijing on Monday.

13:24, 11-09, 2021
Guzheng: A Chinese Stringed Instrument with Long-lasting Popularity

“Sweetie, you are next. Relax and just focus on your playing,” said Cao Yuanyuan, a young guzheng teacher at Beijing 101 Middle School, while adjusting the collar of Xirong, a girl who was dressed in an elaborate hanfu (a traditional style of Chinese clothing). With an audience of around 200 seated people in the school theater and 100 more watching live streaming online, 14-year-old Xirong paced up and down behind the stage, looking a bit tense, but there were also sparkles of excitement in her eyes. Two minutes later during the school concert, the spotlight shined on her as she played her guzheng solo debut in the Dream Theater of Beijing 101 Middle School.

14:13, 10-09, 2021
Mystical Dai Ethnic Villages

China's Dai ethnic group has lived in the southern part of southwest China’s Yunnan Province for centuries, mainly in the Xishuangbanna region. Hinayana Buddhism, shamanism, and animism find their believers among the Dai people, who have their own written language and a rich culture.

14:07, 10-09, 2021
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