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Silver Ornaments and Embroideries of the Miao Traditional Clothing

THE Miao ethnic group in China can trace their history back to the pre-Qin period (2,100 to 221 BC) in the middle reach of the Yangtze River. Such a long history also gave birth to the unique Miao culture, most notably of which is their elaborate clothing.

06:04, 04-02, 2020
Beijing Embroidery: Artistry of Needle and Thread

EMBROIDERY is one of China’s traditional handicrafts with a long history. Roughly since the Han Dynasty (206 B.C.- A.D. 220), girls began to learn the skill of embroidery from a young age.

05:47, 04-02, 2020
Jianshui: A Town of Pristine Wells and Quaint Bridges

MOST people’s first encounter with Jianshui County in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture of southwest China’s Yunnan Province starts from learning about the special grass shoots, tofu, and sweet potatoes that are local to that region.

05:35, 04-02, 2020
Music Knows No Borders

IN January, the Yandong Grand Singers’ debut album “Everyone Listen Close — Wanp-Wanp Jangl Kap” drew international attention when it unexpectedly won the fifth place on the Transglobal World Music Chart.

05:26, 04-02, 2020
Cheer for Beijing; Cheer for Italy!

Antonino Scordo, a 38-year-old Italian, is an executive sous chef at Nanjing Jinling Hotel’s Western department in Nanjing, who is affectionately called “Nino” by his friends. Over the past eight years, he felt much warmth living in China as everyone around him was always ready to give a hand.

11:21, 03-13, 2020
Local Shanghai Cuisine

A place where the East and the West meet, Shanghai boasts a unique open and inclusive culinary history.

19:28, 03-10, 2020
The Charm of Traditional Tibetan Clothing

In order to adapt to local climate and environment, the Tibetan people living in the snow-capped plateau have developed their distinctive costume.

19:21, 03-10, 2020
Lili Town: A Reclusive Place of Pear Blossoms

LILI Town is a charming river town in Suzhou, east China’s Jiangsu Province. Before the Tang Dynasty (618-907), it was known as Lihua Village, which means a village of pear blossoms.

19:02, 03-10, 2020
Peking Opera Costumes: A Display of History, Culture, and Fine Craftsmanship

COSTUMES of Peking Opera play a pivotal role in helping viewers understand and appreciate the opera as a whole. Known in Chinese as “xingtou” (costumes of actors) or “juzhuang” (Peking Opera costumes).

18:49, 03-10, 2020
Thought-Provoking Documentary

BORN in 2000, a documentary film produced by the Documentary Center of the Beijing Normal University, has received an overwhelming response from viewers after it was released nationwide.

18:44, 03-10, 2020
Interview with Xu Erhai

As soon as Qing Ying stepped into the village where Xu Erhai’s family lived, she was immediately enveloped by the peaceful atmosphere and delighted by swathes of greenery.

18:41, 03-10, 2020
Marching Towards a Well-off Life

THE year 2020 is a milestone for the Chinese people, as the Communist Party of China (CPC) will lead its people in achieving the first centenary goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.

18:15, 03-10, 2020
A Tale of Sparrows in the Liu Family Yard

When did the sparrows settle in the Liu family yard? Nobody can tell for sure. Maybe the day the family moved in, when Mrs. Liu moved a nest from inside the house to a tree in the yard. Maybe it was the day when she spanked her son and denied him dinner for shooting the birds with a sling. Or maybe it was the day when the Liu family planted the first seedling – the family planted hundreds of them every year. As the trees grew into a forest, the number of sparrows in it also increased exponentially.

14:00, 01-17, 2020
The Colorful Robes of the Grasslands – Mongolian Traditional Costumes

The Mongols are a traditional nomadic people spread across East Asia. In China, it is one of the ethnic minorities inhabiting the vast grasslands of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in north China. Under the blue skies and white clouds, the galloping horses and white sheep on the lush grasslands are a typical image of Inner Mongolia.

13:52, 01-17, 2020
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