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Intangible Cultural Heritage Gives Color to Life

“AS long as I can make a reservation, I’ll come and watch the exhibition.” Getting a ticket for a cultural show in China seldom poses any difficulty, but on June 11 this year Liu battled to make a booking.

06:09, 09-30, 2020
The Morning Tea Culture in Yangzhou

YANGZHOU City, located at the intersection of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Yangtze River, was an important port in ancient China since the Tang Dynasty (618-907) as the waterways were convenient for trading.

21:20, 08-27, 2020
Beliefs Exhibited on Clothes---Costumes of the Yao People

THE Yao people are the most widely distributed ethnic minority group in southern China, mainly living in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the provinces of Hunan, Guangdong, Yunnan, Guizhou, and Jiangxi, with the largest concentration of them in Guangxi.

21:12, 08-27, 2020
Mouth-Watering Glass Grapes

THE juicy looking grapes hanging on a large trellis are the first things that catch your eyes when entering the Grape Chang Exhibition Hall of the Huashi Community Museum in Beijing.

20:49, 08-27, 2020
Online Learning and Technical Breakthroughs

SINCE the start of this year the COVID-19 epidemic has swept across China, disrupting the normal order of life and work. In early February, China’s Ministry of Education made the decision of suspending in-person classes on the mainland, and the Education Bureau of Hong Kong Special Administration Region followed suit.

20:40, 08-27, 2020
Intelligent Reading of Culture: An Inspiration at this Critical Time

Globalization, an expression now heard on every continent, entered public discourse through former U.S. national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book Between Two Ages:America’s Role in the Technocratic Era, published in 1970. At the special commemorative meeting of the General Assembly to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the United Nations on October 22, 1995, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the then secretary-general of the United Nations declared, “The world of the 21st century will confront two great opposing forces: globalization and fragmentation.”

13:42, 08-26, 2020
The Simplicity and Complexity of Bouyei Ethnic Group’s Clothing

BOUYEI is one of China’s ethnic minorities mainly inhabiting the area of the Nanpan River, Red River Valley and its tributaries in southwest China.

00:54, 07-25, 2020
The Sweetness of Chongqing Cuisine

SOUTHWEST China’s Chongqing is the city of hot pot. But just like the character of a person, Chongqing has another side other than what it is most famous for.

01:05, 07-25, 2020
A Shuttlecock Can Make Your Day

IN the early hours of the morning, in parks throughout many Chinese cities, it is a common sight to see middle-aged and elderly people kicking around a shuttlecock while standing in a circle.

03:49, 07-03, 2020
Online Education: A Future Trend of Higher Learning

CHINA is home to many universities and vocational schools co-funded by Chinese universities and leading foreign academic institutions to provide students world-class education and academic experience.

03:35, 07-03, 2020
The Crayfish Craze on Summer Nights

EVERY year during the months between May and October, glistening and boiled bright red stacks of spiced crayfish are a delicacy found across China.

01:35, 06-06, 2020
A New Entertainmnet Craze in the Forming

PUTTING on a turquoise Han-style traditional Chinese outfit, Zhang Ying left her smartphone outside and stepped into an ancient martial art world.

00:12, 06-06, 2020
Colorful Yi Costumes in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture

THE Yi ethnic group has a long history. The Yi people have lived in the belt between plateaus and coastal hills in Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region for many of those years.

00:35, 06-06, 2020
Rémy Aron: Bringing Art and Hope to Wuhan

BORN in 1952, Rémy Aron, a renowned French artist, developed a passion for Chinese culture at a young age.

00:19, 06-06, 2020
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