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Liu Guijin: Catalyst of China-Africa Friendship

Exchanges between China and Africa are of a long standing and well-established nature, dating back to the Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220). According to historical records, China’s goods such as silk were introduced to Egypt around that time. With the development of the ancient Silk Road, China-Africa exchanges increased, and China-Africa relations got closer.

16:44, 08-30, 2021
Cycling among Mountains and Cultural Relics in Chengdu

n the past, bicycles were a major means of transportation in nearly every household in China. However, with the growth of private car ownership and the emergence of electric bikes, traditional bicycles were once abandoned by many for a long time.

16:40, 08-30, 2021
Yang Yang: From Queen on the Ice to Winter Olympics Ambassador

In 2002 at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games, Yang Yang became China’s first Winter Olympics gold medalist. Since then, her name has been written into the history of China’s winter sports, and she has become a legend. Today, serving as chairperson of the Athletes’ Commission of 2022 Beijing Olympic Winter Games Organizing Committee and vice president of World Anti-Doping Agency, she has been busy assisting in organizing the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

16:37, 08-30, 2021
A Family's Century-Old Bond with China

Michael Crook, 70, is a British man who was born in Beijing. He speaks fluent Chinese, yet is able to switch to English with ease. “Having grown up in Beijing, I am familiar with the Chinese revolutionary stories,” he said. Currently, Crook wears many hats – chairman of the International Committee for the Promotion of Chinese Industrial Cooperatives (ICCIC), director of Beijing Bailie University, and co-founder of the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB).

10:04, 08-03, 2021
Zhang Yongzhong: Guardian of the Automobile Engine

In an engine tuning facility at Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd., Zhang Yongzhong takes his apprentices through an exercise to spot check a batch of engines. With his years of experience, he notices an imperceptible misfire in one of the engines that signals a problem.

12:35, 07-27, 2021
Paying for Knowledge Enables Lifelong Learning

In this era of information abundance, reliable channels of information have become an important asset for people to acquire knowledge. Attracted by the combination of authoritative, credible resources and convenient online access, numerous people have been enhancing their skill sets by paying for knowledge online.

12:32, 07-27, 2021
Israel Epstein,an Internationalist's Devotion to China

Israel Epstein (1915-2005) was born in Poland and spent most of his life in China. In his decades-long career as a journalist and author, he witnessed the Chinese revolution and the founding and rise of the People's Republic of China.

14:44, 07-09, 2021
Birth of the First CPC Branch of Ethnic Minority Members

In Xidan, a busy commercial district in central Beijing, sits the National Mongolian and Tibetan School dating back to 1913. Nearly a century ago a group of Mongolian students established a branch of the Communist Party of China (CPC) at this school, the first branch set up by ethnic minority members. “From this school, communism started to spread among ethnic minority groups,” recalled late Vice Chairman of China Ulanhu (1906-1988).

14:41, 07-09, 2021
Zhang Boli: TCM Practitioner and Champion

In his capacity as practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Zhang Boli, 73, has made a long career out of saving lives. The most recent advocacy of Zhang’s chosen field of medicine was heard in the speech he made at an industry development conference on Chinese medicinal herbs produced in Zhejiang, held in the province’s Wuyi County.

16:59, 06-29, 2021
Space Technology in Daily Use

When thinking of space technology, what pops into many Chinese people’s minds are the Long March carrier rocket, Chang’e lunar probe, Shenzhou spacecraft or Fengyun meteorological satellite, all of which are very far removed from everyday life. However on closer examination, the technologies behind these aerospace machines are now being used in people’s day-to-day activities, bringing greater convenience and efficiency as they are to become part of humanity’s future.

12:37, 06-23, 2021
The Postman of the Hongze Lake

The swan goose is a large waterfowl of the Anatidae bird family. This bird lives mainly in and around lakes, ponds, rivers, and swamps. It has been circulated in China that the swan goose can carry letters for humans, hence the laudatory title of postman has been given to this bird.

12:33, 06-23, 2021
A College Student Backpack Press Corps Experiencing Consumption in Suzhou

On May 20, an activity named “A Closer Look at Consumption in Shanghai and Suzhou with Social Media Influencers,” which also served as a field trip to Suzhou by a press corps comprised of college students from Shanghai and Suzhou, kicked off.

11:22, 05-25, 2021
On the Road to a Well-off Life

At the award ceremony of “Touching China’s 2020 Person of the Year” held on February 17, 2021, a man with a slightly stooped back but a resolute expression on his face stood on the podium. Mao Xianglin was one of the 10 candidates being awarded. Eight days later, Mao was honored as a model poverty fighter at a grand gathering held in Beijing to mark the country’s victory in the battle against poverty.

09:28, 05-25, 2021
Richard N. Cooper: For an Interdependent World

At their virtual meeting on February 19, leaders of the Group of Seven (G7) pledged in a joint statement to make 2021 a turning point for multilateralism. Amid global volatility, multilateral cooperation is facing a range of new challenges that need the guidance of innovation and inspiration of a practical trailblazing approach. Nonetheless, despite such uncertainty across the world, the pledge from the G7 sent a positive sign.

09:22, 05-25, 2021
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