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Representative of the Red Opera

Yuan Yuan, a top opera actress from Anhui, was also a delegate to the 20th CPC National Congress. She talks about her mission: promoting traditional culture.

16:08, 11-15, 2022
"One Way to Become European Is to Become Chinese"

More than half a century of studying China, its history and present, has given rise to a love in the German sinologist for humanity of China, which kindles his optimism to further cultivate the humanistic legacy of peoples towards the basis for a shared future.

15:59, 11-15, 2022
Innovation and Openness, Key to China's Sci-tech Progress

Chinese eminent scientist Bai Chunli talks about China’s initiatives to create global platforms for sci-tech cooperation.

14:02, 11-02, 2022
Conversation on a Green Conversion

As the Belt and Road Initiative focuses more on green development, China and the U.S. need to bury the hatchet, at least over climate change.

13:57, 11-02, 2022
Tangible Results in China's Eco-Environmental Protection

Over the past decade, China has seen marked progress in environmental protection.

13:23, 10-11, 2022
Olivia Chen: Protecting Wildlife Through Documentaries

A young filmmaker shares stories about the interaction between people and wildlife.

10:53, 09-29, 2022
My China Story

After engaging in cultural exchanges with China for nearly two decades, Alfons Labisch, a professor wtih Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf in Germany, looks forward to continuing his China story far into the future.

10:49, 09-29, 2022
China's Breakthrough in Plant Hybridization

Plant chromosome hybrid technology is of strategic significance, and China is leading the world in this field.

10:39, 09-29, 2022
Inspired to Bridge the Understanding Gap

More foreign experts have been encouraged by Chinese President Xi Jinping’s letter replying to foreign experts with the Foreign Languages Press, committing to doing more to connect China and the rest of the world.

10:36, 09-29, 2022
A Chinese Photographer's Way of Protecting Nature

A story of how one man uses his camera to display China's endemic animals and incomparably rich biodiversity to the world.

15:07, 09-05, 2022
Dancing as a Lion on High Poles

The moment Liang Jiali puts on a lion costume, she feels a rush of hot blood stream through her body. She begins to imagine herself as a real lion awakened by the sound of a drum.

15:03, 09-05, 2022
A Bridge Between Hearts

An Anglo-Chinese woman is doing her part to keep the bond between the two countries alive.

14:57, 09-05, 2022
First-Hand Care Exhibited at a Second-Hand Shop

Roundabout, the mainland's first charity store, spreads awareness that social service is more than donating money.

14:52, 09-05, 2022
Call for Entries for the Fourth China-Africa Video and Photo Competition

The Fourth China-Africa Video and Photo Competition collects short video, micro video or photo works from Chinese and African individuals and institutions which tell stories focusing on the cooperation between China and Africa

10:16, 09-05, 2022
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