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The Voice of Mulan

Since 2010, Beijing Mulan Community Service Center has been dedicated to providing female migrant workers with services and help to adapt to urban life.

09:55, 03-08, 2023
Old Opera in a New Bottle

A five-member women's singing group is trying to revive flagging interest in Peking Opera by combining opera with pop elements.

12:41, 03-06, 2023
Quzhou to build archaeological museum

Quzhou city in eastern China's Zhejiang province will build a museum for the archaeological site of the Gumie ancient state, after recently deciding on the building plan.

13:27, 03-27, 2023
Xiamen City overflows with laid-back vibes and young prowess

With sprawling views of lush green gardens and the distant glistening of sunlight dancing on the harbor's deep waters, Xiamen University, located in the eponymous city in the southeastern province of Fujian, possesses what is arguably one of the most beautiful college campuses in all of China.

09:52, 03-17, 2023
A weekend in a postcard

Last fall, I spent a couple of days in Gubei Water Town, two hours away from downtown Beijing in the city's northeastern suburbs.

10:13, 03-10, 2023
Exploring Cultural Beauty of China's Ethnic Groups

The goal of German young man Robert Adolf is to shoot short videos showing the culture of all 56 ethnic groups in China.

12:36, 03-06, 2023
From bubble tea to handicrafts, China's trunk fairs hit the gas

From an amateur baker to a full-time vendor of homemade tiramisu, it took Yan Hui just a few months to make this transition. And it all started from her car trunk.

10:32, 03-03, 2023
A rural migrant worker and his poetic pursuits

Migrant worker Zhu Yanjun left audiences in awe as he won the silver medal on China Central Television's (CCTV) Chinese Poetry Conference, a show that tests its competitors' memorization and recitation of classical and modern Chinese poetry, on February 3.

10:29, 03-03, 2023
The Village Doctor Who Is Always Available

Doctor Huang Guotao, having provided medical services for his fellow villagers for three decades, has been guarding the Hubei village from COVID-19 over the past three years. Today, life there has returned to normal.

10:36, 02-28, 2023
"My China Story of Chinese Culture" International Short Video Competition award ceremony held in Jining, Shandong

On February 22nd, the award ceremony of "My China Story of Chinese Culture" International Short Video Competition and related activities were held in Jining, Shandong Province, the hometown of Confucius and Mencius.

10:37, 02-23, 2023
The Power of Poetry

Writing a poem might not be part of the development of young students, but if it makes them dream, learn more about literature, and get an understanding of the diversity of the world, then it has important meaning.

11:46, 02-13, 2023
Pursuing Happy Twilight Years

Governments at all levels have been exploring and providing a variety of elderly care services to ensure senior people's happy life.

11:41, 02-13, 2023
Childbirth: One, Two, Three, or None

Recognizing the multitude of factors affecting people's birth decisions, the government has rolled out a slew of supportive policies and measures over the past years.

11:34, 02-13, 2023
Fire in the Ceramic Belly

American artist Denis Naymark pursues his ceramic dream in China's porcelain capital, Jingdezhen.

14:06, 02-09, 2023
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