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Uninhibited by Silence

Jiang Mengnan has a Master’s in pharmacy and is now doing her Ph.D. in Tsinghua University, one of China’s most prestigious academic institutions. It’s not just a matter of personal achievement for a young woman from a small town and an ethnic minority – she comes from a Yao family in Chenzhou, a city in Hunan Province, central China, it is an inspiration for a community that faces great odds: people with a hearing loss.

14:56, 01-17, 2022
A Young Chinese Explorer's Ambition and Action

A young Chinese explorer is determined to raise public awareness about climate change and involve more young people in creating a sustainable future.

14:56, 01-17, 2022
Empowering Children with Vocational Education

A charitable vocational school hopes to help children from poor families build a better future through education.

14:50, 01-17, 2022
Beijing 2022 in My Drawings

With only 100 days left to the opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (Beijing 2022), an exhibition of hand-written posters selected from the “Draw Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics & Learn Chinese” activity kicked off online.

15:40, 01-04, 2022
Wang Shumao: Working to Improve Security and Life in South China Sea

Fishing has provided a livelihood for Wang Shumao and his ancestors for generations. But besides being a fisherman, he is also concerned about marine ecology and sees protection of the South China Sea as his lifelong mission.

10:58, 12-17, 2021
The Scot Who Defends China

On September 30, David W. Ferguson posted a message for his mother on his WeChat Moments, the most popular social networking platform in China, along with a photograph of himself wearing his kilt. The message said, “I’m on the telly, Mum!”

10:54, 12-17, 2021
Rejuvenating a Lifeless Plateau Land

At 4,500 meters above sea level, Gar County, located in the western tip of Ngari Prefecture in western Xizang (Tibet) Autonomous Region, is cold and arid. For centuries its soil was infertile and its eco-system fragile, making the county a “lifeless zone.” In the 1980s, an afforestation campaign was launched adding leafy patches to barren land. Today the streets in Gar are lined with various species of willow and poplar, and for the first time in history its residents have locally grown vegetables and fruits on their dinner tables.

10:51, 12-17, 2021
Li Ning: Life-Long Devotion to China's Hepatobiliary Surgery

In 2017 at the age of 60, Dr. Li Ning was awarded the “Golden Lancet Award” in honor of China’s most prestigious surgeons. As he stood on the podium, he recalled, many emotions and memories flashed through his mind. “I began pursuing my career at 20, was independent at 30, and became very qualified at 60. I’m expecting to be a master in this field when I turn 90, and also want to be a surgeon in my next life as well,” Li said. As an expert in liver transplant surgery and a pioneer in the field of liver implantology in China, Li Ning has been elected as the hospital president for 20 years. He always aims high and is always resilient in the face of clinical and management challenges.

10:36, 12-07, 2021
Eco-Preservation and Water Management in Yunnan

“The water of the Erhai Lake is clear, and the Ottelia acuminata which had disappeared for years has come back!” said Jia Feng, director of the Publicity and Education Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, while attending the 2021 Global Ecological Civilization Construction (Erhai) Forum on October 9. Ottelia acuminata, an aquatic plant species endemic to China, is known as a yardstick of water quality, because it needs high-quality water to thrive.

10:30, 12-07, 2021
Shi Guangyin, A Hero in the Fight Against Desertification

Shi Guangyin is an eco-warrior who has been battling desertification for close to 40 years. The farmer found his calling to green the barren landscape at a young age and in the process change the lives of people living there.

13:40, 11-19, 2021
Beijing 2022, a Green Winter Olympics

As the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games approaches, the low-carbon trend of the event becomes more evident. This can be observed, first of all, in the reuse of sports facilities. On more than one occasion in the history of Winter Olympic Games, sports fields and stadiums were left abandoned after the games came to an end.

13:37, 11-19, 2021
Dream Seekers in Power Design

Ren Shenggao is 92, but his memory is still sharp. While reminiscing, the veteran electricity grid designer recalled his early days in northeast China’s Changchun City, Jilin Province, almost seven decades ago.

10:26, 11-08, 2021
The Return of the Giant Panda

Earlier this year, while taking photographs in western Sichuan Province in southwestern China, Cui Jianguo, a photography enthusiast from the region, came across a wild giant panda playing on a tree. He shot a video, which went viral when he posted it online, triggering a great deal of interest in the animal as well as renewed interest in the city where it was taken.

10:21, 11-08, 2021
Putting Beijing on the Wildlife Conversation Map

Beijing is not a typical big city because the Chinese capital is rich in wildlife species. Among the capital cities of the G20, Beijing has the second largest number of bird varieties, second only to Brasilia, the Brazilian capital. That’s according to British biodiversity conservation expert Terry Townshend, who lives in Shunyi District in the suburbs of Beijing. Every weekend, he goes bird-watching in Beijing’s suburbs, such as Mentougou, Huairou, and Yanqing. “About 510 species of birds have been recorded in Beijing, I have been honored to see 430 species so far,” said Townshend.

14:59, 11-05, 2021
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