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Finnish Internet Influencer Builds Bridges Between China and Finland

The results of making a bet with her daughter on who would make the most popular online short videos opened up an online channel for a Finnish woman who speaks fluent Chinese to share her passion about China.

10:49, 03-04, 2024
Stitching Together New Lives with Ancient Yi Embroidery

1,000-year-old Yi embroidery is taking a new lease of life in the modern era.

10:41, 03-04, 2024
The Green Wall of Aksu

An afforestation project transforms a desert prefecture in Xinjiang into an oasis.

10:37, 03-04, 2024
Coal for the People

Jungar Banner in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region explores green development of coal resources.

11:06, 02-18, 2024
Profitable Transformation

Villagers enjoy the gains from rice fields transformed from saline-alkaline land.

11:02, 02-18, 2024
Protecting the Yellow River

North China county takes numerous measures to improve river ecology.

10:59, 02-18, 2024
Greening of Coal Mines

Inner Mongolian town takes giant steps in transitioning to clean energy production.

10:54, 02-18, 2024
"Green Bank" Atop Sandstones

As the Spring Festival draws near, Desheng Youliang Village in Nuanshui Township, Jungar Banner in Ordos City of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region enters a new round of apple sales. In the 2,000 cubic meters of cold storage facility, workers are busy picking, packing, and loading.

10:44, 02-18, 2024
Documenting My Real Life in Jungar

The year 2024 is my 12th year in Jungar Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

13:50, 02-07, 2024
Experiencing Spring Festival Traditions in Jungar Banner

This year my colleagues and I visited Jungar Banner in Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region by high-speed train and experienced how the local people there celebrate the Spring Festival.

13:08, 02-06, 2024
A Festive Fair Way to Welcome in the Spring Festival

As a Chinese saying goes, "After Laba (a festival that falls on the eighth day of the last lunar month) comes the Lunar New Year."

10:56, 02-02, 2024
Green (R)evolution

Erik Solheim, former UN Under Secretary General and President of the Green Belt and Road Institute, has noticed a significant power shift in global climate action over the past decade.

09:47, 02-02, 2024
Capturing the Pictorial Beauty of the Great Wall

In the quest to capture the most impressive moments of the majestic Great Wall, post-90s generation photographer Yang Dong found his lifelong pursuit.

14:37, 01-29, 2024
Weaving a Patchwork of Wildlife Protection

Live streaming of the Yuan family's interaction with a wild owl family has attracted great attention from netizens. It is a modern example of the harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

14:32, 01-29, 2024
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