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Championing Global Cooperation to Crack Global Challenges

Agronomist Thomas A. Lumpkin, one of the first American exchange students in the People's Republic of China since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 1979, and also a recipient of the Chinese Government's Friendship Award, calls for greater cooperation to cope with mounting global challenges.

11:21, 09-19, 2023
Bruce Lee of the Piano World

After winning the 18th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw in 2021 and establishing himself as a rising star, pianist extraordinaire Liu Xiaoyu plans to tour China in October 2023.

11:18, 09-04, 2023
Recording the Sounds of Beijing

Beijing-based British artist and curator Colin Chinnery has spent many years collecting and preserving sounds including pigeon whistles, jingling camel bells, and the cries of street vendors and peddlers in Beijing, among others.

11:10, 09-04, 2023
Small airports open up new worlds for travelers

When an airliner from Beijing rumbled down the tarmac at Xiangxi Biancheng Airport in Hunan Province in central China around 10 a.m. on August 18, it brought excitement to local residents, many of whom have never even been on a plane.

13:30, 09-22, 2023
Mental Health: Awareness Prompting Action

Mental well-being — the capacity to feel good about oneself and the word in general — is crucial to human physical health, quality of life, and hence to overall socio-economic development.

11:02, 09-04, 2023
Ecological Dividends for the People

The river chief system launched nationwide guarantees the effectiveness of water management in the long term, setting a direction for green development.

11:00, 08-29, 2023
Journey to the East

A young American woman shares her videos about rural China, warts and all, busting the myth that it is a repressive and dystopian nation.

14:55, 08-07, 2023
Small Insects Help Create Biodiversity

Creating biodiversity to open a material cycle and achieve balance in the ecosystem is an excellent solution to ecological crises such as the greenhouse effect and freshwater depletion.

14:49, 08-07, 2023
Going the Whole Hog

With animal breeding going hi-tech, pig farms are a viable option for young graduates, offering them job stability as well as higher pay.

14:39, 08-07, 2023
Broader Horizons for People with Disabilities

Providing better-quality, more comprehensive education, and employment opportunities for people with disabilities serves their interests and also those of communities, the nation, and humanity as a whole.

11:57, 08-07, 2023
A city walk is the cool young Chinese thing to do

Instead of aimlessly strolling around, a city walk follows carefully planned routes to explore urban history, culture and environment.

10:30, 08-04, 2023
Fu Qiaomei: Completing the Puzzle of Human Evolution

Figuring out where we come from is a historical subject that requires committed exploration and research by scientists. The young paleogenetic scientist, Fu Qiaomei, has recently made a breakthrough in ancient DNA research by searching through human remains dating back tens of thousands of years.

10:21, 08-03, 2023
"Finding Me and Healing You"

A graffiti artist is trying to bring the panda closer to people by painting its images in urban spaces.

10:40, 07-13, 2023
Cultural Envoy between China and Spain

For more than four decades, Inma has witnessed the significant development brought about by China's reform and opening-up. China's profound history and culture has captivated her, inspiring her to spare no effort to help build a platform for cultural exchanges between China and Spain.

10:30, 07-13, 2023
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