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What does socialized medicine look like?

We are beginning to hear a lot of talk about Medicare for All, and we may wonder what could it look like.

11:17, 03-07, 2019
Exquisite Suzhou Cuisines

PEOPLE in Suzhou of Jiangsu Province are quite enthusiastic when it comes to anecdotes of cuisine, from its origins to the style in which it is cooked

10:23, 03-04, 2019
Soaring Entrepreneurial Spirit of a Tibetan Girl

DEKYI, a Tibetan girl, had a decent, desirable job in a hospital in Chengdu of southwest China’s Sichuan Province following graduation from university, but her dreams lay elsewhere.

10:08, 03-04, 2019
Valuable Lessons Learned

LOCATED in the east of central China’s Henan Province, Lankao County has 13 towns, three residential communities, and 450 administrative villages

10:04, 03-04, 2019
Chinese Women More Empowered

THE patriarchal concept of “men are superior to women” was deeply rooted in China’s past. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China

10:00, 03-04, 2019

The essence of the people’s democracy is that the people get to discuss their own affairs. Consultative democracy is an important way of effecting Party leadership and a model and strength unique to China’s socialist democracy.

09:46, 03-04, 2019
CIIE: Automated Services and AI Create New Business Opportunities for Foreign Companies

Importing goods from abroad is one thing, bringing them successfully to the end consumer is another and not as easy as it might seem.

11:11, 11-06, 2018
Opinion: From Expo 2010 to CIIE: Shanghai’s confidence and China’s promise

Opinion: From Expo 2010 to CIIE: Shanghai’s confidence and China’s promise

17:42, 11-02, 2018
South Africa: Keen to Showcase Its Products in the First CIIE

South Africa is quite excited about and keenly anticipating the CIIE.

16:11, 11-02, 2018
China sets sights on IPR leadership

China's integration into the international market during the 40-year-long opening up era introduced ideas that were previously

11:18, 02-28, 2019
Strings of Success – Guitar Manufacturing Raises a County out of Poverty

IN the mountains of Guizhou Province in southwest China, skilled craftsmen are hard at work making exquisite guitars.

15:23, 01-10, 2019
Small Town with Great Significance – China’s Toilet Revolution Starts to Take Effect

WE visit this place several times a day and, according to statistics, even cumulatively spend up to three years of our lifetime there

15:12, 01-10, 2019
Presenting the Real China via Camera

“How can China have such a beautiful airport?” That’s the question blurted out from nine Boston University students when their plane landed

14:55, 01-10, 2019

Our column in this issue continues to focus on the chapter “Improving the System of Institutions through Which the People Run the Country

11:45, 01-09, 2019
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