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Good Season for Nourishment

THE Winter Solstice, one of 24 Solar Terms on the Chinese lunar calendar, usually falls on December 22, with the shortest day and longest night in the northern hemisphere.

10:42, 12-11, 2018
Technology Contributes to Poverty Alleviation in Hainan

IN south China’s Hainan Province, technologies are playing an important role in poverty alleviation.

10:38, 12-11, 2018
Improving Livelihoods

IMPLEMENTING targeted poverty alleviation campaigns and the rural vitalization strategy are endeavors

10:35, 12-11, 2018
Reachingthe Summit

WITH the arrival of Mount Qomolangma’s climbing season, climbers from all over the world begin to flood into Kathmandu or Lhasa to start their journey

10:25, 12-11, 2018
Small Town with Great Significance

President Xi Jinping publicly called for a "toilet revolution" in China in April 2015. Back then, he called to intensify efforts to improve sanitary facilities in order to effectively increase the quality of tourism.

13:13, 11-21, 2018
Key Chinese Concepts

The term represents a world outlook and a way of thinking which hold that heaven and earth and man are interconnected.

10:29, 11-02, 2018
Green Prosperity

THE landlocked mountainous Guizhou Province in southwest China is one of the poorest regions in the country.

09:57, 11-02, 2018
Going Green

GREEN poverty alleviation is an approach to achieving both economic prosperity and ecological conservation by carrying out

09:52, 11-02, 2018
Alibaba: Inspiring African Entrepreneurs

IN November 2017, I and a group of more than 20 other African entrepreneurs flew into Shanghai as guests of Alibaba

09:49, 11-02, 2018
Cuisines for Welcoming Winter

THE Beginning of Winter usually falls on November 7 or 8. In northern China

09:45, 11-02, 2018

In our economic reforms, we must concentrate on improving the property rights system and ensuring

09:23, 11-02, 2018
Is The China-US Relationship Entering A “New Cold War” Period?

The current China-US relations are facing a unprecedented crisis when we are, ironically, approaching the 40th anniversary

10:10, 10-23, 2018
The Road To RMB Internationalization Has Been Paved But Will The Journey Be A Smooth One?

For the last year, talk of the Chinese yuan becoming a major reserve currency has dominated headlines across the world

10:04, 10-23, 2018
Changes in Xiamen

Xiamen is a place to enjoy nature and serenity. It is an incubation base of entrepreneurship and one of the happiest

10:03, 10-23, 2018
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