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Manned Carrier Rockets Empower China's Space Dream

Rong Yi, chief designer of the Long March-2F rocket that has launched China’s all manned space flight missions, talks about China’s progress in manned carrier rocket development and launch vehicle technology.

15:36, 06-27, 2022
Enlightening the Left-Behind Children

Putting on a funny wig and giving the shy, curious boys and girls a lecture on pubertal development is what this volunteer teacher does in his class.

10:22, 06-07, 2022
Future of Virtual Metahuman

Intelligence, convenience, refinement, diversification, and civilianization are the future goals of VDH development.

10:17, 06-07, 2022
Understanding China Through the Lens of a British Historian

"Unless you understand China, you won't understand what are truly common values in human society on Earth, or what are just Western idiosyncrasies." – Michael Woods quoted Simon Leys in his interview with China today.

17:22, 06-01, 2022
A Chinese Discourse in the Making

An Interview with Zhang Weiwei, Director of the China Institute of Fudan University.

10:30, 05-30, 2022
Life, Desserts, and Dreams

A young woman jumps out of her comfort zone twice to pursue her dreams.

14:29, 05-10, 2022
Showing China's Soul

Collaborations between Chinese and Italian museums and archaeologists have expanded knowledge beyond borders.

14:22, 05-10, 2022
Zhangjiakou Makes History in Hydrogen Energy Exploration

Zhangjiakou has become a demonstration area for renewable energy through technological innovation and applications in the hydrogen energy industry.

14:18, 05-10, 2022
A Prosperous and Green Lifestyle, the Zhanqi Way

The small Zhanqi Village in Chengdu is home to an eclectic mix of past, present, and future.

14:15, 05-10, 2022
Guardians of the Earth

April 22, 2022 marks the 53rd Earth Day and also the first anniversary of President Xi Jinping's comprehensive and systematic interpretation of the concept of "a community of life for man and Nature."

14:20, 04-24, 2022
A Dream of Yueju Opera

She cut off her waist-length hair and keeps it short for convenience of playing the role of young males on stage.

14:37, 04-13, 2022
A Silent Bakery and Its German Owners

A German couple who have helped China’s hearing-impaired for 20 years.

14:33, 04-13, 2022
Credits for Conservation

Carbon-neutral liquefied natural gas has a great growth potential in China.

14:31, 04-13, 2022
China's Advancement in Green Development — An Interview with WildAid Chief Program Officer John Baker

In recent years, China has stepped up its efforts in environmental conservation, and a series of ambitious green programs are underway. In September 2020, China announced its pledge to have carbon dioxide emissions peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060. In January 2021, a complete 10-year fishing ban kicked off in the pivotal waters of the Yangtze River; and in October 2021, China officially designated the first group of national parks, a move that will further improve the national park system.

12:27, 03-14, 2022
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