Newly-elected President Xi Steers China Toward Prosperity
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China's National Legislature Holds Closing Meeting

The first session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) held its closing meeting Tuesday morning.

10:05, 03-20, 2018
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Striving for a Green Supply Chain

IN September 2017, the German auto-part manufacturer Schaeffler sent a letter to the environmental protection department of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, claiming that its exclusive roller pin supplier was ordered to suspend operation due to an environmental problem.

15:22, 03-07, 2018
Foreign Investment Grows as Chinese Market Matures

REFORM and innovation are two buzzwords defining contemporary China. Since China adopted the reform and opening-up policy 40 years ago, foreign companies have injected huge momentum to the Chinese economy, and benefited from the market’s fast growth.

15:16, 03-07, 2018
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Jinan – City of Springs

JINAN, capital city of Shandong Province, boasts a history of more than 2,600 years. The main site of Longshan Culture, one of the major cradles of Chinese civilization, was discovered to the east of Jinan.

14:29, 03-08, 2018
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The Season to Savor Flowers

IT has been a tradition for Beijingers to grow, appreciate, and even eat flowers since ancient times. Various flowers blossom throughout the entire year from early spring and late summer to fresh autumn and midwinter.

14:41, 03-08, 2018
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Innovation Changes Chinese Economy

Driven by the innovation-oriented overarching plan, Chinese society is vibrant and exhilarating – a profusion of start-ups emerged, fledging industries developed, and the industrial structure as well as quality and efficiency improved.

15:26, 03-03, 2018
Spring Festival Celebrated in China and Beyond

AGAINST the backdrop of sweeping economic globalization, interactions and exchanges among ethnic groups, races, and nationalities have become increasingly frequent, leading to the blending of cultures.

10:22, 02-24, 2018
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Tips in Jinan

Located in the northeast side of the Chengziya Ruins in Zhangqiu District, it is the first museum of a prehistoric site in Shandong Province.

14:36, 03-08, 2018

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