Xi's words shed light on future of humanity as COVID-19 rages
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Highlighting Human-Centered Design

In the Beijing Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village), the operation area has been renovated and converted from an old factory. The cozy yet elegant apartments for athletes reflect the design approach that puts users first. In addition, athletes can enjoy entertainment, leisure, and shopping at the square area. During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and Paralympics, athletes will live safely, comfortably, and healthily.

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The True Test of Democracy – The People's Well-Being

The proof of whether a particular system is good or bad can only be determined by the impact it has on the welfare of the population. China’s State Council Information Office on December 4 released its latest White Paper titled China: Democracy That Works, providing an in-depth picture of the workings of China’s unique consultative and governance system or what is now known as China’s “whole-process people’s democracy.”

The Poverty of Democracies

Poverty and democracy are both weasel words, obscure in their meaning but strong in their moral connotations. In a world forced into unneeded ideological competition, such words are used to kill debate and inquiry rather than to promote mutual understanding.

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Keeping Trade Shipshape

While every new year brings changes in its course, in 2022 there is certainly one change that we can already put a face to: Germany has a new chancellor after 16 years of Angela Merkel’s stewardship. Olaf Scholz assumed office on December 8 and while that has broad international bearings, for this article, it has a closer context as well.

China Baowu: Steely Resolve to Be a World Leader

It was the top ranked steel company in the world in 2020, producing an impressive 115 million tons of the metal. The China Baowu Steel Group Corporation Limited (China Baowu) has since been included in the list of demonstration enterprises for cultivating global competitiveness by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Ranked 72nd in Fortune Global 500 in 2021, China Baowu continued to rank first among global steel companies.

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Tianmu Mountain: A Treasure Chest of Flora and Fauna

Over the last 60 years, China’s efforts to protect the local ecological environment of the Tianmu Mountain National Nature Reserve has paid off in making it into a rare "gene bank of species" and "treasure house of cultural heritage."

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Uninhibited by Silence

Jiang Mengnan has a Master’s in pharmacy and is now doing her Ph.D. in Tsinghua University, one of China’s most prestigious academic institutions. It’s not just a matter of personal achievement for a young woman from a small town and an ethnic minority – she comes from a Yao family in Chenzhou, a city in Hunan Province, central China, it is an inspiration for a community that faces great odds: people with a hearing loss.

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Colors of Fall on the Ulan Buh Grassland

THE largest grassland nearest to China’s capital, Beijing, is located about 300 kilometers from Beijing in the southwest region of the Keshiketeng Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is called the Ulan Buh Grassland.


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