Xi's commitment to empowering Chinese children
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The Rise of a Fashion, the Rise of a Nation

Guochao (literally meaning national trend) or China chic, started from the spreading of popular foreign brands. Following the initial stages defined by upgraded domestic products and new consumer brands, it has now entered the phase of smart manufacturing powered by cultural inspiration and technological innovation.

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A Foretaste of What Chinese Modernization Promises

President Xi Jinping's inspection tour of Hebei to promote coordinated Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei development underlines the region's pursuit of Chinese modernization.

The Essentiality of China-EU Cultural and People-to-People Exchanges

Constant and personal contact between partners is essential, whether in politics, or in joint ventures established in the business world.

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High-Quality Cooperation Under the BRI

As an important part of the BRI, energy cooperation is key to realizing the Initiative’s goals.

High-Level Opening-Up Stimulates Global Economic Growth

The enormous potential combined with the stable and healthy development of China's economy will provide domestic and foreign investors with valuable development opportunities

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Elephant-Foot Drum Dance of the Dai People

The elephant-foot drum dance is one of the most popular and representative traditional dances of the Dai people, one of China’s 56 ethnic groups. Performing the dance requires a high level of skills and can involve one or two individuals, or a group of people.

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“My China Story of the Greater Bay Area” International New Media Products Competition Held in Zhongshan, Guangdong

On June 2, “My China Story of the Greater Bay Area” International New Media Products Competition Awards Ceremony was held in Zhongshan, Guangdong.

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