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Creation at Your FingertipsJan-9

WHEN we praise a work of art, we often say it is lifelike. However, the polymer clay succulents hand-made

Roy Watkins: Custodian of TCM and Its Tibetan B...Jan-9

ROY Watkins, a member of the British Acupuncture Council, has been a practitioner of Chinese acupuncture

Inspiring Women China Launches Online PlatformDec-6

Discover China through Its Rock Bands

I first met Eric de Fontenay one winter evening last year in a bar on Beijing’s NanluoguxiangJan-9

Beijing – Heart & Soul of Old and New China

WE were shocked five years ago when our eldest son, Shannon, who had lived in Xiamen most of his lifeNov-30

Fang Yuan: Quebecois Teacher of Chinese Waiting...

According to new rules governing the issue of foreigners’ work permits in China, Chinese language proficiencyNov-30

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Folk Songs of the Yugurs


Tips in Nanjing

Dr. Sun Yat-sen was the “forerunner of the democratic revolution” in China.Jan-9

Nanjing: City of Memories

NANJING, which used to be known as Jinling or Jian-kang, is the capital city of Jiangsu ProvinceJan-9

Tips of Guangzhou

This is a renowned school established by China’s modern bourgeois reformists. In 1891, Kang YouweiDec-1