Xi stresses cooperation, development on new journey toward another "golden decade" for BRI

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday hosted a banquet to welcome guests attending a high-profile forum celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), stressing cooperati...

08:10, 10-18, 2023
BRI Boosts Malta-China Ties

– An Exclusive Interview with Malta's Ambassador to China John Busuttil

11:23, 10-17, 2023
Cultural Backbone of the BRI

One of the initiative's prominent elemental achievements is the dynamic cultural interaction, evident in creativeness, vision, and exchanges that it has generated.

11:14, 10-16, 2023
Lights, Camera, Action: The Belt and Road Film Festival Alliance

Over the past five years, the Belt and Road Film Festival Alliance has grown exponentially in its quest to promote cultural exchange through international film festivals.

11:08, 10-16, 2023
China-Laos Green Zone Epitomizes BRI

The project is expected to create a low-carbon demonstration area which can become an eco-friendly model for Laos and other Southeast Asian countries.

10:31, 10-10, 2023
Belt and Road Brings Tangible Benefits

Many small but important projects are changing people's lives in BRI partner countries.

10:26, 10-10, 2023
The Road to Global Prosperity

Whereas the West largely ignores suffering caused by increased global economic inequality, China's Belt and Road Initiative provides a proactive solution.

11:16, 10-17, 2023
China-Europe Freight Trains Pave Way for Prosperity

The Yiwu-Madrid freight rail service, a key part of the Belt and Road Initiative, is an opportunity for European companies to enter the vast Chinese market.

10:56, 10-16, 2023
BRI: A Source of Growth Momentum

A decade on, the Belt and Road Initiative is as promising as ever.

10:56, 09-28, 2023
Ten Years of the Belt and Road – The Road to a Multipolar Peaceful World

The BRI not only demonstrates the way for mankind to overcome the challenges of the 21st century, but also points out the direction to move towards a peaceful future.

10:53, 09-28, 2023
2023 Belt and Road Journalists Forum in Beijing Draws People Together

Hosted by the All-China Journalists Association, the 2023 Belt and Road Journalists Forum was held in Beijing on October 12, 2023.

15:22, 10-13, 2023
The Belt and Road Initiative, 10 Years On

This special report aims to present our readers with an overview of how the initiative has benefited the participating countries and boosted common development by highlighting specific regions.

11:26, 09-28, 2023
What Has the Belt and Road Initiative Done Right?

This article reflects on the achievements of and some negative voices on BRI projects.

11:21, 09-28, 2023
New Challenges and Opportunities for China-Europe Belt and Road Cooperation

For China-Europe relations, which have developed for more than seven decades, the Belt and Road Initiative has become a new platform providing fresh impetus to their cooperation.

11:18, 09-28, 2023
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