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Special Report
Riding on Opening-Up

This issue's Special Report explores how opening-up has advanced China's modernization and also benefited the rest of the world.

16:55, 11-30, 2023
The Benefits of China's Path to Modernization

China's development experience provides a reference for developing countries to move towards modernization.

16:51, 11-30, 2023
Two-Way Teamwork

The CIIE boosts China's trade cooperation with EU and wins it a bigger "circle of friends."

16:45, 11-30, 2023
A Model of China's Opening-up and Development

Over the past decade, China’s free trade zones have progressively formed a high-level innovation pattern of reform and opening-up in areas that extend from coastal regions to border provinces. They have become a leading force of high-level opening-up, a pioneer of in-depth reform, and a major platform that serves the national strategy. As pilot platforms for comprehensive reform and opening-up, they are now taking on a more arduous mission.

16:41, 11-30, 2023
A Golden Relationship Gears Up for a New Takeoff

An Exclusive Interview with Greek Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Christos Staikouras.

16:35, 11-30, 2023
Full Confidence in China's Development

Roberta Lipson, a pioneering U.S. entrepreneur in China, speaks of the CIIE’s role in international cooperation, healthcare in China, and her own experience in this exclusive interview.

16:32, 11-30, 2023
Civilizations Flourish with Exchanges and Mutual Learning

The GCI advocates respect for the diversity of civilizations, the common values of humanity, which are peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom, and international people-to-people exchanges and cooperation.

13:24, 10-27, 2023
GCI Injects New Vitality into China-Europe Exchanges

The GCI stresses the importance of cultural exchanges, which has moved from the sideline to the center stage of international relations.

13:19, 10-27, 2023
Enlighten the Road of Connected Civilizations

Intercultural communication has always played an important role in the bilateral ties between China and Italy.

13:13, 10-27, 2023
A Trove of Masterpieces

The special exhibition “The Greats of Six Centuries: Masterpieces from the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza,” held in Shanghai provides profound insight into the evolution of Western culture, lifestyle, and social landscapes over the 600 years.

13:06, 10-27, 2023
Cultural Exchanges Deepen China-Malta Bond

An exclusive interview with Malta's Ambassador to China John Busuttil.

13:03, 10-27, 2023
Mirroring Two Ancient Civilizations

In the eyes of Croatian archaeologist Goran Durdevic, an ancient mirror can also reflect cultural exchanges along the ancient Silk Road.

12:58, 10-27, 2023
Deepening Exchanges and Mutual Learning Among Civilizations

Exchanges should be encouraged to help the garden of world civilization flourish, as the future of all countries is closely connected.

12:53, 10-27, 2023
The Belt and Road Initiative, 10 Years On

This special report aims to present our readers with an overview of how the initiative has benefited the participating countries and boosted common development by highlighting specific regions.

11:26, 09-28, 2023
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