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Embarking on a New Journey Toward Modernization

While mapping out a blueprint for China’s future development, the freshly-concluded 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) also sent uplifting signals to a world that is being beleaguered by multiple global challenges at the moment.

15:04, 11-09, 2022
Writing a Historic Chapter of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era

The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), held at a critical time when the whole Party and the Chinese people of all ethnic groups are embarking on a new journey to build a modern socialist country and march towards the Second Centenary Goal, is seen as a milestone in the history of the CPC and the country.

15:00, 11-09, 2022
Opening-Up and Win-Win Cooperation, the Consistent Way Forward

Unwaveringly implementing the innovation-driven development strategy can provide a strong momentum for China's sustained economic development.

14:54, 11-09, 2022
A Self-Confident Spirit Ahead

China has become a truly geo-economic meridian of the globe, reverberating in practically every field. And the 20th CPC National Congress showed an accordingly self-confident spirit ahead.

14:49, 11-09, 2022
Laying Out a Pathway for China and the World

Setting out the agenda to transform China into a modern socialist society, the 20th CPC National Congress sent a clear message to the world that China will deepen and expand global partnerships based on equality, openness and cooperation.

14:37, 11-09, 2022
Foreign Perspectives on the Chinese Path

China's path to modernization is of great significance to both China and the world at large.

14:28, 11-09, 2022
A Glorious Decade

Today, Chinese people have enough reasons to be more confident and determined in building the country into a modern socialist country in all respects and advancing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on all fronts.

13:20, 10-11, 2022
China's Unique Path to Modernization

The success of China's modernization drive proves that there is no universally applicable model of modernization, and every country should find the one most suitable to themselves.

13:16, 10-11, 2022
From Poverty to Prosperity

After achieving its historic target of eliminating absolute poverty, China has begun focusing on rural revitalization to enhance prosperity in the countryside.

13:12, 10-11, 2022
China Is Now a Global Innovation Powerhouse

China has achieved new heights in science and technology development.

13:05, 10-11, 2022
The Green Transition

China has made world-renowned achievements in ecological preservation and environmental protection over the past decade.

13:00, 10-11, 2022
Ten Years On: China's Development Seen Through Foreign Eyes

The following special reports aim to present the progress of China in various aspects over the past decade through the eyes of those foreigners.

14:55, 08-25, 2022
Protecting Our Past for Our Future

Culture and heritage are both ends and means to sustainable development. Over the past decade, while effectively protecting its own natural and cultural heritage, China has been a leading figure in facilitating international dialogue and collaborations on heritage conservation and sustainable development, and has made commendable efforts in supporting other developing countries to enhance the implementation of the World Heritage Convention.

14:51, 08-25, 2022
Reflections on China's Rise to Technology Leadership

From a follower to a world leader in technological innovation, China's great transformation has demonstrated to the world the great potential, vitality, and creativity of the Chinese nation.

14:46, 08-25, 2022
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