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Understand China, starting with "Today's China."

China Today Magazine

Madame Sun Yat-sen National Honor Chairman Soong Ching Ling founded

Multi-language comprehensive monthly coverage of the national press and publication go out to work advanced unit of the top 100 social science journals There are 10 printing plates (Chinese, English, English North American, Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese) and 6 networks Version (Chinese version, English version, Western version, French version, Arabic version, German version), of which, English North American version, Western Mexican version and Peruvian version, Arabic version, Turkish version, Portuguese version respectively Published in USA, Mexico, Peru, Egypt, Turkey and Brazil.

Take China's economic, political, cultural, social and ecological construction as its scope, take China's reform and development, people's lives and foreign relations as the main contents, introduce contemporary China in an all-round manner in time, interpret China's basic national conditions and major policies, and disseminate China's position and views and provide China's development and changes in major international affairs and in-depth coverage and analysis of comments.

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