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Understand China, starting with "Today's China."

China Today Magazine

Madame Sun Yat-sen National Honor Chairman Soong Ching Ling founded

The Center for Europe and Africa (China Today) under China International Communications Group is an international media organization offering a variety of products and services for audiences in West Europe, Africa, and West Asia.   

It publishes nine printed and 10 digital versions of the magazines China Today (in English, French, German, Arabic, Turkish, and Chinese), CHINAFRICA (English and French), Dialogue Chine-France (French), and Potala (Tibetan). It has also opened over a dozen accounts in multiple languages on overseas social media platforms. 

The Center sells more than two million copies of magazines to 160-plus countries and regions annually. Its offices in Egypt and South Africa oversee operations in the Middle East and Africa respectively. The Center also publishes periodicals with partners in France, Türkiye, and Senegal. 

In recent years, the Center has launched micro-video programs such as China Today, Experience China and Observing China from the Middle East, and organized a number of cultural exchange events, including China-Africa Video and Photo Competition, Eurasian Continent Focus: China-Türkiye Communications Forum, and Inspiration and Mutual Learning Between Chinese and French Civilizations. These activities contribute to presenting a China that is credible, appealing, and respectable. 

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