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VOLUME III of Xi Jinping: The Governance of China was published this year, with the release of new reports and speeches made by Chinese President Xi Jinping on numerous topics regarding China and the world from October 2017 to January 2020.

05:26, 09-30, 2020
China and the EU: Rivalry or Cooperation?

NOTWITHSTANDING Western admiration, suspicion, uneasiness or rejection, the undisputed growth of China brings into question a global status quo that is Western in nature.

19:24, 08-27, 2020
Living in China, Safe and Sound

Based on his observation, during the past few months, Chinese people have been gradually adapting to this new way of life while doing all they can to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus.

00:15, 07-25, 2020
Post-COVID-19 World:Statesmanship Required to Create a New Normal

SINCE the end of the Cold War, a global rivalry has ensued between the world’s unipolar camp represented by American primacy and a multipolar camp represented by the emerging economies, in particular member countries of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), with tacit backing from many countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

22:08, 07-02, 2020
The Potential Role of China in Advancing the COVID-19 Policy Framework

THE COVID-19 Policy Framework in response to the current pandemic was recently released by the InterAction Council.

20:04, 06-05, 2020
Partnership in the Face of Global Challenges

45 years of EU-China diplomatic relations have bonded the two sides into a comprehensive strategic partnership to jointly cope with global challenges and support each other.

16:19, 04-17, 2020
China’s Response to COVID-19: Turning Crisis into an Opportunity

Saving lives is a top priority for humanity, beyond all borders. It is time for Italy and other European countries to take lessons from the Chinese example and step up their efforts to protect their citizens.

12:49, 03-19, 2020
Unshaken Solidarity in Fighting the Virus Outbreak

CHINA is taking up the challenge to offset the severity of the novel coronavirus outbreak in one fell swoop mostly in China as well as around the globe.

17:48, 03-10, 2020
China, Ecuador Cementing Ties

ECUADOR’S national assembly president, César Litardo, paid his first official visit to China recently at the invitation of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), which is the most important advisory body in China.

14:20, 11-29, 2019
David Nabarro: China’s pledge to fight COVID-19 is a generous contribution

“The 73rd World Health Assembly is an unusual one because it is the first time for the meeting to hold virtually. It is also extremely important because it deals with a massive global health crisis.” Dr. David Nabarro, Special Envoy of WHO Director-General on COVID-19, told People’s Daily.

16:15, 05-22, 2020
“China has Done a Remarkable Job”

AMBASSADOR Luis Diego Monsalve Hoyos receives us in his office at a time when the battle against COVID-19 is foremost on everyone’s mind. He has contacted his fellow Colombians living in the locked-down city of Wuhan。

04:37, 04-02, 2020
A Look at China through the Eyes of Belarus’s Ambassador to China

RUDY Kiryl, Belarus’ ambassador to China, has been living in China for eight years. Born in the 1970s, he not only has his doctorate in economics and was a university professor, but also has abundant experience as a diplomat.

14:19, 09-29, 2019
Qatar Intends to Showcase Its Wonders at the CIIE

Qatar Intends to Showcase Its Wonders at the CIIE – An Interview with Qatar’s Ambassador to China, Sultan bin Salmeen AI Mansouri

17:41, 11-02, 2018
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