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Mark Levine: Let’s Sing Songs about China

A bushy grey beard, a Hawaiian shirt, and a cap embroidered with his name make up the trademark of Mark Levine who often sings country music melodies about China while playing the guitar. The American man wears many hats — a doctor of sociology, a country music guru, and a professor at Minzu University of China.

13:38, 12-29, 2020
Cradle of Targeted Poverty Alleviation

MANY people may remember 2020 for China’s effective containment of COVID-19, but an even greater achievement this year will be China’s eradication of absolute poverty.

05:05, 09-30, 2020
No Room for Stigmatization---Interview with Cuban Ambassador to China Carlos Miguel Pereira

CARLOS Miguel Pereira is no stranger to China. The “new” Cuban ambassador is in fact taking up the post for the second time, having first served as his country’s top envoy to China back in 2006.

19:34, 08-27, 2020
Introducing Chinese Language and Culture to the Global Community

At the University of Sheffield, we believe in the freedom of expression and debate. There is no doubt that the world will be changed by the pandemic; however, it has demonstrated the importance of global collaboration.

00:01, 07-25, 2020
China-Europe Rail Freight Transport Booms amid Pandemic

ON June 4, a freight train fully loaded with anti-epidemic supplies left Nanchang in southeast China’s Jiangxi Province for Paris, France.

23:02, 07-24, 2020
China-Mexico Air Corridor

SINCE April 8, 16 aircraft have arrived at Mexico City International Airport from Shanghai carrying personal protective equipment to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

22:49, 07-02, 2020
A Year for China, a Decade for Any Other Nation!

Such a diversity of goals and priorities could not be achieved by other nations even in a decade! The most obvious example is how China has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

23:01, 06-05, 2020
Interview: Former U.S. legislator calls for embracing China with respect, friendship

It's hoped that the international community would be wise enough to "embrace China with respect and an offered hand of friendship" rather than "a sense of rivalry, suspicion and fear," a former U.S. state legislator has said.

16:26, 05-22, 2020
Challenging Times, Warm Hearts

Italian sinologist Michele Ferrero finds ways to tide himself over the epidemic period in Beijing.

14:09, 03-16, 2020
Italy and China: A Mapped-out Route for Collaboration

ONE year ago, Italy became the first member in the G7 group to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to join the Belt and Road Initiative. President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Italy in March last year has reaped great results.

15:16, 04-23, 2020
Cultural Exchanges Promote Mutual Understanding -- An Interview with Former Prime Minister of Egypt Essam Sharaf

“Chinese culture is very forgiving. The fact that 56 ethnic groups are living together is by itself an example to the world of harmonious diversity,” former Prime Minister of Egypt Essam Sharaf told China Today on November 28 at the Palace Museum in Beijing, where he was attending the Dialogue on Exchanges and Mutual Learning among Civilizations organized by the Chinese Association for International Understanding (CAFIU).

16:31, 12-02, 2019
Régis Lansade: Falling in Love with China

The Chinese edition of Les Ignorants: Récit d’une Initiation Croisée [When a Comic Book Author Encounters a Wine Maker] by Étienne Davodeau, based on Lansade’s life-story, had recently been published by China’s Hinabook Company in late 2016.

12:46, 02-05, 2018
Looking into the Chinese “Mirror”

The Chinese “mirror” provides Europe with new insights into its inner-self and its perception of the world. And it is exactly these differences and points of friction which, for Labisch, offer the potential to provide a closer understanding of the “conditio humana” and a more sophisticated image of the general condition of humankind.

12:33, 02-05, 2018
International Students Flock to Chinese Universities

IN 1950, a year after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the country received its first group of 33 international students. As of 2017, China is the first choice for many international students in Asia, and ranks a world third overall.

12:18, 02-05, 2018
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