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Exploring Cultural Beauty of China's Ethnic Groups

The goal of German young man Robert Adolf is to shoot short videos showing the culture of all 56 ethnic groups in China.

12:36, 03-06, 2023
Fire in the Ceramic Belly

American artist Denis Naymark pursues his ceramic dream in China's porcelain capital, Jingdezhen.

14:06, 02-09, 2023
A Central Axis in the 21st Century

The Central Axis of Beijing should blaze a trail of urban renovation to reflect an avant-garde vision of fresh symbolic value to both China and the world as a whole.

11:10, 01-10, 2023
Bridging China and the Outside World with Cultural Tourism

One Ameican's devotion to Chinese culture trips to off-the-beaten-track destinations converges into the national endeavor to boost rural culture and economy as well as improve the outside world's knowledge of China.

13:05, 11-28, 2022
"One Way to Become European Is to Become Chinese"

More than half a century of studying China, its history and present, has given rise to a love in the German sinologist for humanity of China, which kindles his optimism to further cultivate the humanistic legacy of peoples towards the basis for a shared future.

15:59, 11-15, 2022
My China Story

After engaging in cultural exchanges with China for nearly two decades, Alfons Labisch, a professor wtih Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf in Germany, looks forward to continuing his China story far into the future.

10:49, 09-29, 2022
A Bridge Between Hearts

An Anglo-Chinese woman is doing her part to keep the bond between the two countries alive.

14:57, 09-05, 2022
Understanding China Through the Lens of a British Historian

"Unless you understand China, you won't understand what are truly common values in human society on Earth, or what are just Western idiosyncrasies." – Michael Woods quoted Simon Leys in his interview with China today.

17:22, 06-01, 2022
Showing China's Soul

Collaborations between Chinese and Italian museums and archaeologists have expanded knowledge beyond borders.

14:22, 05-10, 2022
A Silent Bakery and Its German Owners

A German couple who have helped China’s hearing-impaired for 20 years.

14:33, 04-13, 2022
Breaking the Ice

Learning how to winter swim in Beijing not only helped Fabian Beltran, a native Columbian, enjoy greater health, but also has given him another window to learn about Chinese people.

12:52, 01-27, 2022
The Scot Who Defends China

On September 30, David W. Ferguson posted a message for his mother on his WeChat Moments, the most popular social networking platform in China, along with a photograph of himself wearing his kilt. The message said, “I’m on the telly, Mum!”

10:54, 12-17, 2021
Putting Beijing on the Wildlife Conversation Map

Beijing is not a typical big city because the Chinese capital is rich in wildlife species. Among the capital cities of the G20, Beijing has the second largest number of bird varieties, second only to Brasilia, the Brazilian capital. That’s according to British biodiversity conservation expert Terry Townshend, who lives in Shunyi District in the suburbs of Beijing. Every weekend, he goes bird-watching in Beijing’s suburbs, such as Mentougou, Huairou, and Yanqing. “About 510 species of birds have been recorded in Beijing, I have been honored to see 430 species so far,” said Townshend.

14:59, 11-05, 2021
Bridges Between Art and Culture

ISABEL Cervera arrived in China’s capital city of Beijing in September 2020 to take the position of director of Instituto Cervantes de Pekin (Cervantes Institute of Beijing), the only official Spanish institution in Beijing offering Spanish lessons for learners at different levels. Amidst the challenging situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic that has ravaged the whole world, Cervera, along with her team, adapts to the new circumstances on the go.

10:34, 10-21, 2021
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