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Chinese People’s Dreams

AS humans hold cherished dreams, so do nations. In an era when everyone is discussing the Chinese dream,

11:04, 06-29, 2018
Emotional Bond among the Chinese

THE Spring Festival Travel Rush, known as Chunyun in Chinese, is the largest annual human migration on earth.

11:51, 06-04, 2018
The Most Beautiful Book about Beijing

VOTED one of the most beautiful books of China, A Little Bit of Beijing is an architectural graphic series focused on the most fashionable places of contemporary Beijing

11:08, 05-15, 2018
China’s Economic Reform and Development Road

IN December 2017, at the symposium of “China’s Reform and Opening up” China’s ambassador to the Republic of Albania Jiang Yu recommended Economic Reform and Development – The Chinese Way written by renowned Chinese economist and historian Li Yining, and announced that the book had been published in Arabic.

10:52, 04-10, 2018
Heritage and Innovation of Core Socialist Values

IN China, there are 12 core socialist values that Chinese cherish most; they are prosperity, democracy, civility, harmony, freedom, equality, justice, rule of law, patriotism, dedication, integrity, and friendship.

09:21, 03-08, 2018
The Power of Xi Jinping’s Language

LANGUAGE has a magical power that can defeat even millions of troops. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speeches express wisdom in simple language that packs a powerful, piercing punch.

15:17, 02-07, 2018
Chinese Wisdom of the Belt and Road Initiative

The book is the first to address the Belt and Road Initiative from the perspective of international relations. Its four chapters all link to its central theme: “What Is the Belt and Road Initiative?” The Opportunities for the World Offered by the Belt and Road Initiative; the Given Risks of the Belt and Road Initiative and Ways to Advance the Belt and Road Construction are also fully addressed in great depth as separate chapters.

15:15, 02-07, 2018
2016 G20 Summit – The China Moment

The Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies, a think tank named one of the top 150 Global Superb Think Tanks in the 2014 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report released by the University of Pennsylvania, invited 84 former politicians, bankers and scholars from over 10 countries as its senior researchers. It also conducted substantial cooperation with 30-plus think tanks worldwide. This book is the result of the collaborations.

15:13, 02-07, 2018
A Historical Review

The book consists of four chapters which cover 35 years of history, starting from Mao Zedong’s declaration on October 1, 1949 of the founding of the PRC through to the Third Plenary Session of the 12th CPC Central Committee of October 20, 1984, when the decision to speed up reforms to the country’s entire economic structure was adopted.

15:10, 02-07, 2018
China Speed

China’s high-speed railways now act as a “golden business card,” introducing China’s manufacturing capabilities to the world, and the idea of “China Speed” represents Chinese people’s aspirations and their determination to create a prosperous society.

15:07, 02-07, 2018
Small Fry in the Melting Pot of History

By entitling this story The Search for Modern China, Jonathan Spence, a prestigious sinologist at Yale University, wishes to discover the reason why China lagged behind modern nations for such a long period of time, while the Western world evolved into more modern societies.

15:05, 02-07, 2018
China’s Approach to Development Finance

Aligning State and Market: China’s Approach to Development Finance is authored by economist Chen Yuan – former president of the China Development Bank. The book records how Chen Yuan and China Development Bank (CDB) gave full play to the theory of development finance to solve problems regarding people’s livelihoods and national development.

15:03, 02-07, 2018
Spotlight on Southwest China’s Small Towns

THIS is not a book about China. It is only about one particular tiny part of China at a certain brief period in time. Fuling was situated in the middle reaches of a river, both geographically and historically, and sometimes it was hard to see where things came from and where they were going.

15:01, 02-07, 2018
President’s Book of Choice Is a Novel about China

THE U.S. President Donald Trump has always allowed special media access to his private office at the White House. Recently, one of the items noted on his desk was an English-language edition of Beautiful Country. The novel, published in 2013, is set in China and tells the story of a 14-year-old American boy who comes to China as part of a tennis training exchange program. There he meets a group of Chinese boys and develops wonderful friendships.

14:59, 02-07, 2018
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