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The Song of New China

As of the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, the animated short film "The Song of New China" created by an international student from Turkmenistan, Kristina Grigoryan, was launched.

15:38, 10-08, 2021
Yangqin: A King of Strings and Tunes

“It is widely recognized that the piano is a variant instrument of China’s yangqin, one major difference being that the hammers and strings of the piano are placed inside the instrument body instead of outside like the yangqin,” said the Minzu University professor Xu Xuedong, a yangqin virtuoso and composer. “Consequently, the yangqin is also known as the ‘Chinese piano.’”

12:39, 09-13, 2021
SCO: Our Stories - Atul Dalakoti

Atul has been committed to enhancing the friendship between the two countries by deepening the cooperation in the field of trade and investment between China and India for decades.

09:44, 07-25, 2021
SCO: Our Story - Artykbaev Beketai

Beketai, a Millennial young man from Kyrgyzstan, is now working for a game company in China and is studying at the same time.

09:29, 07-25, 2021
Doctor for the People

13:04, 07-06, 2021
Experience China: William Brown's Views on the CPC

William Brown became famous in China after he received a letter from Chinese President Xi Jinping in reply to a letter he sent him. Called genially as “Lao Pan” by his Chinese colleagues and friends in Xiamen University, he has been teaching there as an MBA professor for nearly 40 years.

11:03, 06-22, 2021
Dizi: Jovial Melodies Played on an Ancient Instrument

Emperor Xuanzong (685-762) of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) has been renowned for his versatility in history, in particularly in music.

11:10, 03-25, 2021
Think Tank & Media Forum on Global Economic Development

Think Tank & Media Forum on Global Economic Development

09:19, 03-09, 2021
'Patriots governing Hong Kong': What and why

Can someone who won't support their own country win public office? It's not likely, based on practices around the world.

09:14, 03-05, 2021
Pipa: Ancient Tunes on Emotionally Charged Strings

The above is an extract taken from the Song of the Pipa, a classic poem written in the year 816 by the well-known Chinese poet Bai Juyi.

10:48, 02-19, 2021
Guqin: A Tranquil Sound for A Modern Era

Two thousand years ago, there lived a Chinese musician named Yu Boya. He loved making music but sadly no one could truly appreciate his music. One day, a woodcutter named Zhong Ziqi listened to Boya’s music and told Boya how he saw high mountains and flowing water expressed in his music.

16:37, 01-21, 2021
Weaving a brighter future

A typical high plateau area, the district of Puge is essentially agricultural, and hosts a concentrated population of minority ethnic groups. According to the national classification the area is categorized as “severely impoverished”. But armed with their needles and threads, the women of the village of Deyu have decided to take their destiny in their own hands and have managed to bid farewell to poverty.

16:48, 11-17, 2020
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