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Xi's words shed light on future of humanity as COVID-19 rages

As people across the world ushered in 2022 with hopes that the COVID-19 pandemic would ultimately be over and that life would return to normal, the raging Omicron variant cast an even darker shadow over global economic recovery.

08:55, 01-14, 2022
Xi stresses better understanding, use of CPC's centenary historical experience

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, on Tuesday called for efforts to deepen the review, study, education and promotion of the CPC's history so as to better understand and make good use of the historical experience of the Party over the past century.

07:45, 01-12, 2022
Xi calls for sustained development of China-Belarus ties

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Monday that China is ready to work with Belarus to take the 30th anniversary of their diplomatic ties as a new starting point to further promote bilateral relations.

09:07, 01-11, 2022
Xi sends verbal message to Kazakh president

Xi sends verbal message to Kazakh president

08:26, 01-08, 2022
Xi encourages Chinese athletes to strive for excellence at Beijing 2022

Chinese President Xi Jinping has encouraged the country's athletes to work hard for excellence at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

14:39, 01-05, 2022
Xi signs mobilization order for military training

Chinese President Xi Jinping Tuesday signed a mobilization order for the training of the armed forces, the first order of the Central Military Commission (CMC) in 2022.

07:59, 01-05, 2022
Xi and the power of Chinese culture

The Chinese nation will not be able to rejuvenate itself without a rich and prosperous culture, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, told the Party at its 19th National Congress in 2017.

13:45, 01-04, 2022
President Xi delivers 2022 New Year address

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a New Year address Friday evening in Beijing to ring in 2022.

22:48, 12-31, 2021
Xiplomacy in 2021: Lighting way forward in a world darkened by pandemic

With the world still overshadowed by the protracted pandemic and scrambling for economic recovery, Chinese President Xi Jinping has offered his vision on and China's approach to overcoming global challenges.

08:32, 12-30, 2021
CPC leadership stresses enhancing historical confidence, unity, fighting spirit

A meeting of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has stressed strengthening the Party members' historical confidence, unity and their fighting spirit.

11:00, 12-29, 2021
Looking to the stars

Eight years ago, during a live-stream, Wang Yaping was playing with her food. Millions of viewers tuned in to watch the Chinese taikonaut as she reached out to spin a floating "zongzi," a leaf-wrapped rice dumpling, in zero gravity whilst on board the Shenzhou-10 spacecraft. The idea to include this snack on the space mission's menu came directly from President Xi Jinping.

08:42, 12-28, 2021
Chinese lawmakers meet to review multiple reports

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC), China's top legislature, held a plenary meeting on Tuesday to hear and deliberate multiple reports from the legislative body and various government departments.

14:04, 12-22, 2021
Attempt to undermine HK prosperity, stability will fail: FM spokesperson

China is firmly opposed to and condemns colluding Western countries who make irresponsible remarks on the election of the seventh-term Legislative Council (LegCo) of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), a foreign ministry spokesperson said here Tuesday, adding that any attempt to undermine HKSAR's prosperity and stability is doomed to fail.

14:04, 12-22, 2021
U.S. urged to stop using Tibet-related issues to meddle in China's domestic affairs

A Foreign Ministry spokesperson on Tuesday urged the United States to stop using Tibet-related issues to interfere in China's internal affairs, after the U.S. Department of State designated a so-called "Special Coordinator for Tibetan Issues."

14:03, 12-22, 2021
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