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WHILE the Trump administration, holding high the banner of “America First,” stubbornly stuck to its trade protectionism policy

10:10, 10-30, 2018
Bright Prospects for China-Japan Cooperation in Exploring Third-Party Markets

Bright Prospects for China-Japan Cooperation in Exploring Third-Party Markets

14:00, 10-26, 2018
China, Adamant Supporter of the Multilateral Trading System-- An Interview with Kabine Komara, Former Prime Minister of Guinea

The Trump administration escalated its trade friction with China on September 17 by slapping 10 percent tariffs on about US $200 billion worth of Chinese imports.

10:26, 09-30, 2018
For the Openness of the World-- An Interview with Former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern

The 35th annual conference of the InterAction Council opened in Beijing on September 28. Taking questions from the media, Bertie Ahern, former Irish Prime Minister and co-chair of the InterAction Council answered China Today’s question on the upcoming 1st China International Import Expo and its significance to global trade in particular against the backdrop of the rising trade protectionism in the world.

10:23, 09-30, 2018
Global Governance: A Necessity for Our Times

Global governance is a commitment to political cooperation among states, non-governmental organisations (NGOS), businesses, and other transnational actors.

09:51, 09-28, 2018
Performance of Listed Firms Shows Positive Changes In China's Economy

The strong performance of Chinese listed companies in the first half of the year offered a glimpse into the positive changes and strength of the country's economy.

12:38, 09-17, 2018
Green Belt

President Xi Jinping elaborated on the national strategy of developing the Yangtze River Economic Bel

12:34, 09-17, 2018
Deeper into Financial Reform

China’s economy is transforming from high-speed growth to high-quality development.

12:28, 09-17, 2018
Ecological Tightrope in the Qilian Mountains

The Qilian Mountains serve as an important ecological shelter for northwestern China as well as the main water conservation area for Gansu

11:42, 09-17, 2018
China's engagement in Africa and the EU

The 2018 Beijing FOCAC Summit has crystallized the consensus on creating an "even stronger China-Africa community with a shared future

11:37, 09-17, 2018
China and the 2018 Eastern Economic Forum

The East Asia region is of utmost importance for China. Beyond the influence of Chinese culture,

11:31, 09-17, 2018
Sky is the limit for China-Africa cooperation

A solid foundation has been laid for future cooperation between China and Africa, made possible by the develop of several structures, agreements and institutions that can go a long way to stimulate and sustain cooperative ties.

15:30, 09-04, 2018
China Commits to African Development

President Xi Jinping committed a further $60 billion in financial support for African development and reiterated China's approach to its relations with the continent in a speech at the opening ceremony of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing on September 3.

15:24, 09-04, 2018
Continental Unity

The African Union (AU), established in 2001 to replace the defunct Organization of African Unity founded in 1963

15:17, 09-04, 2018
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