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The future of US-EU relations

Transatlantic relations, or U.S.-European Union (EU) ties, are the most important bilateral relationship in the wor

10:44, 07-19, 2018
China and Germany Vow Further Innovative Cooperation

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang paid an official visit to Germany recently, where he co-chaired the fifth round of China-Germany intergovernmental consultations

10:39, 07-19, 2018
Revisiting Trump's unusual diplomacy

U.S. President Donald Trump's imposition of trade tariffs on China has gone further than ever to establish his approach to diplomacy by means of shock effects

10:35, 07-19, 2018
Firm in Globalization

Under the banner of "America First," U.S. President Donald Trump has launched a trade war against his country's main trading partners

14:38, 07-18, 2018
What's Behind a Trade Deficit?

Although there are many causes triggering the trade disputes between China and the United States, the main reason is still the huge and chronic U.S. trade deficit with China, which has long vexed the U.S. government.

14:26, 07-18, 2018
China-CEEC “16+1 Cooperation” : an Inspiration for the Belt and Road Initiative

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang visited Europe on July 5-11, where he attended the 7thleaders’ meeting of China and the Central and Eastern European countries (CEEC), in Sofia.

14:22, 07-18, 2018
A Moment Seized

China has comprehensively fulfilled its commitments to the World Trade Organization (WTO)

07:27, 07-12, 2018
Time for a Rethink

The World Cup in Russia has been a reminder of the things that Europe does best.

07:23, 07-12, 2018
China-Africa Security Cooperation Promotes World Peace and Safety

Commencing 26th June,2018,Beijing hosted the newly established China-Africa Defense and Security Forum.

11:36, 07-10, 2018
Punitive Tariffs Cannot Make America Great Again

Punitive Tariffs Cannot Make America Great Again

10:58, 07-09, 2018
China's development path is a precious gift to the world

Forty years ago, on December 18, 1978, a brand-new China was born with late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping's winning vision

11:17, 07-06, 2018
Data shows China's strong support for the WTO

Maintaining the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO) is a key issue for the prosperity of every country – including China.

11:09, 07-06, 2018
U.S. Containment Policy Against China Goes Nowhere

A China-U.S. trade war looks imminent after the U.S. administration announced on June 15 plans to impose additional tariffs of 25 percent on $50 billion of Chinese goods, with the Chinese Government responding with reciprocal tariffs.

10:02, 07-06, 2018
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