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China-U.S. economic, trade consensuses "meet interests of the people": vice premier

The consensuses reached during economic and trade consultations between China and the United States meet the interests of the people of the two countries and whole world, Chinese Vice Premier Liu He said on Monday.

10:25, 05-22, 2018
China's ecology and environment ministry opens branch in Xiongan

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment on Wednesday set up its first branch in Xiongan New Area, north China's Hebei Province, since the establishment of the ministry in March.

09:50, 05-17, 2018
Xi calls for integration of development strategies between China, Trinidad and Tobago

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday called on China, and Trinidad and Tobago to enhance the synergy of their development strategies and plans.

12:28, 05-16, 2018
Marx's theory still shines with truth: Xi

Two centuries on, despite huge and profound changes in human society, the name of Karl Marx is still respected all over the world and his theory still shines with the brilliant light of truth, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Friday.

13:38, 05-04, 2018
China publishes selected works on Marxism from 1920s

A selection of works on Marxism published in China in the 1920s were reintroduced to Chinese readers on Wednesday by a Chinese publishing house to mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx.

13:40, 05-03, 2018
China, Micronesia agree to expand cooperation

China's top political advisor Wang Yang met with Wesley Simina, speaker of Congress of the Federated States of Micronesia in Beijing on Tuesday.

10:15, 04-25, 2018
China, Netherlands agree to exploit advantages of complementarities

China and the Netherlands on Thursday agreed to make use of their advantages of complementarities to promote pragmatic cooperation.

12:26, 04-13, 2018
Xi says China will continue to support free trade

China will continue to support free trade, President Xi Jinping said Tuesday when meeting with International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde during the Boao Forum for Asia annual conference.

13:50, 04-11, 2018
Xi says cold-war, zero-sum mentality out of place

Chinese President Xi Jinping said Tuesday that in a world aspiring for peace and development, the cold-war and zero-sum mentality look even more out of place.

13:26, 04-10, 2018
World sets sight on Boao forum for fresh impetus of globalization

In a world troubled by grave uncertainties over growing protectionism, China is highly expected to inject new vitality into globalization and free trade.

09:17, 04-10, 2018
American Real Estate Developer: Eyes on the Boao Forum for Asia

It's Chris Marlin's third time attending the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA). Marlin is founder and president of Lennar International, a division of the Miami-based Lennar Corporation, the largest homebuilder in the United States in terms of total revenue.

13:14, 04-10, 2018
English, French editions of Xi's book on poverty relief go digital

E-books of the English and French editions of Chinese President Xi Jinping's book on poverty relief were released Monday.

09:12, 04-10, 2018
FICCI Secretary General: China's Economic Transition Injects Vitality to World Development

On the morning of April 9, discussion sessions of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2018 kicked off as scheduled.

15:56, 04-09, 2018
Belt and Road Initiative reshaping Asia's int'l relations

The Belt and Road Initiative has injected fresh vitality to Asia's economic cooperation and helped the continent to reshape its international relations, according to a report released Sunday at the Boao Forum for Asia 2018 annual conference.

07:54, 04-09, 2018
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