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China's carbon reduction drive creates more green jobs

Though the forest farm where Niu Yuzhu works in Zhuolu County, north China's Hebei Province, has been closed since winter, Niu has not stopped his daily patrols.

09:06, 11-25, 2022
China-South Asia expo helps advance Global Development Initiative

As the global economy continues to grapple with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and other uncertainties, China has honored its promise to steer global development toward a new stage of balanced, coordinated and inclusive growth.

09:05, 11-25, 2022
China's top legislator calls for enhanced parliamentary exchanges with ASEAN

Li Zhanshu, China's top legislator, said Thursday that China is willing to promote friendly parliamentary exchanges at various levels and through multiple channels with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

09:05, 11-25, 2022
Chinese political advisors meet to study Party congress guiding principles

Chinese national political advisors convened a meeting on Thursday to exchange views on studying, publicizing and implementing the guiding principles of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

09:04, 11-25, 2022
CPC continues self-reform while embarking on new journey

At its pivotal 20th national congress, the Communist Party of China (CPC), the world's largest Marxist governing party, highlighted self-reform as the key to consolidating its position as the long-term governing party.

09:05, 11-24, 2022
Quality of companies listed in China steadily improves

The quality of companies listed on the A-share market has been improving steadily, mirroring China's high-quality economic development, the country's top securities regulator and industry insiders have said.

09:03, 11-24, 2022
Chinese envoy to UN calls for restoration of truce in Yemen

A Chinese envoy on Tuesday called on relevant parties in Yemen to restore truce and ease tension on the ground as soon as possible.

09:02, 11-24, 2022
Xi sends condolences to Indonesian president over deadly earthquake

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday sent a message of condolence to Indonesian President Joko Widodo over a deadly earthquake jolting Indonesia.

19:19, 11-23, 2022
China's top political advisor calls for boosted efficiency in performance of duties

China's top political advisor Wang Yang on Tuesday called for efforts to improve the work evaluation system for political advisors so as to boost the efficiency of the performance of their duties.

19:18, 11-23, 2022
China, Russia hold meeting on humanities cooperation

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova attended the 23rd session of the China-Russia Committee on Humanities Cooperation via video link on Tuesday, calling on the two sides to strengthen people-to-people exchanges.

19:17, 11-23, 2022
Xiamen-Nice-Durban Dialogue Promotes Exchanges Among Maritime Civilisations

Officials and experts from international port cities of Xiamen in China, Nice in France and Durban in South African shared ideas for boosting cooperation on preservation of ocean resources and promoting sustainable development at a forum held online and offline in Beijing and Xiamen on 22 November.

18:27, 11-23, 2022
China prepares to launch Shenzhou-15 crewed spaceship

The combination of the Shenzhou-15 crewed spaceship and a Long March-2F carrier rocket was transferred to the launching area on Monday, the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) said.

09:36, 11-22, 2022
Building Asia-Pacific community with shared future key to tackling common challenges

Chinese President Xi Jinping's remarks at a just-concluded meeting of the leaders of 21 regional economies elaborated on the historical experience and global inspirations of the "Asia-Pacific Miracle," as well as the opportunities and contributions of Chinese modernization, observers say.

09:35, 11-22, 2022
Chinese vice premier stresses immediate measures to contain COVID-19 outbreak

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan has stressed the importance of taking immediate action to contain current COVID-19 epidemic without delay.

09:34, 11-22, 2022
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