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More Integrated Development between China and the World

For a long time, globalization has contributed to the prosperity of the world.

14:16, 08-13, 2019
China tells U.S. politicians to stop condoning violent crimes in Hong Kong

China on Tuesday again demanded relevant U.S. politicians immediately stop condoning violent crimes and interfering in Hong Kong affairs, saying any attempt to interfere in Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs won't succeed.

15:15, 08-07, 2019
Rules for “@China”Global Short Video Contest

Rules for “@China”Global Short Video Contest

07:32, 07-03, 2019
Experts discuss inclusive development in new era of globalization ahead of Summer Davos

Against the backdrop of significant changes of the global economy and geopolitical landscape, continuous new technological advances and multiple environmental challenges, the world has entered a new era of globalization.

08:59, 07-02, 2019
What Should Be Changed in the WTO Reform Under the Global Trade Friction?

As the world economy faces uncertainties and gloomy prospect, G20 leaders will discuss at the Osaka summit on how to send a message of opposing protectionism and tackle challenges to growth.

12:07, 06-29, 2019
Highly Anticipated WTO Reform to Be Discussed at the G20 Osaka Summit

As the WTO’s three functions of administering multilateral trade rules, organizing trade negotiations, and settling trade disputes come under pressure, WTO reform is becoming a hot topic at the ongoing G20 Osaka Summit.

12:17, 06-28, 2019
Xi pledges to deepen practical cooperation between China, South Africa

Chinese President Xi Jinping pledged here on Friday to keep deepening political mutual trust and practical cooperation between his country and South Africa.

16:39, 06-28, 2019
Xi pledges easier market access, more imports, better business environment at G20 summit

Chinese President Xi Jinping here on Friday pledged that China will further open up its market, proactively expand imports, continuously improve its business environment for foreign enterprises, and press ahead with various trade agreement negotiations.

16:36, 06-28, 2019
China, UK pledge more cooperation on BRI, support for multilateral trade system

China and the United Kingdom held a new round of economic and financial dialogue in London on Monday, pledging to strengthen cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and support the multilateral trade system.

10:54, 06-18, 2019
Top political advisor stresses cross-Strait economic exchanges, integration

Top political advisor Wang Yang Sunday called economic exchanges and integration across the Taiwan Strait a general trend that no force can hold back.

10:24, 06-17, 2019
Chinese, Kazakh presidents pledge to enhance cooperation

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with his Kazakh counterpart, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, Thursday here, pledging to promote cooperation to benefit the peoples of the two countries and the region.

10:24, 06-14, 2019
The U.S. Could Be Shooting Itself in the Foot with Huawei Sanctions

The near-hysteria in Washington over the expansion of Huawei worldwide and its development of 5G technology has provided some much sought ammunition for politicians here in Washington with a dearth of ideas for resolving America’s economic woes, and may have some short-sighted benefit for them among a populace fearful that the direction of American society is on a downward spiral.

15:41, 06-12, 2019
China-Russia Roundtable Forum on Global Governance 2019 held in Russia

The China-Russia Roundtable Forum on Global Governance 2019 was held in Moscow on June 5.

14:11, 06-10, 2019
Stronger China-Russia partnership key to global peace, stability: Xi

Chinese President Xi Jinping said here Thursday that a stronger China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination is of great importance to maintaining the interests of the two countries and their peoples, and to global peace, stability and prosperity.

08:33, 06-07, 2019
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