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Green Development
Ecological Dividends for the People

The river chief system launched nationwide guarantees the effectiveness of water management in the long term, setting a direction for green development.

11:00, 08-29, 2023
Small Insects Help Create Biodiversity

Creating biodiversity to open a material cycle and achieve balance in the ecosystem is an excellent solution to ecological crises such as the greenhouse effect and freshwater depletion.

14:49, 08-07, 2023
Embracing a Green Lifestyle

Environment communicator teaches by example how to lead an eco-friendly life.

16:10, 07-03, 2023
Guarding Our Blue Planet

Chinese young people are gearing up for preserving the ocean and marine wildlife.

15:17, 06-05, 2023
Turning Trash into Treasure

Against the backdrop of achieving carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, waste recycling and reusing has become an effective approach to green development of agriculture in China.

15:53, 04-10, 2023
Low-Carbon Consumption Gains Traction

Pursuing low-carbon consumption is critical for the success of environmental conservation.

12:25, 03-06, 2023
Carbon Sinks: Generating Revenue Through Eco-Preservation

The ecological value of carbon sinks has been continuously exploited in recent years. How to transform their economic value and help with high-level ecological protection and high-quality economic development has subsequently become a hot topic of conversation.

14:02, 02-09, 2023
The Hydrogen Energy Era

A high-end hydrogen equipment manufacturing and application demonstration zone is gearing up to meet the hydrogen market demands of Beijing.

11:15, 12-29, 2022
People for Environment

An NGO spreads a community-based approach to engaging locals for successful biodiversity protection.

09:38, 12-12, 2022
Guido Giacconi: European companies want to work with China in decarbonisation

European companies have deployed effective decarbonisation technologies in their home markets and want to work with China to help it quickly frontload, presenting a strong argument for deepening European Union-China industrial cooperation.

13:48, 10-14, 2022
China will lead the way towards a sustainable future - Bernhard Weber

Bernhard Weber, Chief Representative of Baden-Württemberg in China, discussed the progress and potential of Sino-European cooperation in ecology and environmental protection with Nouvelles d'Europe.

13:44, 10-14, 2022
Tangible Results in China's Eco-Environmental Protection

Over the past decade, China has seen marked progress in environmental protection.

13:23, 10-11, 2022
A Chinese Photographer's Way of Protecting Nature

A story of how one man uses his camera to display China's endemic animals and incomparably rich biodiversity to the world.

15:07, 09-05, 2022
A Pathway to a Climate-Resilient Future

Enhancing the terrestrial ecosystem carbon sink is an important way to slow down the continuous increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and achieve the carbon neutrality target.

14:25, 07-25, 2022
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