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Green Development
Renewable Energy Vital for China’s Green Development

Technology innovation not only leads the way of establishing a clean energy grid, but also in the field of circular economy.

12:41, 02-05, 2018
Building a Forest Park: Restoring the Ecological Environment

THE 18th CPC National Congress advocated the creation of a “beautiful China,” making ecological progress a priority by incorporating it into China’s overall development plan, along with economic, political, cultural, and social progress.

12:24, 02-05, 2018
China’s First “Bicycle Skyway” Draws

It is the longest elevated cycleway in the world at 7.6 kilometers in length.

12:09, 02-05, 2018
Striving for Ecological Advancement

Striving to achieve green, low-carbon development and ecological progress has been set as an important goal for national growth in China, providing guiding philosophies to tackle environmental challenges.

11:23, 02-05, 2018
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