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China-US cooperation on climate change can break the ice

The year 2020 was a turning point in so many ways. A pandemic tested our capacity for international cooperation. Our impact on the changing environment became more urgent. That was demonstrated in alarming evidence of worsening global warming and, for the first time, human-made materials outweighed all life on earth. And the two major powers in the world, the United States and China, appeared to be locked in geopolitical confrontation, with commentators fearing they are destined for war, or at least a decoupling of their massive economies.

16:16, 01-18, 2021
China-Africa friendship stronger after COVID-19 test

From Jan. 4-8, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi paid official visits to five African countries – Nigeria, Congo, Botswana, Tanzania and Seychelles. The Chinese foreign minister's new year's trip to Africa has become an unwritten tradition that has taken place annually for the past 31 years.

15:07, 01-18, 2021
“Our Economy Has Grown Thanks to the Relationship with China”

The year 2020 marks a decade since the launch of the Free Trade Agreement between China and Peru, two countries with a longstanding friendly relationship, which is also reflected in their economic ties. China has been the prime commercial partner of the South American nation for six consecutive years. At the end of last October, Walter Martos Ruiz, who was then the Prime Minister of Peru, took time out to speak to China Today about his confidence that the increase in trade relations with China will favor the policy of economic reactivation promoted by the government of President Martín Vizcarra.

10:28, 12-30, 2020
The Transformational Moment: Towards an Ecological Civilization

COVID-19 has stopped much of the world in its tracks. The pandemic has created what many hope history will remember as the Great Pause. We have before us, however, a moment during which we can turn this great pause, and the catastrophe that caused it, into an opportunity for a global re-set and the emergence of new hope for the future.

15:38, 12-28, 2020
Working Together Towards a Sustainable Future

The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged every continent and put unprecedented strain on our economies. Yet, while we continue to focus on fighting COVID-19 and its consequences for the global economy, the clock has not stopped ticking on the other global crises: the climate crisis, the biodiversity crisis, pollution, and the over-exploitation of resources.

13:35, 12-16, 2020
Capitalizing on China’s Poverty Alleviation Model

A poverty-free world has long been a dream of the world, but in one country that dream has become a reality. At a time when the world continues to grapple with eradicating poverty, China has managed the feat at the end of 2020.

14:21, 12-11, 2020
Let the Voices of the Young be Heard

THE power of young leaders to shape the world was dramatized in September 2020 when four youth representatives from Ghana, Malaysia,the Bahamas, and France were invited to speak at the high-level meeting marking the 75th anniversary of the United Nations. Sharing the rostrum with the Secretary-General of the UN, the young leaders implored world leaders to build a more just, sustainable, and less dangerous world. Championing youth leadership of such kind is the core mission of One Young World (a U.K.-based global forum for young leaders), and to that end we value our partnership with the InterAction Council and other bodies that ensure that the women and men who hold power also listen to young leaders. The COVID-19 crisis is a case in point.

09:56, 11-19, 2020
Metro Train Lahore, a Gift from China

South Asia's first electric train is up and running in Lahore, Pakistan, bringing hi-tech rail travel to the city of more than 12 million people.

15:01, 11-05, 2020
"Argentina Will Join the Belt and Road Initiative" —Interview with the Argentine Ambassador to China Luis María Kreckler

Although the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the world, the past few months have been so auspicious for Sino-Argentine relations that in this South American country, there has been discussion of the birth of the “ArgenChina.” In fact, China has overtaken Brazil to become Argentina’s main trading partner, a country that will also be the guest of honor at the third China International Import Expo (CIIE), to be held this month in Shanghai.

14:50, 11-03, 2020
China Leading Global Economic Recovery during the Epidemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has added more downward pressure to an already gloomy global economy. During the first quarter of this year, China’s GDP fell by 6.8 percent. Consumption demand, investment demand and export demand, which drive macroeconomic growth, all declined to varying degrees. Sectors specifically affected have been tourism, catering, and labor-intensive industries, while China’s economic development fluctuated in the short term.

13:27, 11-03, 2020
The United Nations at 75

Last September, virtually, due to COVID-19, leaders from around the world made speeches lauding, decrying, or reflecting on the history of the United Nations.

13:12, 11-03, 2020
Will Australian Millennials’ Asian Dream Come True?

The newly released Lowy Poll showed that a mere 25 percent of young Australians aged 18-29 see the U.S.-Australia alliance as “very important,” and the rest show a tilt towards Asia. This is a stark contrast to the 43 percent across all age brackets with such high regard for the alliance.

15:01, 10-09, 2020
China and Europe: Indispensable Partners

THE ramifications of COVID-19 are wide-ranging. One is the change of how people connect to and communicate with each other, together with the increasing popularity of real-time video. Among the ranks are leaders from the international community who have conducted their exchanges in what is known as “cloud diplomacy.”

05:30, 09-30, 2020
BRI’s Signature Project CPEC in High Gear

The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is now an important engine powering the countries involved, and one of the BRI's signature projects is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Over the last two years, CPEC has successfully kicked into high gear. Surmounting countless challenges, CPEC has shown its mettle to survive against all odds ranging from bureaucratic glitches, economic and financial obstacles, foreign pressure, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

15:12, 08-31, 2020
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