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What’s Right is that which Best Suits

China’s political system has bolstered the country’s decades-long development miracle; it will moreover propel its progress on a new trajectory.

02:44, 04-02, 2020
Brexit, an End and a Start

AFTER one referendum, two general elections, changes of prime ministers, and several rounds of negotiations, the United Kingdom (U.K.) finally bade farewell to its 47-year-old EU membership on January 31, 2019. It also made history as the first country to withdraw from the EU.

18:07, 03-10, 2020
Forbidden City Cultural Dialogue Highlights Harmony, Peace, and Diversity

THE Palace Museum, also known as the Forbidden City, was the setting last November 28 of the inaugural Dialogue on Exchanges and Mutual Learning among Civilizations: 2019 Talks in the Forbidden City. Organized by the Chinese Association for International Understanding (CAFIU), the event was attended by political heavyweights, scholars, artists, and cultural celebrities from across the globe.

16:08, 02-20, 2020
The Prospects of China-U.S. Relations

The 40th anniversary of the establishment of China-U.S. diplomatic relations should have made 2019 an important year for joint commemoration and renewed cooperation. Regrettably however, the U.S. has taken a series of actions to obstruct and suppress China in trade, science, and technology, and has been meddling in a series of issues concerning China’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. The U.S. actions not only undermined the mutual trust that the two sides built over four decades, but also swayed global stability and development.

15:41, 01-16, 2020
Securing the Well-Being of Future Generations

Presently, the human race is standing at a critical juncture in history, as we risk creating a world that is no longer compatible with human civilization. Evidence is mounting that we need to significantly scale down carbon emissions before climate change reaches the point of no return. If we carry on with our current trajectory, we are projected to reach a three- to four-degree Celsius rise by 2100, and a three- to 10-degree Celsius rise by 2200. To put it plainly, our planet is sick, and we all need to work together to ensure the well-being of future generations.

16:05, 01-13, 2020
Science, Technology, and Diplomacy: China in 2019

THE year has come to a close with China’s robotic lunar rover Yutu-2 contributing to the scientific advancement on the dark side of the Moon after the successful lunar landing of the Chang’e spacecraft. Meanwhile on Earth, the government’s goal of fully eradicating poverty by 2020 has signaled that these gargantuan achievements of importance to all of humanity can only be successful in a peaceful and predictable global environment.

15:18, 12-26, 2019
Cultural Exchanges Promote Mutual Understanding -- An Interview with Former Prime Minister of Egypt Essam Sharaf

“Chinese culture is very forgiving. The fact that 56 ethnic groups are living together is by itself an example to the world of harmonious diversity,” former Prime Minister of Egypt Essam Sharaf told China Today on November 28 at the Palace Museum in Beijing, where he was attending the Dialogue on Exchanges and Mutual Learning among Civilizations organized by the Chinese Association for International Understanding (CAFIU).

16:31, 12-02, 2019
China and the World: Progressing Together over 70 Years

THIS year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Over this period of time, dramatic historic changes have taken place throughout the country. The past seven decades have witnessed consistent growth in China’s economy and overall national strength. Meanwhile, the living standards of the Chinese people have improved consistently, leading to a remarkable improvement in people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security. To account for all this, one fact that must be highlighted is that China has taken a path to modernization with Chinese characteristics that also reflects the changing features of the times.

14:12, 11-29, 2019
Managing the Global Water Crisis: As China Goes, So Goes the World

WHENEVER high-level conversations turn to national or regional strategies for managing water-related climate impacts, many are compelled to look again and again to China as a model for imagining and then creating a sustainable future for all of humanity. Why? Because as China goes, so goes the world.

13:05, 11-29, 2019
Foreign Investors Undeterred by Trade Frictions

THE ongoing China-U.S. trade frictions have raised foreign investors’ concerns over China’s macroeconomic prospects

10:05, 11-14, 2019
Global Significance of China’s Economic Development

OVER the past seven decades since the People’s Republic of China (PRC) was founded in 1949

12:54, 09-29, 2019
China’s New Moves on Reform and Opening-up Promise the World New Opportunities

LAST year, China celebrated the 40th anniversary of its reform and opening-up, which led the country on an unprecedented road to success.

12:45, 09-29, 2019
Why China-U.S. Cooperation Is So Important

IN the 21st century, the interaction of global economic entities has significantly strengthened.

15:08, 09-10, 2019
The Central Pillars of China’s Diplomacy

THIS year, China’s diplomacy was highlighted at three major diplomatic events in April and May

10:26, 09-10, 2019
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