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Pak-China Relations: Good Friends, Good Partners and Good Neighbors

In a landmark development, Pakistan’s civilian government, military leadership and Chinese administration are working hard to make the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is also a pilot project of BRI, a success story.

11:14, 12-25, 2018
Getting the Key to Understanding China

Getting the Key to Understanding China – An Interview with Former WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy

15:17, 12-17, 2018
CIIE: History in the Making – An Interview with Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat

THE first China International Import Expo (CIIE) has attracted the participation of more than 3,600 companies worldwide and attendees from 172

15:49, 12-07, 2018
Global Governance: A Necessity for Our Times

GLOBAL governance is a commitment to political cooperation among states, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), businesses

15:45, 12-07, 2018
China and Portugal: A Historical & Historic Friendship

China and Portugal: A Historical & Historic Friendship

10:03, 12-05, 2018
Xi Jinping’s Historic Visit to Spain: A Trip 13 Years in the Making

The historic official visit of President Xi Jinping to Spain lasted 3 days, prior to his participation in the G20.

20:08, 11-29, 2018
National Pavilions Foster Intel Communication in Shanghai FTZ

There are currently many national pavilions in Shanghai FTZ, including an Australia National Pavilion, Chile National Pavilion, Europe National Pavilions, Hungary National Pavilion and Iran National Pavilion.

09:51, 11-20, 2018
CIIE Foreign Attendees’ Understanding of President Xi’s Speech

At the opening ceremony, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a keynote speech, which was met by warm applause not only from Chinese attendees but from foreign guests as well.

15:03, 11-06, 2018
South Africa: Keen to Showcase Its Products in the First CIIE

South Africa: Keen to Showcase Its Products in the First CIIE

16:27, 11-02, 2018
Heart of the Mediterranean, Lush Scenery and More

MALTA, a picturesque island nation in the south of Europe, is dubbed as the “heart of the Mediterranean.”

15:15, 11-01, 2018
“The Experience of Being in China Is an Honor”– An Interview with Spanish Ambassador to China Alberto Carnero Fernández

THIS year marks the 13th anniversary of the comprehensive strategic partnership between the two nations.

15:41, 10-10, 2018
"Heart of the Mediterranean," Lush Scenery and More

An Exclusive Interview with Malta's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Promotion Carmelo Abela

16:16, 09-25, 2018
China-Rwanda Relations Embrace New Opportunities in the New Era – An Exclusive Interview with Rwandan Ambassador to China Charles Kayonga

RWANDA, a landlocked country in Central and East Africa, is not well known by many ordinary Chinese.

09:35, 08-23, 2018
Working Together to Build a Bright Future

MARKING the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and South Africa, 2018 is a fruitful year for high-level bilateral exchanges

09:26, 08-23, 2018
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