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Intangible Cultural Heritages
Festival to Celebrate a Bumper Crop

It is a thanksgiving for the Tu people, which happens after the autumn harvest, and is full of entertainment and folk dancing.

15:39, 02-05, 2018
The 60th Birthday Celebration: Respect for Seniors

Since ancient times, the Korean ethnic minority has always had great respect for the elderly, both within their family and in their social circle. The 60th birthday is celebrated ceremoniously, and the banquet is a big event for the whole community.

15:35, 02-05, 2018
Pan Wang Festival of the Yao Ethnic Group

THE Yao people are one of China’s oldest ethnic groups. They live mainly in 130-plus counties across southern China, including Hunan, Guangdong, Yunnan, and Jiangxi provinces. The largest population is concentrated in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

15:30, 02-05, 2018
Longquan Swords

COMPARED to sabers, rapiers or cutlasses that are more commonly seen in the West, Chinese swords are distinct in their look, and more importantly, rich connotation of culture.

10:26, 02-05, 2018
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