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Wang Hao’s Good Furniture

After sweeping several roads and returning to her rented bungalow, Wang Hao was in need of some rest. She had been up since dawn. As she closed her eyes, the crying of the neighbor’s child pierced through the thin walls and shattered her moment of peace. Lying in bed, she thought about how it was time to visit her husband Li Bing again, and found it even more difficult to sleep. Li had been hospitalized for several months, without any sign of improvemnet. Wang was so worried that she sat up, staring at the gray window for a while. Then she remembered Li’s wish of having the furniture rearranged. She got up slowly, tears streaming down her face, and began to move the furniture about.

16:46, 02-20, 2020
A Tale of Sparrows in the Liu Family Yard

When did the sparrows settle in the Liu family yard? Nobody can tell for sure. Maybe the day the family moved in, when Mrs. Liu moved a nest from inside the house to a tree in the yard. Maybe it was the day when she spanked her son and denied him dinner for shooting the birds with a sling. Or maybe it was the day when the Liu family planted the first seedling – the family planted hundreds of them every year. As the trees grew into a forest, the number of sparrows in it also increased exponentially.

14:00, 01-17, 2020
Chicken Bought on Credit

After the Qingming Festival, Old Geng from Dongzhuang Village went from alley to alley with his bicycle. He was a chicken vendor.

15:02, 08-15, 2019
Ma Ha’s Lie

Ma Ha was lying in a hilltop meadow, staring off into the distant sky. Near him was his herd of sheep, nibbling away at the grass.

09:29, 04-30, 2019

“Planting a plane tree can attract golden phoenix.” Ya always feels that this proverb is wrong. The eight-year-old has never seen a phoenix on the plane tree in the yard.

16:24, 02-22, 2019
Three Heads of Black Chinese Cabbage

I was watching a local opera on the village’s Willow Stage. Mom spotted me among the crowd and dragged me out.

10:17, 02-20, 2019
Trivial Matters

FOR some adults, children’s concerns are seldom taken seriously.

11:08, 10-12, 2018
The Last Hunt

JIANA Bieke rode his horse carefully down into the valley floor. It was spring, the season for Mongolian gazelles to go down

15:24, 08-30, 2018
One Day, Our Children May Give Us a Lecture

SEVENTEEN-year-old Qi made the comment when she was having noodles with her mother and me at a restaurant.

13:56, 07-10, 2018
Setting Out with Hair Clippers

A 17-year-old girl was headed abroad, with four of her close relatives sending her off at Pudong airport.

14:02, 04-12, 2018
A Lamb

HAVING carefully watched over his flock all night, at dawn, Guyu eventually witnessed the birth of three lambs.

10:14, 03-08, 2018
Crossing the River

  I had only just realized what a stupid horse this was. For the last 20 kilometers or so he had been trotting steadily along, but when we came to the river, and saw our destination – the brewery – on the other side, the horse showed his true cowardly colors: he had a phobia of water!

15:07, 02-06, 2018
We Call It a Trash Can Now

I get fulfillment from my passion for information. I start taking in information as soon as I open my eyes in the morning...

15:05, 02-06, 2018
No Money Day

HERE is a typical “4-2-1” family, with four grandparents in retirement, a middle-aged couple, and their only child, Ruirui, a middle school student...

15:03, 02-06, 2018
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