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Story of the Youth
The Pursuit of Happiness

Xinjiang has effectively safeguarded the basic rights of people of all ethnic groups to work and employment, and made great strides in economic and social development, thus significantly improving people's livelihoods.

14:49, 05-06, 2024
Stitching Together New Lives with Ancient Yi Embroidery

1,000-year-old Yi embroidery is taking a new lease of life in the modern era.

10:41, 03-04, 2024
Capturing the Pictorial Beauty of the Great Wall

In the quest to capture the most impressive moments of the majestic Great Wall, post-90s generation photographer Yang Dong found his lifelong pursuit.

14:37, 01-29, 2024
Young Chinese Baker Rocks "Bread Olympics"

A young Chinese baker became a world champion by pursuing his passion and working hard to overcome challenges.

11:53, 01-08, 2024
Let the Suona Resound Across the World

China's first artist to get a Ph.D. in suona is taking this powerful traditional folk musical instrument onto the global stage.

14:24, 12-06, 2023
Recording Intangible Cultural Heritage in Rural Areas

From an articulate compere, a travel blogger, to a rural development promoter, TikTok influencer Long Yan is constantly changing his identity, measuring the world with his feet: "I feel good as long as I am always on my way."

15:00, 10-30, 2023
Bruce Lee of the Piano World

After winning the 18th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition in Warsaw in 2021 and establishing himself as a rising star, pianist extraordinaire Liu Xiaoyu plans to tour China in October 2023.

11:18, 09-04, 2023
Fu Qiaomei: Completing the Puzzle of Human Evolution

Figuring out where we come from is a historical subject that requires committed exploration and research by scientists. The young paleogenetic scientist, Fu Qiaomei, has recently made a breakthrough in ancient DNA research by searching through human remains dating back tens of thousands of years.

10:21, 08-03, 2023
"Finding Me and Healing You"

A graffiti artist is trying to bring the panda closer to people by painting its images in urban spaces.

10:40, 07-13, 2023
Old Divinations, New Development

About 150,000 oracle bones have been discovered so far, shedding light on the origin of Chinese characters, Chinese culture, and the Chinese civilization. One researcher gives new lease of life to ancient oracle bone script via social media.

15:26, 06-05, 2023
New Skills Bring Light Out of Darkness

After losing her sight, Xiao Jia has explored various new skills and found new value in her life.

11:03, 05-06, 2023
Inspiring Young Talents to Join in Rural Revitalization

Making use of the internet and attracting talent back to rural areas are what Lu Man learns from practice in promoting rural revitalization.

16:16, 04-10, 2023
Old Opera in a New Bottle

A five-member women's singing group is trying to revive flagging interest in Peking Opera by combining opera with pop elements.

12:41, 03-06, 2023
The Power of Poetry

Writing a poem might not be part of the development of young students, but if it makes them dream, learn more about literature, and get an understanding of the diversity of the world, then it has important meaning.

11:46, 02-13, 2023
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