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Chicken Bought on Credit

After the Qingming Festival, Old Geng from Dongzhuang Village went from alley to alley with his bicycle. He was a chicken vendor.

15:02, 08-15, 2019
Ma Ha’s Lie

Ma Ha was lying in a hilltop meadow, staring off into the distant sky. Near him was his herd of sheep, nibbling away at the grass.

09:29, 04-30, 2019

“Planting a plane tree can attract golden phoenix.” Ya always feels that this proverb is wrong. The eight-year-old has never seen a phoenix on the plane tree in the yard.

16:24, 02-22, 2019
Three Heads of Black Chinese Cabbage

I was watching a local opera on the village’s Willow Stage. Mom spotted me among the crowd and dragged me out.

10:17, 02-20, 2019
Trivial Matters

FOR some adults, children’s concerns are seldom taken seriously.

11:08, 10-12, 2018
The Last Hunt

JIANA Bieke rode his horse carefully down into the valley floor. It was spring, the season for Mongolian gazelles to go down

15:24, 08-30, 2018
One Day, Our Children May Give Us a Lecture

SEVENTEEN-year-old Qi made the comment when she was having noodles with her mother and me at a restaurant.

13:56, 07-10, 2018
Setting Out with Hair Clippers

A 17-year-old girl was headed abroad, with four of her close relatives sending her off at Pudong airport.

14:02, 04-12, 2018
A Lamb

HAVING carefully watched over his flock all night, at dawn, Guyu eventually witnessed the birth of three lambs.

10:14, 03-08, 2018
Crossing the River

  I had only just realized what a stupid horse this was. For the last 20 kilometers or so he had been trotting steadily along, but when we came to the river, and saw our destination – the brewery – on the other side, the horse showed his true cowardly colors: he had a phobia of water!

15:07, 02-06, 2018
We Call It a Trash Can Now

I get fulfillment from my passion for information. I start taking in information as soon as I open my eyes in the morning...

15:05, 02-06, 2018
No Money Day

HERE is a typical “4-2-1” family, with four grandparents in retirement, a middle-aged couple, and their only child, Ruirui, a middle school student...

15:03, 02-06, 2018
The General Trees

THE general pointed to the vast Gobi Desert ahead of us and waved his left, solely remaining arm, saying: “Comrades, here is our new home. Pitch the tents!” ...

15:02, 02-06, 2018
My Wife’s Birthday

MY wife’s birthday falls at the beginning of spring when the winter chill still hangs over the approaching warmth. On that day, I came home from work, stopped her from entering the kitchen and asked her to dine out at a restaurant...

14:46, 02-06, 2018
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