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Tips in Shenyang

Nestled in the Imperial Palace of the Qing Dynasty in Shenyang, the museum can be divided

14:16, 07-10, 2018
Shenyang: An Old Industrial Base

THE capital of Liaoning Province, Shenyang is a key city in Northeast China and an advanced equipment manufacturing base.

14:11, 07-10, 2018
Tips in Fuzhou

he Minjiang River is the largest river in Fujian Province, flowing through Fuzhou into the East China Sea.

10:48, 06-06, 2018
Fuzhou, Gateway to the Maritime Silk Road

AS the capital of Fujian Province, Fuzhou is located in the lower reaches of the Minjiang River in eastern Fujian

10:43, 06-06, 2018
Tips in Changsha

Located in Mawangdui Village close to the Liuyang River in Furong District, Changsha, Mawangdui Han Tombs are a family cemetery of Marquis Li Cang

14:16, 05-15, 2018
Changsha: A Bastion of Cultures Old and New

CHANGSHA, located in eastern Hunan Province, is the capital of Hunan and a pivotal city in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River.

14:10, 05-15, 2018
Tips in Ningbo

Ningbo’s regional cultural features, traditional architectural elements, and modern architectural forms.

13:57, 04-12, 2018
Ningbo – The Harbor City

LOCATED in the eastern part of Zhejiang Province, Ningbo, a sub-provincial city, is one of the three major economic centers in Zhejiang.

13:50, 04-12, 2018
Tips in Jinan

Located in the northeast side of the Chengziya Ruins in Zhangqiu District, it is the first museum of a prehistoric site in Shandong Province.

14:36, 03-08, 2018
China’s Earliest Capital

ANYANG, the northernmost city in Henan Province, had once served as capital of the Shang Dynasty (c. 1600 - c. 1100 BC). It is the earliest capital of China in written record.

16:11, 02-24, 2018
Nanjing: City of Memories

NANJING, which used to be known as Jinling or Jian-kang, is the capital city of Jiangsu Province, on China’s east coast. As one of the four ancient capitals, Nanjing is a cradle of Chinese civilization as well as a political, economic, and cultural center.

17:32, 02-07, 2018
Luoyang: Capital for Millennia and City of Peonies

LUOYANG, in central China’s Henan Province, was named in honor of its situation north of the Luohe River – a tributary of the Yellow River. In ancient China, such a location, or one at the southern foot of a mountain, was deemed to be yang (meaning the sunny side as opposed to yin). Luoyang was thus named.

17:30, 02-07, 2018
The Charms of Xiamen

XIAMEN, a sub-provincial city in southeastern Fujian, is one of the first Special Economic Zones in China. The city center is actually an island, known as Egret Island. Xiamen has long been an important port city for commerce and trade, across the strait from Taiwan. It has become one of the most important economic and cultural cities on China’s southeast coast, and along with Quanzhou and Zhangzhou forms the “Hokkien Golden Triangle.”

17:13, 02-07, 2018
Wuxi, City of the Grand Canal

THE city of Wuxi is a time-honored hub for commerce and transportation in southern Jiangsu Province. Through it runs the Grand Canal. Lying west of Shanghai and east of Nanjing, bounded northward by the Yangtze River and with Taihu Lake to its south, Wuxi is at the core of the vibrant, densely populated Yangtze River Delta.

17:10, 02-07, 2018
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