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Cosmetics Imports on the Fast Lane

NEW policies for imported cosmetics can help Chinese enterprises introduce the latest products

14:21, 11-01, 2018
The Jinqiao Model of Development

JINQIAO is an export processing zone which was set up in September 1990. It is the epitome of Shanghai Pudong

14:17, 11-01, 2018
Pudong: A Preferred Choice of International Talents

I have been living in Shanghai for six years, and I think I have been Shanghainese for a long time.

14:12, 11-01, 2018
Joyful Life in Pudong

EVERY morning, 65-year-old Qu Rongliang shows up at the riverside in Lujiazui, a financial center in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area

10:50, 11-01, 2018
Pudong’s Growth Spurt

FOR many native residents of Shanghai in their middle advanced years, the stampede at the Lujiazui ferry on December 10, 1987

10:47, 11-01, 2018
Open for Business

FOR more than six decades, the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), one of the largest physical commodity fairs

10:43, 11-01, 2018
Embracing a More Open China

ON the eve of the China International Import Expo (CIIE), multinationals, both the well-known global

10:32, 11-01, 2018
CIIE Promising More Opening-up

CHINESE President Xi Jinping announced at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in May 2017 that China would

10:24, 11-01, 2018
Enhancing the Openness of the World

WHILE the Trump administration, holding high the banner of “America First,” stubbornly stuck to its trade protectionism policy

10:10, 10-30, 2018
The Highway of Civilizations

YOU might be reading this article of China Today on printed paper, in Berlin, Paris, or Cairo

15:07, 10-10, 2018
Why Does China Advocate the Belt and Road?

OVER the last five years, the accomplishments of the construction of the Belt and Road have exceeded expectations.

15:02, 10-10, 2018
Xi Says China to Implement Eight Major Initiatives with African Countries

Xi Says China to Implement Eight Major Initiatives with African Countries

15:14, 09-04, 2018
Reaching for the Stars

I paid great attention to the Alibaba program that nurtures entrepreneurs. We must conduct dialogue with African governments

15:00, 08-29, 2018
New Development Trends of the China-Africa Relationship

THE scorching weather in Beijing could not deter a group of young Africans from visiting the myriad of high-tech companies scattered across the city’s Zhongguancun Science Park (Z-Park) in late June. These youth representatives from 53 African countries and the African Union (AU) are also members of the Forum on China-Africa Coo

14:53, 08-29, 2018
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