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Striving for a Green Supply Chain

IN September 2017, the German auto-part manufacturer Schaeffler sent a letter to the environmental protection department of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, claiming that its exclusive roller pin supplier was ordered to suspend operation due to an environmental problem.

15:22, 03-07, 2018
Foreign Investment Grows as Chinese Market Matures

REFORM and innovation are two buzzwords defining contemporary China. Since China adopted the reform and opening-up policy 40 years ago, foreign companies have injected huge momentum to the Chinese economy, and benefited from the market’s fast growth.

15:16, 03-07, 2018
China Sets 2018 GDP Growth Target at around 6.5 %

China Sets 2018 GDP Growth Target at around 6.5 %

07:46, 03-06, 2018
China to Take New Measures to Boost Foreign Investment

China to Take New Measures to Boost Foreign Investment

13:46, 03-06, 2018
Belt and Road Boosts RMB Internationalization

The Belt and Road Initiative, a key measure for Chinese companies' "going global" strategy, serves as an important platform for the RMB’s internationalization.

11:49, 03-03, 2018
Shop Organic in Beijing

THE Beijing Farmers’ Market has come to life as a fad. It’s run by a small group of consumers who paid close attention to issues related to agriculture, rural areas, and farmers.

11:07, 02-24, 2018
Reaching for Higher Quality Economic Growth

THE central economic work conference convened at the end of 2017 drew up plans for China's economic development in 2018 after reviewing progress over the previous five years and analyzing the current economic situation.

10:57, 02-24, 2018
Building a Beautiful China: A Definitive Exploration on Sustainable Economy

China’s transformation under the banner of an “ecological civilization.”

16:01, 02-05, 2018
China’s Influence in South and Southeast Asia

CHINA and Pakistan enjoy a strong relationship. Based heavily on cooperation, they both recognize the significance of close relations to attaining foreign objectives.

15:57, 02-05, 2018
China and Europe: Opening New Cooperation Perspectives

2017 is of great political importance for China and the countries of the European Union.

15:54, 02-05, 2018
Belt and Road Boosts RMB Internationalization

THE Belt and Road Initiative was written into the Constitution of the Communist Party of China (CPC) at the 19th CPC National Congress, signaling China’s resolution and confidence in carrying out international cooperation under this initiative.

15:49, 02-05, 2018
The League of Chinese “Unicorns”

“Unicorn” is regarded as an important symbol of the new economic age, highlighting the application of science and technology in the market.

14:22, 02-05, 2018
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