China Today
China's Contribution to Globalization: Past and Future

China's economic and technological growth is influencing the future of the world.

11:30, 06-01, 2022
Minor Players, Major Drivers

New batch of "little giants" champions China's upgraded SME cause.

11:25, 06-01, 2022
Breaking the Ice to Warm Relations – An Interview with Stephen Perry, Chairman of the 48 Group Club

More bridges are needed to connect China to the world, fostering dialogue and mutual understanding.

11:20, 06-01, 2022
Conference Boosts Craftsmanship and Innovation

Lu Jianxin, now an engineer with China State Construction Engineering Corp., has been dedicated to the innovation of construction engineering technology and has won multiple national patents and prizes.

10:41, 05-16, 2022
Voting now open for "Give a Like for My Favorite China's Brands"

The voting entry for the activity "Give a Like for My Favorite China's Brands (2021-2022)" is officially open on Tuesday, the 2022 China Brand Day.

10:55, 05-11, 2022
BRI: Bringing Opportunities and Benefits to the World

China works to build the BRI into an initiative of peace, prosperity, openness, green development, and innovation that brings different civilizations closer.

14:11, 05-10, 2022
Roads to Prosperity

At the end of 2020, Rongjiang was taken off the list of impoverished counties and included in the first batch of counties to receive support under the rural revitalization campaign. Now, with multiple measures, the county is embracing high-quality development and becoming prosperous.

14:05, 05-10, 2022
"Give a Like for My Favorite China's Brands" to start calling for votes

The activity "Give a Like for My Favorite China's Brands (2021-2022)" will start calling for votes on May 10, this year's China Brand Day.

10:10, 05-10, 2022
BRI Brings New Opportunities to EU Companies

European companies have their eyes on the huge market in Southwest China.

14:26, 04-13, 2022
Compliance with WTO Decisions Essential for Multilateral Economic and Trading System

Respecting the WTO decision sends a positive signal for maintaining the authority, efficiency, and rationality of the multilateral economic and trading system.

14:21, 04-13, 2022
Where There's Business, There's a Way

The Ukraine crisis may disrupt the Belt and Road but an old China hand sees it re-energizing the China-EU trade relationship.

11:06, 03-25, 2022
In Good Spirits

Australia's loss of the China wine market has been South Africa's gain. But can it be sustained?

15:53, 03-01, 2022
COSCO SHIPPING: Braving Winds and Waves in Deepening Reforms

COSCO SHIPPING has ensured its core business remains globally competitive while building a comprehensive logistics supply chain service ecosystem.

15:50, 03-01, 2022
Jiangnan Shipyard: Extending from the Yangtze River to the Ocean

The Jiangnan Shipyard has expanded its presence from the Yangtze River region to the ocean, making outstanding contributions to the advancement of the shipbuilding and shipping industries.

15:45, 03-01, 2022
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