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Green Signal for China-U.S. Green Cooperation

Firms in China and the United States are now keen to explore green transition for greater collaboration and mutual benefit.

11:53, 02-28, 2024
Turning Cold Resources into Hot Economic Gains

Ice and snow tourism injects new momentum into rural revitalization and high-quality development in northwest China’s Xinjiang.

11:49, 02-28, 2024
Zeroing in on Zero

Companies in the U.K. and China join hands to achieve the two countries' net zero targets.

14:26, 01-29, 2024
A Chinese Century

China's reform and opening-up policy has brought what many generations had toiled for – prosperity, security, and their country's rightful place in the world.

14:21, 01-29, 2024
Small City, Hi-Tech Growth

A formerly resource-intensive city is pursuing high-quality development by upgrading its manufacturing sector.

14:16, 01-29, 2024
Yundang Lake Gets Epic Facelift

The transformation of Yundang Lake from a stinky lake to an urban reception hall has made it a showcase of ecologival restoration in China.

11:40, 01-02, 2024
Connecting the World for a Shared Future

The first China International Supply Chain Expo provided a perfect platform for strengthening the safety and stability of global industrial and supply chains.

11:35, 01-02, 2024
A Modern Pastoral Life

With the advancement of the Internet economy in recent years, Zhang Junjie and his team have tried to integrate the products of their community business into it by using short videos, livestreaming, and other popular marketing methods to introduce his village life to the world.

13:04, 12-06, 2023
Globals Go Local

The opportunities offered by the Chinese market is making multinationals set up joint ventures and production lines in China, boosting the transformation of China's manufacturing industry.

13:00, 12-06, 2023
Sunflower Seed Seller Extraordinaire

Former street peddler Nian Guangjiu is indisputably recognized as an iconic figure from the early years of China's reform and opening-up.

12:55, 12-06, 2023
Luxembourg Exhibitor Eyes Cooperation with Chinese Partners

The smart automotive industrial chain is a highlight of the ongoing first China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE).

10:52, 12-04, 2023
Polish Exhibitor Sees Supply Chain Expo as Opportunity to Restart Relations

In this exclusive interview, Tomasz Szypula, president of the National Federation of Entrepreneurs – Ptak Warsaw Expo, a leading trade fair organizer in Europe, tells China Today how the CISCE can be a "perfect platform" for promoting new key technologies, products and services.

15:36, 11-30, 2023
CIIE: An Important Platform for Norwegian Companies to Promote Their Products

Innovation Norway is the Norwegian government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. It has brought seven Norwegian companies to the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE) currently held in Shanghai. Signe Brudeset, the Norwegian Ambassador to China, attended the opening ceremony of the Innovation Norway joint stand.

11:41, 11-09, 2023
Ireland Promotes High-Quality Products at 6th CIIE

Ireland, as a frequenter of the annual event, the world’s first national-level expo dedicated to imports, has brought a range of high-quality food products this year, including milk powder from grass-fed cows, organic chocolate and whisky and gin, with many of them being showcased at the CIIE for the first time.

15:05, 11-06, 2023
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