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High-Quality Development "First and Foremost" – President Xi Jinping's Moments at the "Two Sessions"

President Xi Jinping's Moments at the "Two Sessions"

14:23, 03-15, 2023
Getting the Gist of Chinese Modernization

This year's "two sessions," one of the most momentous in decades, have polarized global attention as it projects a more confident and modernized China with ambitious and reasonable goals set and feasible strategies mapped out.

11:37, 03-13, 2023
China and Italy: Partners in Creating Prosperity

China and Italy are exemplary embodiments of Eastern and Western civilizations. They have left indelible marks on the history of humanity, with wisdom accumulated in their interactions dating back some 2,000 years ago. The ancient Silk Road, extending tens of thousands of kilometers, bears witness to the China-Italy friendship, despite the vast distance between the two countries.

10:39, 03-12, 2023
"Two Sessions" Give a Glimpse into How China's Democracy Works

Cracks in the off-hand perception of China's "two sessions" as eyewash are ever more apparent. The world is now acknowledging the annual event on the country's political calendar as the core of understanding China's comprehensive success.

16:02, 03-10, 2023
Innovation Spearheads China's Modernization

"Innovation-driven development" is now a key concept in China. In addition to mastering certain strategically important technologies, it refers also to basing China's overall social and economic development on continuous innovation and sustained technological progress.

11:53, 03-10, 2023
State Council institutions reform a crucial step in China's governance modernization

The reform of China's State Council institutions is an important step in enhancing the capacity and efficiency of governance, so as to accomplish new tasks in building a modern socialist country amid a complicated global environment.

09:56, 03-09, 2023
Why does China's "two sessions" matter to the world?

It is China's annual "two sessions" time again. In the following week or so, for anyone interested in observing and understanding China, the political event is something they don't want to miss.

10:55, 03-05, 2023
Renewing Hope for a Safer World

As China gears up to unleash its economic vitality, the international political climate remains uncertain.

10:11, 02-28, 2023
U.S. Won't Score Winning Hand with Hi-Tech Curbs on China

U.S. tech companies are getting hard hit by Washington's policy to impose tougher restrictions on Chinese tech firms as American politicians are stirring up the flames of anti-China resentment.

10:20, 02-28, 2023
Long-Awaited Comeback

As waves of local consumers converge on China's festively adorned shopping malls and markets, the general ambience conjured is of a long-awaited return to normalcy.

10:22, 01-16, 2023
Hope, a Strong Rebound, and More to be Expected from China in 2023

President Xi's New Year address bolsters the nation's confidence in its restored vibrancy and strengthened solidarity when forging ahead on the new journey towards China's modernization.

13:45, 01-06, 2023
Boosting Domestic Demand

While setting the direction for China's economic development in 2023, the Central Economic Work Conference will generate a far-reaching impact on the world economy as a whole.

10:28, 01-28, 2023
Carbon Sinks: Generating Revenue Through Eco-Preservation

The ecological value of carbon sinks has been continuously exploited in recent years. How to transform their economic value and help with high-level ecological protection and high-quality economic development has subsequently become a hot topic of conversation.

14:02, 02-09, 2023
Childbirth: One, Two, Three, or None

Recognizing the multitude of factors affecting people's birth decisions, the government has rolled out a slew of supportive policies and measures over the past years.

11:34, 02-13, 2023
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