Xi's speech wins high appreciation from world leaders at Boao
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China launches dispute settlement procedure over U.S. Section 232 measures

China on Thursday filed a request for consultation under the World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute settlement framework with the United States regarding the U.S. Section 232 measures that slap tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said.

12:52, 04-06, 2018
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Innovative Technology Turns Bamboo Forests into Valuable Assets

BAMBOO, an indigenous plant of China, has been eulogized for thousands of years as a symbol of virtuous and noble character in the country.

10:59, 04-10, 2018
Vitalizing China’s Rural Areas

AS China’s reform and opening-up drive steers into its fifth decade, the country released the Opinions on Implementing the Rural Vitalization Strategy

10:55, 04-10, 2018
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The Niceties of Fried Rice

YANGZHOU fried rice and Fujian fried rice (also known as Hokkien fried rice) are always found on the menus of most fancy Cantonese restaurants, especially Chinese restaurants in hotels.

14:08, 04-12, 2018
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Traditional Crafts Endure the Test of Time

I was born into a working family in Beijing in 1979, the year after China decided to open up and reform.

13:31, 04-12, 2018
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A Community with a Shared Future for Mankind, a Bright Path for Humanity

NOWADAYS, the world is at a crucial period of readjustment and major changes. The reform of global governance system and the international order have been accelerated.

13:36, 04-09, 2018
New Changes in the Chinese Constitution

THE convening of the National People’s Congress this year occurred at a very dramatic and decisive period in the history of China.

13:33, 04-09, 2018
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Tips in Ningbo

Ningbo’s regional cultural features, traditional architectural elements, and modern architectural forms.

13:57, 04-12, 2018

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