A deep dive into Xi Jinping's stewardship of whole-process people's democracy
Special Report + More
Embracing the Silver Economy

How can China utilize the new opportunities of population aging to unleash the huge potential of its silver-hair market? To find answers from this issue.

China Focus + More
Whole-Process People's Democracy from a Global Comparative Perspective

A recent global survey by the Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies reveals that the value and practice of whole-process people’s democracy have won widespread plaudits throughout the international community.

Open to Chinese Democracy

The National People’s Congress meets every year for about a week in March. But there is much more to China’s democracy.

Economy/Tech + More
Green Signal for China-U.S. Green Cooperation

Firms in China and the United States are now keen to explore green transition for greater collaboration and mutual benefit.

Turning Cold Resources into Hot Economic Gains

Ice and snow tourism injects new momentum into rural revitalization and high-quality development in northwest China’s Xinjiang.

Culture/Sports + More
People — Foundation of a State

Only when the foundation is strong will the state be safe and stable.

Society/Life + More
Finnish Internet Influencer Builds Bridges Between China and Finland

The results of making a bet with her daughter on who would make the most popular online short videos opened up an online channel for a Finnish woman who speaks fluent Chinese to share her passion about China.

Tourism + More
The Old City of Langzhong

This well-preserved historic city in Sichuan Province can trace its origins back to a bygone age, boasting a diverse culture and impressive legacies spanning multiple fields.


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