Xi calls on Zhejiang to write new chapter in advancing Chinese modernization
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A Milestone Rural Revival Drive

Zhejiang's Green Rural Revival Program has today become a turning point in the development of Zhejiang's rural areas, changing the destiny of countless villages and profoundly influencing the future of China's countryside.

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A “New Era” from Two Diametrically Opposed Perspectives

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken declared in his speech on September 13 at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) that the end of the post-Cold War order was at hand.

Seeking More Cooperation with China

An Exclusive Interview with President of the Spanish Friends of China Association Antonio Miguel Carmona

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The Rise of China's Blue Economy

Fijian Arpana Pratap is director of Blue Economy with the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF), which works to conserve marine and freshwater environment while seeking sustainable economic growth by utilizing their resources.

Irish Confidence in Chinese Market

Ann Derwin, the Irish Ambassador to China, told China Today in an exclusive that CIFTIS is an excellent opportunity to showcase Ireland's strengths in services trade.

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Making Room for Architectural Legacy

Songyang County in east China's Zhejiang Province restores centuries-old houses to preserve its cultural heritage.

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Championing Global Cooperation to Crack Global Challenges

Agronomist Thomas A. Lumpkin, one of the first American exchange students in the People's Republic of China since the two countries established diplomatic ties in 1979, and also a recipient of the Chinese Government's Friendship Award, calls for greater cooperation to cope with mounting global challenges.

Tourism + More
Tianzhu Mountain: A Granite Elevated Forest

Tianzhu Mountain was named the "southern mountain," one of the holy mountains in China, in the reign of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty (202 BC- AD 220), offering visitors a blend of natural beauty and human legacies.


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