Sports unite people, transcend limits, says former German Paralympian

Germany's former Paralympic athletics star Heinrich Popow said in a recent interview with Xinhua that he hoped the athletes competing at the Beijing Winter Paralympics would enjoy the games and sho...

15:35, 03-09, 2022
Orchestra of visually-impaired children hits melodious notes at Beijing Paralympics

At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games held on March 4, mellifluous notes of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) anthem echoed into every corner of the stadium.

15:33, 03-09, 2022
Opening ceremony of 2022 Winter Paralympics begins in Beijing

The opening ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games got underway at the National Stadium here on Friday night.

21:18, 03-04, 2022
Xi attends closing ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympics

Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the closing ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, held at the National Stadium in Beijing on Sunday night.

09:27, 02-21, 2022
Beijing Winter Olympics embodies an ideal world

The Beijing Olympic Winter Games, which ends on Sunday, has given athletes across the globe an opportunity to understand each other and make friends.

09:38, 02-21, 2022
CPC Central Committee, State Council congratulate Chinese delegation on Winter Olympics achievements

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and China's State Council have sent a congratulatory message to the Chinese delegation for its "best in history" performance at the Beijing 2022...

09:36, 02-21, 2022
He Believes He Can Fly

The journey of Su Yiming, the youngest Chinese Winter Olympic Champion and the first Chinese snowboarder to win an Olympic gold medal.

11:35, 02-16, 2022
Beijing Winter Games symbols' IPRs well-protected: official

China has taken solid measures to protect the intellectual property rights (IPR) of Olympic symbols, especially those related to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, said an official w...

08:04, 02-15, 2022
Beijing 2022 runs smoothly as it passes half-way point: organizers

The organizers said that the Beijing Olympics has been running smoothly going into its second week of competition.

09:18, 02-14, 2022
Athletes praise organization of Beijing Winter Olympics: IOC official

Athletes have given "positive feedback" on the organization of the Beijing Winter Olympics, Christophe Dubi, Olympic Games Executive Director of the International Olympic Committee, has said.

09:54, 02-13, 2022
IOC official praises COVID-19 prevention during Beijing Winter Olympics

Beijing is the "safest place on the planet" given its anti-coronavirus measures taken during the Winter Olympics, an official of the International Olympic Committee has said.

09:33, 02-13, 2022
Beijing 2022 aims to offer great services for athletes, say organizers

Beijing 2022 organizers stick to an athlete-centered approach and offer quality services to ensure athletes' best performance.

09:30, 02-13, 2022
Zhou Jiaying, from Wall Street to the hockey rink

When Zhou Jiaying, wearing dragon-emblazoned kneepads and a helmet adorned with a Great Wall pattern, calmly saved the last penalty shot from Japan on February 6, her teammates rushed to embrace th...

19:44, 02-12, 2022
Beijing Winter Olympics to shine bright

The Winter Olympics will commence tomorrow in Beijing, marking a global sporting event that heralds the shared heritage, sentiment and symbolism of humanity. The Chinese capital is the first city i...

19:37, 02-12, 2022
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