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Open Meeting of the Xinjiang Delegation: These Issues Receive Much Attention

“It is better to see something for yourself than merely hear about it a hundred times. We invite everyone to come and see and experience Xinjiang for themselves. Then share what they have seen, heard, and experienced of the reality of Xinjiang’s steady prosperity, delightful and beautiful environment with the rest of the world,” Chen Quanguo, a deputy to the National People’s Congress, secretary of the Party Committee of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region said on April 12 during the open delegation meeting held at the Xinjiang Hall of the Great Hall of the People.

15:40, 03-14, 2019
New Vigor and Vitality in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

THE wallets of the locals are bulging, there is much laughter, people are vigorous and energetic, cultural activities have become enriched, and the lifestyle has become increasingly modernized. A walk through the southern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region will enable visitors to spot the varied changes happening in the lives of people of all local ethnic groups. They support national unity from the bottom of their hearts, and build their beautiful hometowns with full confidence, leading this ancient land to glow with new vigor and vitality.

15:11, 03-14, 2019
China's Two Sessions enrich global environmental agenda: UNEP official

China's ongoing annual Two Sessions are enriching the global debate on how to accelerate green, sustainable and inclusive growth, said a senior UN official.

13:07, 03-10, 2019
China's changes in past 70 years very significant: New Zealand's ambassador

The changes that have taken place in China in the past 70 years are very significant, New Zealand’s Ambassador to China Clare Fearnley said.

10:56, 03-09, 2019
U.S. scholar says China's Two Sessions set out "timely" policies

Major socio-economic policies set out during China's ongoing Two Sessions are "very timely and highly welcome" as the world economy "once again enters a period of uncertainty," a U.S. expert on China said.

10:51, 03-09, 2019
Foreign Investment Law Expected to Be Passed during the Two Sessions

Global foreign direct investment (FDI) has long been thwarted by unilateralism and trade protectionism. For China, as a promoter of free trade and economic globalization, its efforts have never stopped in striving to create an open world market.

11:15, 03-08, 2019
Diplomats' Views on the Government Work Report

China Today interviewed some foreign diplomats in Beijing who shared their views on the report.

17:08, 03-07, 2019
Nation to further solve private firms' financing difficulties

China will push ahead with supply-side structural reform in the financial sector to help private enterprises solve financing difficulties and reduce financing costs, said Guo Shuqing, Party secretary of the People's Bank of China and chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission.

10:44, 03-06, 2019
China's achievements encouraging for Africa: South African ambassador

An interview with South African ambassador to China Dolana Msimang.

10:28, 03-05, 2019
Valuable Lessons Learned

LOCATED in the east of central China’s Henan Province, Lankao County has 13 towns, three residential communities, and 450 administrative villages

10:04, 03-04, 2019
Deepening Reform of the Supervisory System to Intensify the Fight Against Corruption

FIGHTING against corruption according to the law is a hallmark of China’s anti-corruption campaign since the 18th National Congress

16:30, 03-03, 2019
In the new era, China strives forward to benefit world

As the wheel of history rolls onward, China and its nearly 1.4 billion people will keep striving forward in the new era, no matter what challenges remain.

17:14, 03-04, 2019
No. 1 Central Document energizes rural, farming reforms

There is an old Chinese saying that, "Agriculture is the foundation of human society." Like India, a large farming community in China plays a pivotal role in developing the nation.

17:02, 03-04, 2019
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