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China's achievements encouraging for Africa: South African ambassador

2019-03-05 10:28:00 Source:Xinhua Author:Wang Xiaoxia, Zhong Yulan
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No words can describe what has happened in China during the past 70 years, as it is phenomenal and extremely encouraging, South African ambassador to China Dolana Msimang said recently.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China, which is one of the highest landmarks of China, also important to the developing countries, the ambassador said during an exclusive interview with Xinhuanet.

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the country has taken the development cause into its own hands and become the world’s second biggest economy, she added.

“For us, it’s encouraging,” the ambassador explained. “It shows that with determination, and if you have the interest of your people at heart, you will succeed.”

Poverty alleviation is the one among the most impressive programs that China has embarked on.

By targeting poverty alleviation, China makes sure that everyone get to benefit from its development, which is quite exemplary and encouraging, said the ambassador.

Meanwhile, China encourages inclusive growth, the ambassador pointed out, as the Belt and Road Initiative releases “a breath of fresh air in the world that is now obsessed with unilateralism”.

The initiative tries to spread out the good to the world by improving infrastructures and building facilities, and concentrates people on constructive issues, the ambassador explained.

As it tries to find a common solution that benefits all, the Belt and Road Initiative is connecting the world with positive energy, she said.

In South Africa, added the ambassador, there is a program cooperating with China to develop ocean economy, which also forms part of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The ambassador said that she could foresee a lot of good results that would come from the Belt and Road Initiative and a lot of programs that would benefit both countries and strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership.

A major platform for China-Africa cooperation and South-South cooperation is FOCAC, which enables African countries to address issues from a broader point of view and learn from each other, the ambassador added.

On that platform, African countries can engage with China, and come up with strength that affects them all, she explained.

The programs that China is involved in Africa make Africa ready for international programs, said the ambassador.

They contribute very much to Africa’s own Agenda 2063, as well as the United Nation’s Development Goals, she added.

China’s cooperation with Africa has enhanced Africa’s participation in the international arena, she said.

However, there are voices that blame China-Africa cooperation for African countries’ debt problems. For this, the ambassador said that "China has done its best, " and it is the African countries that should manage to avoid the potential risks.

"Just like people who get loan from the bank, they have to make sure that they can pay back," she explained, "the bank has no duty to think for them."

The ambassador ruled out the negative aspects in the relationship between China and Africa.

African countries must take responsibilities for the future of the relationship, she stressed.

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