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China's poverty alleviation gives world greater opportunities: Malaysia's ambassador

China’s successful poverty alleviation effort is a significant achievement not only in the history of China, but also of the entire world.

12:37, 05-28, 2020
China's "two sessions" present post-COVID-19 roadmap -- Egyptian expert

The work report delivered by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang at the "two sessions" has laid out the Chinese government's roadmap for post-COVID-19 stage.

09:17, 05-28, 2020
Baseless American Judicialization of COVID-19 Pandemic

A recent U.S. attack against China, fueled by President Donald Trump's belligerent rhetoric, uses the law as a weapon.

13:35, 05-27, 2020
"Two sessions" convey confidence to world development -- foreign party leaders

The convening of the "two sessions" has shown that China's all-out war against the COVID-19 epidemic has achieved significant strategic results.

08:40, 05-27, 2020
A Year for China, a Decade for Any Other Nation!

The most obvious example is how China has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.

13:26, 05-25, 2020
National Security Legislation for Hong Kong in the Light of International Law

From the point of view of territorial integrity, the draft decision is a sovereign prerogative.

08:09, 05-25, 2020
Int'l community speaks highly of China's determination to achieve poverty alleviation goals

World experts and scholars have paid close attention to China's government work report.

19:42, 05-23, 2020
Confident in China's economy, experts say Beijing's sense of responsibility inspiring

Overseas experts and scholars have attached great importance to China's government work report.

07:01, 05-23, 2020
China's Response to COVID-19: Turning Crisis into an Opportunity

Saving lives is a top priority for humanity, beyond all borders. It is time for Italy and other European countries to take lessons from the Chinese example and step up their efforts to protect their citizens.

12:49, 03-19, 2020
Chinese Success in Fighting COVID-19 Should Be a Lesson for the West

The world was quite taken aback by the sudden eruption of a novel coronavirus as it began to make its appearance in Wuhan, the capital city of central China’s Hubei Province, with a population of 11 million.

17:31, 05-06, 2020
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