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Chinese Mission says investment deal with EU a balanced agreement, "not a gift"

2021-05-21 14:05:00 Source:Xinhua Author:
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A spokesperson of the Chinese Mission to the European Union (EU) said late on Thursday that the China-EU investment agreement is a balanced agreement, not a gift.

The spokesperson made the remarks when responding to a question regarding a resolution adopted by the European Parliament earlier Thursday, which stated that any consideration or discussion on the ratification of the China-EU investment agreement has been frozen before China lifts the sanctions.

"The China-EU investment agreement is a balanced agreement that benefits both sides. It is not a gift given by one side to the other," said the spokesperson.

The two sides completed investment agreement negotiations on Dec. 30, 2020, after 35 rounds of talks.

The European Parliament adopted the resolution on Thursday, demanding China to lift the sanctions on 10 European individuals and four entities.

China announced the sanctions on March 22, after the EU imposed sanctions on relevant Chinese individuals and entity on the same day citing the so-called human rights issues in Xinjiang.

"China's decision to take countermeasures is a legitimate response to the EU's unilateral sanctions and confrontation," said the spokesperson on Thursday.

"China always has the sincerity to promote cooperation with the EU. We hope that the EU side will work with us in the same direction," the spokesperson added.

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