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The Rise of a Fashion, the Rise of a Nation

2023-05-29 15:04:00 Source:China Today Author:China Today
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A scene of the Xianyukou Food Street in Beijing. Xianyukou is a community that showcases salient old Beijing culture. 

Guochao (literally meaning national trend) or China chic, started from the spreading of popular foreign brands. Following the initial stages defined by upgraded domestic products and new consumer brands, it has now entered the phase of smart manufacturing powered by cultural inspiration and technological innovation. Guochao now is a trend about fashion, buying things made in China, feeling proud of its national strength, and being confident in its future. 

This trend is sweeping and invigorating all sectors of society. Animation films imbued with Chinese aesthetics became top box office earners and artists of intangible cultural heritage have built large followings on social networks. Even the age-old lion dance is embracing and incorporating new concepts and modern technologies to appeal to more people in and out of China in the form of diversified products and activities. Toys with distinctly Chinese elements are an inspirational success story for Chinese manufacturers to increase value added. 

Guochao is an ingenious concoction of classic style, modern life, and the latest innovation. Bolstered by sci-tech prowess and cultural appeal, it expresses Chinese people’s growing confidence in the economy, culture, and technological progress of their nation.

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