Roundup: Ethiopian gov't hails Beijing horticulture expo

The Ethiopian government on Saturday hailed the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition as an imputes to promote Ethiopia's booming horticulture sector to the world market.

14:22, 05-13, 2019
Beijing Expo sets new stage for global cooperation on green development

More than a dazzling gardening show that showcases the beauty of nature around the world, the Beijing expo at the foot of the Great Wall offers a new platform to understand China's vision of and pool global efforts for building a cleaner and greener world.

14:17, 05-09, 2019
Xi leads green development as world's largest horticultural expo opens

Declaring the opening of the world's largest international horticultural exhibition in Beijing Sunday, Chinese President Xi Jinping expressed his hope that the green development concept embodied by the expo park would be spread to "every corner of the world."

14:15, 05-09, 2019
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