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Chinese Enterprises Turn Good Storytellers of China

2023-11-29 16:02:00 Source:China Today Author:staff reporter DENG DI
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Since China’s opening-up, Chinese enterprises have gone global, forging in-depth cooperation with local enterprises in diverse fields. These collaborations in infrastructure construction, energy development, trade, digital services and other fields have enhanced China’s image abroad, making the enterprises the envoys of their country. 

Wang Gang, deputy minister of the Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC), stressed the significance of showcasing China through corporate images and urged Chinese enterprises to improve their international communication skills and be the conscious narrator of the China story. 

He was addressing the 11th Chinese Enterprise Global Image Summit organized by the China International Communications Group (CICG) in Beijing on November 27 that brought together senior government officials, representatives from 150 well-known domestic enterprises and think tank experts to discuss “building global corporate image, enhancing mutual understanding among civilizations.” 

“In international cooperation and trade, the goods we sell will be consumed, the houses we build will depreciate, and the roads we construct may wear out, but the Chinese values and spirit displayed in mutual benefit and win-win cooperation will remain evergreen,” Wang said. 

The 11th Chinese Enterprise Global Image Summit in Beijing on November 27.

Du Zhanyuan, president of the CICG, said the international community expects China to play a greater role in the reform of the international order and global governance. They anticipate “hearing more of China’s voice on major issues.” 

Du pointed out the millennia-old national ethics and spirit embodied in Chinese culture, such as “harmony and kindness,” “goodness and righteousness,” “fairness and mutual benefit,” “honesty and trustworthiness,” and “diligence and dedication.” They provide value guidance and cultural empowerment for shaping the image of Chinese enterprises, he added. 

Heads of enterprises, including state-owned enterprises such as PetroChina and China Communications Construction, and private ones such as Midea, expressed their commitment to building world-class enterprises and extending the reach and appeal of Chinese civilization at the same time. 

They also shared their innovative practices in building global brand images, such as protecting the environment, providing assistance to women and children in need, and ensuring safe drinking water for local people in their overseas destinations. 

Photographs showing how Chinese enterprises are building their international image are on display at the 11th Chinese Enterprise Global Image Summit in Beijing on November 27, 2023. 

With these efforts, Chinese enterprises overseas have shown themselves to be responsible world citizens and closely bonded with local people that transcend geographical distances and cultural differences. 

“With the vision of making the world connected, cities more livable, and life better, we aim to build roads which will lead to prosperous, green and innovative development in host countries, and a responsible corporate image on the world stage,” Wang Tongzhou, president of China Communications Construction Group Corporation, said  

Li Daokui, director of the Institute for Chinese Economic Practice and Thinking, Tsinghua University, stressed that Chinese enterprises are not branches of the Chinese government. “They respect market rules and economic law, and safeguard fair play. The government nurtures them, regulates their behavior, but does not intervene,” he said.

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