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Chinese tech innovations thrive at CES 2024

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People visit the exhibition area of Chinese company TCL at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, the United States, Jan. 9, 2024.(Photo by Zeng Hui/Xinhua)

Chinese companies' new tech products and solutions ranging from Artificially Intelligence (AI), robot to electric vehicle (EV) and e-bike have won approvals from global visitors and counterparts.

Chinese companies have unveiled a series of new tech products and solutions at the ongoing 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), attracting global attention at the world's premier tech show.

The annual show, running in the U.S. city of Las Vegas from Tuesday to Friday, draws more than 130,000 attendees and over 4,000 exhibitors from more than 150 countries and regions, including over 1,200 startups.

Over 1,000 Chinese companies from various categories in the consumer electronic industry are participating in the show, including well-known brands like Lenovo, BOE, Hisense and TCL, as well as robot companies such as Dreame and Yarbo, and electric vehicle (EV) companies including U Power and AIMA.

Artificially Intelligence (AI) takes center stage at CES 2024. Lenovo unveiled a full lineup of more than 40 new devices and solutions powered by AI, furthering the company's vision of AI for All.

The announcements include new AI personal computer (PC) innovations across a series of Lenovo's PC brands that personalize the computing experience for both consumers and businesses like never before.

"The year 2024 will be a year of AI full implementation, unleashing creativity, productivity and bringing new wave of changes and opportunities to AI PC," Lenovo Chairman and CEO Yuanqing Yang told Xinhua in an interview.

China's leading TV manufacturer Hisense unveiled its 2024 ULED and ULED X lineups at the show, ushering in a new era of LED TV entertainment and expectations.

The newest lineups include 110 UX, a Mini LED TV featuring industry-leading display precision and performance which is a CES Innovation Award honoree, and 98UX, which brings extraordinary picture quality and realism to full display on a massive 98-inch screen.

TCL presented its leading portfolio of innovative technologies across multiple categories at the tech show, including the world's largest QD-Mini LED TV and one of the industry's first smart connected mobile device entertainment solutions.

Chinese EV companies gained strong foothold at the show, showcasing their latest products and cutting-edge technologies.

U Power, a Chinese smart EV technology company, made its debut at CES 2024 with its UP Super Board, a skateboard chassis that serves as a vehicle foundation for automakers to accelerate EV development.

The company's first all-electric van, UP VAN that built on the platform, is also on display at the show, drawing lots of show visitors.

AIMA, one of China's biggest e-bike makers, also made its CES debut this year, showcasing its diverse range of products, including brand-new eMoped model HYHAWK, and pedal-assist bike models.

The cross-riding design of the emoped-HYHAWK combines the posture and comfort of a cruiser, and can be equipped with a sound wave simulator to mimic the roar of a motorcycle engine, aligning with young rider's desire for freedom and control.

Chinese innovations in EV and e-bike sectors also won approvals from global counterparts.

"I saw a lot of newest technologies from China in e-scooter and e-bike industries. Without Chinese innovations, we won't get so far in Germany because lots of our technology and cooperation with international companies are established in China," Yassine El Hajji, marketing manager of German e-scooter company Trittbrett, told Xinhua at the show.

China is strong in electric vehicle sectors, always keeping up with futuristic design and technologies, he noted.

XPENG AEROHT, a flying car company based in China's Guangdong province, showcased its revolutionary "Land Aircraft Carrier" modular flying car at the show.

The unique vehicle boasts a two-part design, seamlessly switching between terrestrial and aerial modes. The air module facilitates vertical takeoff for low-altitude flights, while the ground module ingeniously envelops the air module, allowing for ground transportation.

The flying car, located at the center of Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall, attracted lots of exhibitors and show visitors.

A lot of Chinese robots are also on the show floor, ranging from service robots, kids accompanying robots to snow blowers and yard cleaners.

Yarbo, a Chinese courtyard robot company, showcased its AI-enhanced multipurpose intelligent yard robots. Paired with its modules, the yard robots are designed to meet multiple yard care needs such as snow removal, lawn mowing, leaf blowing, security patrol and universal tow hitch.

Top themes of CES 2024 include AI, mobility, sustainability and innovations to solve some of the world's biggest challenges. A series of panels are held on the sidelines of the show to address the opportunities and challenges of new technologies.  

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