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China's audit work to center on major reform tasks in key areas in 2024

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China's audit work in 2024 will proceed with a focus on the implementation and progress of reform tasks in key areas, according to a national conference on audit work on Thursday.

These tasks will be in the fields involving the execution of major regional planning strategy, the building of major investment projects, the big data industry, the fiscal sector, the financial sphere, state-owned enterprises and assets, and foreign trade and investment, said Hou Kai, auditor general of the National Audit Office of China (CNAO).

According to Hou, the audit work last year centered on six areas: high-quality development; keeping economic growth, employment and prices stable; the real economy; securing the bottom line of people's livelihoods; coordinating development and security; and the regulated operation of power.

The CNAO audits the implementation of the budget of the central government as well as other government revenues and expenditures. Local audit institutions at various levels audit the budget implementation at their corresponding levels, as well as other government revenues and expenditures.
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