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Highlights of comments worldwide on China's vision of global community of shared future

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China's State Council Information Office on Tuesday released a white paper titled "A Global Community of Shared Future: China's Proposals and Actions."

The concept of building a global community of shared future is visionary and inspiring, and is bound to contribute to the development and prosperity of the human society, experts have said.

The following are the highlights of their comments.

-- The concept of building a global community of shared future prioritizes dialogue, partnerships, and win-win outcomes, promoting a departure from traditional zero-sum competition and alliances, said Khalid Taimur Akram, executive director of the Pakistan Research Center for a Community with Shared Future.

By engaging with stakeholders through regional and bilateral initiatives, China actively contributes to regional peace and development, he said.

-- In an atmosphere of relative peace, the vision of a global community of shared future is very powerful and inspiring, said Urs Lustenberger, chairman of Singularity Academy of Switzerland.

If most world leaders agree on this, it will help shift the focus from national borders to a cosmic perspective on the peaceful existence of humanity, leading to better global poverty reduction, global health initiatives, global education, conservation of nature, climate and planet and other global human projects, he said.

-- A global community of shared future is another vision of the interrelation of nations, that is, eliminating the imposition of force and establishing a policy of solidarity, cooperation to solve together the development problems, so that peace can be achieved at the international level, said Eduardo Regalado, a senior researcher at the International Policy Research Center of Cuba.

-- The concept of building a global community of shared future is an important initiative that can lead to mutual respect among countries and ensure equality as well as common development among nations for mutual benefit, said Egide Karuranga, a Rwandan scholar and retired professor of International Economics at the University of Virginia in the United States.

China's Belt and Road Initiative is its specific critical avenue through which the world can achieve a global community of shared future through visible benefits such as infrastructure development in developing countries, Karuranga said.

-- "I identify with the notion of building a community of shared future for mankind, because our own destinies are for sure intertwined together. Only through joint endeavor, the mankind can achieve well-being," said Aleksey Rodionov, a professor of department of Chinese philology at St. Petersburg State University.

"In this regard, we can draw on the Chinese experience of pursuing co-existence, tolerance, peace and harmony," Rodionov said.

"Building a community of shared future for mankind does not require a uniformity of culture or political system, but we must reach some consensus, in order to make sure that mankind can not only survive, but also flourish," the expert said.

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