Powering life beyond the equator

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"Powering life beyond the equator" virtual opening day with China Energy Investment Corporation (CHN ENERGY) will be held in the near future. This activity will lead the audience to know Indonesia's exotic customs and to provide a close look at PH GHEMMI Indonesia's story.

As one of the independent power producers in Indonesia, the company owns Simpang Belimbing power plant, Indonesia's first mine-mouth power plant located in the remote Muara Enim Regency of South Sumatra Province. With a net capacity of 2⨉150MW, the coal-fired steam power plant supplies 7% of the overall energy used by almost 8.5 million people in Central and South Sumatra.

PT. GHEMMI Indonesia pioneered better usage of low-quality lignite coal as the main fuel for Simpang Belimbing. The company also adheres to the principle of "caring for the environment" throughout its operation and maintenance of the power plant. It monitors and minimizes environment impacts of operations from upstream to downstream with an aim to make sustainable contributions to environmental protection.


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