Post-90s College Graduate Returns Home to Sell Specialties

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Liu Bei, Deputy Director of Tuhao Village, Longnan City, Gansu Province

Few people that have left Tuhao village would want to go back ever again, except Liu Bei, a post-90s graduate from college.

Tuhao, a poor village in northwest China’s Gansu province, lacked agricultural diversity due to its poor access to information, its lack of transport facilities and the villagers' old-fashioned thinking. It was difficult for the villagers to market their agricultural specialties, and as a result, they could not make much money or earn a decent living.

But everything changed after Liu Bei came back after college and worked as an official in the village. "This is my hometown, I must do everything I can to help my fellow villagers increase their earnings and become better-off," she said.

Liu Bei learned about e-commerce, helped villagers purchase goods online, and registered an online shop to sell local farm produce.

"Not only has she opened an online shop, she also teaches us e-commerce skills through one-on-one training. Many young people in our village are now making money through e-commerce," said a young farmer.

"I intended to raise free-range chickens but didn't know anything about it. Director Liu found experts for me, showed me videos, and helped me apply for special funds. Now our free-range chickens sell extremely well online, and our incomes have increased a lot," said Yu Lianhu, a farmer from the village.

Besides, she has also paid attention to promoting local specialties through new media and various activities, and jumped at any chance to promote the specialties to a wider market.

"Until now, I didn’t realize that our specialties can sell at such a high price and in such a convenient way. She is really something!" said Yu Mingzhi, another farmer.


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