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Key industrial parks unveiled in Hainan free-trade port

2020-06-04 08:42:00 Source:Xinhua Author:
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A batch of key industrial parks were unveiled on Wednesday in China's island province of Hainan, in an effort to promote the construction of the Hainan free-trade port.

The 11 key parks around the island cover three major fields, including tourism, modern services and advanced technologies.

The industrial parks are important areas to illustrate trade and investment policies, pilot fields for bold trials, innovations and reforms and a new highland for reform and opening up, said Liu Cigui, Party chief of Hainan.

Liu said the key industrial parks are expected to play a leading role in the construction of the free-trade port.

China on Monday released the development plan for the Hainan free-trade port, aiming to build Hainan into a globally influential, high-level, free-trade port by the middle of the century.

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