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Longshan Culture Museum

Located in the northeast side of the Chengziya Ruins in Zhangqiu District, it is the first museum of a prehistoric site in Shandong Province. Covering an exhibition area of 3,000 square meters, the museum displays over 300 relics of different periods from the early Neolithic Xihe Culture to the Han Dynasty (206 BC - AD 220). Pottery wares take up 80 percent of the exhibits, highlighted with an eggshell black pottery stem cup. The original piece was in a fragmented state and could hardly be restored. But the imitation, one of the important assets of the museum, perfectly retains its features of being as black as having been lacquered, as smooth as a mirror, as thin as a piece of paper, and as solid as porcelain.   

Transportation: Take Bus K902 to Longshan Stop.

Baotu Spring

It is the most famous spring in Jinan and the first spring in this area to have been described in ancient literature. A symbol of Jinan, the Baotu Spring is located in the heart of the city, and has the Qianfo Mountain on its south, the Spring City Square on its east, and the Daming Lake on its north. The Baotu Spring, along with the Qianfo Mountain and the Daming Lake, are known as the three iconic scenic spots of Jinan. The Baotu Spring Park boasts a good number of historic architectures, combining the gardening styles of South and North China. The spring pool is 30 meters in length and 20 meters in width. Pure water gushes out from three outlets. More than 30 springs in the vicinity constitute a spring cluster.

Transportation: Bus 1, 3, K54, and K96.

Black Tiger Spring

Situated on the south bank of the city’s moat, it is second in renown only to the Baotu Spring. The water gushing through the cave sounds like the roar of a tiger and cascades from the mouths of three ornamental stone-carved tiger heads. The spring is also noted for its sweet taste. Many locals take water from the outlets everyday.

Transportation: Take Bus 5, 6, 13, or 36 to West Heihuquan West Road Stop. 
Jufengde Restaurant

In the neighborhood of Daguanyuan Commercial Area, the Jufengde Restaurant was established in 1947 by seven shareholders. Determined to develop the restaurant into a prestigious brand in Shandong, the investors decided to select one character from each of the three famous restaurants in Jinan and Beijing to name their own business. Ju was from the name Jubinyuan, Feng was from Taifenglou, and De was from Quanjude.

Jufengde integrated the features of the three restaurants with its own style and skills, and soon stood out in Jinan. Its signature dishes including fried fish, roast duck, mixed nuts bun, and red bean bun, are still popular today. Youxuan, a crispy pastry made by Jufengde, has been accredited as a famous Chinese snack by the China Cuisine Association.

Chunjiang Restaurant

The headquarters of Chunjiang Restaurant is on the Gongqingtuan Road. Founded in 1984, the restaurant offers traditional Jinan foods at a reasonable price. Its signature dish Quanjiafu containing quail eggs, shrimps, sea cucumbers, and chicken is extremely tasty. A small bowl would be good enough for three persons. Besides, deep fried meat and a dish made of eight kinds of vegetables and fungus are much savored culinary delicacies.  
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