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Universal Love

无差等地相互关爱。“兼爱”一说是墨家的基本主张,它所针对的是儒家所提出的爱有差等原则。“兼爱”强调每个人都应像爱自己一样爱他人,像爱自己的家人、国人一样爱别人的家人、爱别国的人,那么人与人之间就会彼此相爱。这种相爱是不分亲疏远近、尊卑上下的,是平等的、没有差别的爱。如果做到兼相爱,就能够避免人与人、家与家、国与国之间的相互攻 伐、侵害,进而实现互利。

Universal love, equal affection for all individuals, is a basic concept of the Mohist school of thought, as opposed to the principle of differentiated love advocated by the Confucian School. Universal love emphasizes that you should love others as you love yourself, and love others’ relatives and people of other states as you love your own so that all people would love one another equally. This principle of affection has no regard for blood ties or social status. It is an affection that is exercised equally without differentiating between individuals, families, or nations. If such a principle could be realized, we could avoid conflicts between persons, clans, or nations and bring equal benefit to all.

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Universal love will bring peace and order to the world while mutual animosity can only throw the world into disorder. (Mozi)




Denouncing Unjust Wars


Opposition to unjust warfare is one of the basic concepts in the Mohist school of thought. It regards immoral and aggressive wars as acutely harmful to society. Not only does the country being attacked suffer great damage, the people of the country that starts the war also suffer serious casualties and losses. Therefore, Mohists held that unjust wars should be prohibited. They took specific measures to prevent aggressive wars between nations, and conducted research into defensive tactics and armaments.

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If one wishes to be humane and just and become a gentleman with high moral standards, he must both observe the way of the sage kings, and advance the interests of the state and the people. In order to achieve these goals, the principle of prohibiting unjust wars cannot be disregarded. (Mozi)

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