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Strengthening China-Europe Connectivity

2021-08-30 15:18:00 Source:China Today Author:staff reporter HOU RUILI
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The first freight train dispatched from Zhengzhou, Henan Province after heavy flooding in the city runs through Sonid Right Banner, Inner Mongolia, on July 27, 2021. Its 50 carriages loaded with electronic parts, auto parts, and pandemic control supplies are destined for Europe.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the economies, politics, and public life worldwide, China and European countries have adhered to the path of openness and progressiveness. Leaders of the two sides stay in dialogue despite the disruptions which the pandemic has inflicted on bilateral exchanges; and the trade between them remains on track for steady growth. This has added more certainty factors to the development of both sides and the world at large.

China sees European countries and the European Union as important partners, and cooperates with them in fields across the board, including trade, technology, climate change, and pandemic response. Given the strong growth momentum of the Chinese economy and the continuing expansion of the Chinese market, there will be more room for cooperation between China and Europe.

The character of reason and inclusiveness is valued among both Chinese and Europeans – the Chinese believe in the doctrine of the mean, and the Europeans cherish inclusiveness and balance. Through rational communication, the two sides can achieve win-win cooperation, and thereby ensure peace and development in the two regions and beyond.

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