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CIIE Shanghai roadshow matches exhibitors and buyers

2019-08-15 14:31:00 Source:CIIE Bureau Author:
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More than 200 exhibitors and buyers at the upcoming 2nd China International Import Expo attended a matchmaking meeting at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai on the afternoon of June 28.

The matchmaking event, hosted by the CIIE Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, was the fourth stop of a nationwide tour of roadshows to recruit buyers at the expo. The first three stops were Hangzhou, Nanning, and Shenzhen.

The event focused on the expo’s Quality Life and Sci-tech Life exhibition areas. Among the exhibitors were plenty of well-known multinationals, such as BSH Appliances Group and Unilever. Among the buyers were Chinese business giants, including China Resources, Alibaba, and NetEase, as well as private companies and small and medium-sized enterprises from the city of Shanghai and East China’s Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.

While retaining last year’s three sections, namely furniture & household items, cosmetics and everyday chemicals, and clothing and apparel accessories, this year’s Quality Life Exhibition Area will add a section featuring maternal-infant care and children’s products. The area also will open a dedicated zone for high-end consumer goods. Notably, the area will invite a number of niche brands entering the Chinese market for the first time.

The Sci-tech Life Exhibition Area will showcase various advanced technologies used to assist people with everyday tasks. The exhibits on display will include high-end home appliances, smart home devices, consumer electronics, health and environmental technologies, service robots, artificial intelligence and new software products.

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