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Cooperation best choice for China, U.S.: diplomat

2019-05-13 14:21:00 Source:Xinhua Author:
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Cooperation is the best choice for China and the United States, while any attempt to decouple the two economies will harm U.S. interests, a senior Chinese diplomat said here Friday.

"As the world economy faces increasing risks and uncertainties and countries are facing more challenges, China and the United States need to strengthen cooperation more than ever before," said Chinese Consul General in San Francisco Wang Donghua.

"Only by strengthening cooperation can the two countries achieve better development," he said at the opening ceremony of the 2019 U.S.-China Cultural Tourism Festival.

Pointing out that "the economic interdependence between China and the U.S. is ever closer," the veteran diplomat emphasized that "cooperation benefits both sides while conflict could only hurt both."

Wang cited the successful cooperation between China and the United States in response to the 2008 financial crisis as a good example that illustrates the broad and shared interests of the two economies.

The Chinese diplomat hailed the historic progress China and the United States have made in bilateral cooperation since the establishment of diplomatic ties 40 years ago.

History, he noted, has proved that the two countries can transcend differences and disagreements and work together to address common risks and challenges.

He expected the two sides to properly manage differences and ensure long-term, sound and steady development of their relations on the basis of mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit, mutual understanding and accommodation.

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