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20th CPC National Congress provides invaluable insight into China's future path: Moroccan ambassador

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The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) provides invaluable insight into China's future path, Moroccan Ambassador to China Aziz Mekouar told Xinhua.

Mekouar described China's development over the past ten years as "unprecedented" and said he is inspired by the sheer speed, ingenuity and dedication, with which Chinese people have built modern China under the leadership of the CPC.

He applauded the diverse age, ethnicity and gender of the delegates to the congress, saying the diversity shines a bright light on the entire spectrum of the society.

Mekouar said he is deeply touched by China's great achievements in the past ten years.

"I have been very fortunate to travel across the vast and beautiful Chinese land, and I have witnessed firsthand the vitality of its people, maturity of its infrastructure and openness of its cities, be they big or small, to the outside world," said Mekouar.

It is indeed unprecedented for a developing nation to modernize and prosper on such a scale and at such a pace, he said.

Mekouar said China does not stumble upon development by accident. China's accomplishments had gone through a long and arduous process, and required clear vision, thorough planning and precise implementation.

The Chinese people have discovered a formula that best suits their country's characteristics, capabilities and goals. And yet it is one that other countries may wish to learn from and adapt to their realities and conditions, said Mekouar.

Speaking about the report to the ongoing congress, Mekouar said the report revealed, eloquently and with fortitude, a glimpse into the direction that the CPC wants to lead in, as well as priorities it has set for the building of a prosperous Chinese society.

Morocco and China have enjoyed friendly relations, which are deeply anchored in mutual trust and respect, said Mekouar, adding that Morocco has remained steadfast in constantly reinvigorating cooperation with China on either a bilateral basis or through regional and multilateral fora.

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