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China's "two sessions" under global gaze for solutions to world challenges

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As national lawmakers and political advisors are gathering for the "two sessions" to deliberate over key issues concerning China's political, economic and social life, the world once again shifts its eyes to the country for inspiration to tackle common challenges and make the global village a better place.

At present, the world is still struggling in the deep water of an erratic pandemic and sluggish recovery. China's key development blueprints and initiatives will, at this juncture, definitely offer the world fresh impetus, effective measures as well as renewed confidence in working together for a shared future.

Opportunities brought about by China's development and its market will continue to play the booster role for the global economy. Despite multiple headwinds last year, China strove to notch an 8.1-percent growth year on year, demonstrating enormous vitality and resilience.

Proposed in the work reports by some local governments in China, a raft of pragmatic measures this year, aimed at building a strong domestic market, fostering new growth drivers, boosting consumer spending and unlocking potential for investment, will continue to invigorate the country's high-quality development and further opening up this year.

China's foreign direct investment will remain robust in 2022, as its large domestic market and strong manufacturing base continue to attract foreign investors, particularly in wealth management, new energy, and high technology sectors, according to a report by the global audit and consultancy firm KPMG in February.

Late last year, the world once again sensed China's sincerity to share the bounty of its vigorous market, when foreign ambassadors to China appeared in live-streaming e-commerce events to promote products from their countries, which were sold out within minutes.

Facing a depressed world economy, China is committed to promoting common development of all nations. On top of a series of growth-driving measures, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has become the world's broadest-based and largest platform for international cooperation.

The BRI has become "the engine of growth and modernization of the economic and developmental infrastructure of many member countries," said an article by Azerbaijan State News Agency in November, stressing it inspires the majority of the world's people to work for "a better, more balanced and equitable future."

China's solutions will also prompt nations across the globe to fight adversity in close solidarity. Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic still poses the greatest challenge to the international community. China, as the world's biggest provider of outbound vaccines, has been devoted to setting up a "health shield" for developing nations, bridging the vaccine gap around the world and jointly building a "Great Wall of Immunity" for mankind.

As the pandemic has been hampering global poverty alleviation efforts, China has put forward the Global Development Initiative with a view to building global synergy on accelerating the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, so that no country or individual will be left behind. Upholding true multilateralism, China is also actively participating in reforming the global governance system so as to make globalization more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial for all.

China's development is injecting more certainty and strength of peace into the world. Not seeking self-interest or stoking geopolitical conflicts, China's traditional value of "maintaining a global vision and developing itself to help others" has seen growing global recognition. In February, more than 30 foreign leaders came to Beijing to attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

And at the beginning of the year, foreign ministers from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey and Iran, as well as the secretary general of the Gulf Cooperation Council visited China, indicating the Middle Eastern countries' growing enthusiasm for cooperation with China, and their appreciation of China's constructive role in the region and the world at large.

More importantly, the "China spirit" can inject more positive energy into global common development. China, the world's first country to host both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games, has demonstrated a notion that all countries on Earth belong to one big family sharing a common future, and offered to the world a choice other than zero-sum competitions.

The just-concluded Beijing Winter Olympics and the upcoming "two sessions" both epitomize a China striving forward. China, bearing the well-being of all mankind in mind, will surely contribute more to making the world a better place.  

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