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C40 China Building Programme Launched

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To carry out China's goal of formulating and implementing urban-level building energy efficiency policies, the Center of Science and Technology & industrialization Development, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, (CSTID), and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) launched the C40 China Building Programme (C40CBP) on 27th September, 2018, which aims to build the capacity of China's pilot cities to effectively implement energy efficiency policies for buildings, and to share experiences and best practice cases with other cities and policy makers through policy implementation.

C40CBP selected the three cities of Beijing, Fuzhou, and Qingdao for "ultra-low energy consumption building," "renewable energy building application" and "existing residential buildings" respectively as the key cooperation direction to carry out three years of technical assistance, cooperative research, and promotion work.

In the next three years, through C40CBP Cooperation, to accelerate the formulation and implementation of building energy efficiency policies, Beijing will establish an ultra-low energy consumption technology route and standards system, carry out pilot demonstrations, and nurture the industrial chain.

Fuzhou will improve the solar energy construction application policy to study and popularize the application of air-sourced heat pump technology adapted to the climatic characteristics of the South and improve the utilization rate of renewable energy.

Qingdao will further improve the existing residential building energy efficiency retrofitting policy, and improve the level of construction management and the formation of tangible, applicable, and replicable models of efficiency. In order to accelerate the development of C40CBP to jointly develop and implement building energy efficiency standards and policies at the urban level, sharing the experience of urban building energy efficiency policy is critical, and to that end, CSTID and C40 held the Municipal Building Energy Efficiency Policy Workshop, in Beijing on September 27, 2018, and launched the C40CBP.



Ms. Tong Guichan, division chief of the Department of Energy Efficiency in Building and Science & Technology of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Mr. Xu Feng, deputy division chief of the Department of Treaty and Law of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Xu Zexia, the Department of Climate Change of the Ministry of Ecological Environment, Mr. Yu Binyang, Director General of CSTID, Mr. Liang Junqiang, Deputy Director General of CSTID Ms. Feng Keliang, Deputy Director General of the Beijing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Commission, Mr. Zheng Jun, Deputy Director General of the Fuzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Commission, Mr. Liu Yuyong, Deputy Director General of the Qingdao Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Commission, Mr. Yuan Xiangqing, Urban Renewal and Low Carbon Project Management Center of Shanghai Changning District, C40 Global Director of Regions Mr. Simon Kjaer Hansen, C40 Programme Manager Mr. Luke Sherlock, C40 China Chief Representative Mr. Xie Pengfei, and representatives from other agencies, totaling more than 50 attended the workshop.

 C40 and CSTID, Fuzhou, Qingdao, and Shanghai Changning District signed agreements, and committed to supporting the implementation of C40CBP. City representatives also shared their invaluable experiences.


Mr. Yu Binyang, Director General of CSTID said that he was very glad that CSTID was responsible for the implementation of C40CBP. According to him, through the implementation of the program, “We will achieve fruitful results, truly promote building energy efficiency policy formulation and technology development, and share advanced experience and cases with international counterparts, for the follow-up field, deepen cooperation to lay the foundation. We will actively explore the urban green development, net-zero energy building, clean heating, and other fields of cooperation. To implement the spirit of the 19th CPC National Congress, we’ll become important participants and contributors of global ecological civilization, to reduce energy consumption and make a positive contribution to climate change and sustainable development.”

Global Regional Director of the C40, Mr. Simon Kjaer Hansen said C40 is an international nonprofit organization that committed to promoting global cities to share best policies, technologies, and low-carbon development in cities, covering more than 90 major cities around the world. He also introduced C40's "Deadline 2020" programme for climate change, including action in the field of construction, in which C40CBP is a key activity.



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