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In the face of unprecedented global changes, China has embarked on a path of modern governance with Chinese characteristics, which is based on both traditional Chinese culture and modern governance concepts. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the central government, China has mobilized the necessary resources for large undertakings, continuously improved people’s well-being, and worked to build a country of common prosperity.

Wuchang temporary hospital is shut down at 3 PM on March 10, as the last batch of 49 COVID-19 patients walk out of it and bid farewell to medics.

In February 2020, in order to cope with the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, the central government decided to transform some local stadiums into 16 temporary hospitals, to isolate and treat confirmed cases. On March 10, all those temporary hospitals finished their missions and were closed down. In the middle of March, China’s daily new confirmed cases fell to single digits and enterprises gradually resumed work and production across the country.

While the epidemic has been controlled inside China, it began spreading in many countries around the world. China is active in providing assistance to the countries in need, sending medical teams, and making constant contributions to building a community with a shared future for mankind. China links its own development with that of the rest of the world and aligns the interests of the Chinese people with the common interests of the people of the world. China’s path and development achievements belong not only to itself, but also to the whole world.

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