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For the Openness of the World-- An Interview with Former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern

2018-09-30 10:23:00 Source:ChinaToday Author:Zhanghui
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The 35th annual conference of the InterAction Council opened in Beijing on September 28. Taking questions from the media, Bertie Ahern, former Irish Prime Minister and co-chair of the InterAction Council answered China Today’s question on the upcoming 1st China International Import Expo and its significance to global trade in particular against the backdrop of the rising trade protectionism in the world.

“It is enormous, and vitally important to global trade. I think (it’s) bringing together what the expo does. I've watched the expo for decades now, but bringing together countries, companies, corporations, and society from all over the world is wonderful. And I think the huge effort that the Chinese leadership, and our administration put into this, is terrific. And I even hope to get there myself if I can in November. So I wish it well. I think the preparation and the work that's gone into it is fantastic and I think it would be a big success for china and generally for the openness of the world,” Ahern told China Today.



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