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Xi, Indonesian president discuss fight against novel coronavirus

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Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke over phone with his Indonesian counterpart Joko Widodo on Tuesday night, expressing confidence in a full victory in the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic and achieving goals of economic and social development.

Xi noted that at this critical juncture when China is battling the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, President Joko's phone conversation with him reflects Indonesia's friendship with and support to China as a comprehensive strategic partner.

Xi expressed appreciation for the trust and understanding extended by Indonesian friends.

China and Indonesia, both major developing countries, should join hands in shouldering the responsibilities of major countries and achieve new progress, Xi said.

China is ready to continue to carry forward the traditional good-neighborly friendship with Indonesia, continue to deepen the synergy of their development strategies, and well implement key projects on the joint construction of the Belt and Road, such as the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway, to bring more benefits for the two peoples, Xi said.

Xi stressed that fighting the epidemic is currently the top priority of the Chinese government. China has given full play to its system advantage, waged a people's war in epidemic prevention and control, adopted the most rigorous and thorough prevention and control measures, and achieved positive results, he said.

The Chinese nation is one that has endured hardships and possesses an indomitable spirit, with ever stronger rallying power and combat capability in face of greater difficulties and challenges, Xi said.

China has the capability, confidence and certainty to score an outright victory over the epidemic, and at the same time achieve goals of economic and social development, he said, expressing belief that China will attain greater prosperity after overcoming the epidemic.

With its commitment to the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind, China has been safeguarding the life and health of the Chinese people, and at the same time fulfilling responsibility for the cause of global public health, Xi said.

China will continue to strengthen cooperation on the prevention and control of the epidemic with Indonesia and other countries in an open and transparent manner to safeguard regional and global public health security, Xi said, stressing that China will continue to take good care of foreign nationals, including Indonesians, in China in the same way as it looks after its own citizens.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, Xi stressed. Since the epidemic broke out, China's neighboring countries, including Indonesia, have provided valuable support for China in various ways, giving testimony to the fact that they as neighbors have been sharing weal and woe, sticking together through thick and thin, and helping each other in difficult times, he said.

Xi expressed hope that regional countries will work hard to maintain bilateral exchanges and cooperation while taking appropriate steps in epidemic prevention and control, acting in a way that serves the common interests of both sides and countries in the region.

Joko expressed sympathies to the Chinese government and people over the epidemic on behalf of the Indonesian government and people.

At this difficult time when China is battling the epidemic, Joko said, Indonesia as China's sincere partner will always firmly stand by the Chinese people and work with the Chinese people to score a victory over the epidemic as soon as possible.

Indonesia has provided a batch of medical supplies to China, he said, adding that the country is ready to continue to offer necessary assistance in response to the needs of the Chinese side.

Indonesia is willing to work with China to continue to promote the construction of the Belt and Road, Joko said, expressing belief that the Indonesia-China friendship will be deepened and bilateral ties will be elevated to higher levels following the test of the epidemic.

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