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Lamborghini: China is key to greater success

2019-03-08 11:54:00 Source:CGTN Author:
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The Chinese market is the largest auto market in the world, and the country's new foreign investment law will further open up the auto sector to encourage more brands to enter the market. Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali considers China as an important element towards making Lamborghini more successful.

The famous luxury carmaker delivered 5,750 cars last year, with its total global sales jumping 51 percent. Much of that gain was from the 1,761 units of new model Urus delivered to customers during the last half of the year, while the increase from China also played a significant role.

The CEO is optimistic about another strong year, with fact that 2019 is “the first complete year that Urus will be in the market.” He also believed that the company's new models which are debuting at the Geneva Motor Show would reinforce the position of the company's brands all around the world.


Lamborghini Huracan EVO Spyder is displayed during the second press day at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland, March 6, 2019. / VCG Photo

Last year, China's luxury car sector saw an increase of eight percent, despite total auto sales in the country dropping 2.8 percent - the first decline in 28 years. Domenicali revealed that the brand would seek more potential and a greater presence in China this year.

“We can think about moving to 400 units in China easily, and this is a great target… We didn't say anything before. But Urus will represent a big step in terms of jump of our presence in China… China will be an important element to make sure that the success we are having will be even bigger,” Domenicali said positively.

Meanwhile, the UK was the second largest market of Lamborghini last year and demand there remained strong, said Domenicali. He also revealed to CGTN that the company will not rush to a decision when it comes to the uncertainty of Brexit.

“We need to monitor the situation, to see how the situation will evolve, but we do not have to overreact,” he said.

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